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Sounds of the Show wishlist 
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 01:06 PM.
After announcing yesterday I would do more than one wishlist, I saw where CujoMatty had created a Sounds of the Show wishlist after SDS requested us do one. CujoMatty as you know is one half of the amazing team that brings us the amazing Sounds of the Show packs every year. (A special thanks goes out to him and Lowlighthabit. You guys make our game better!)

I have already posted these below in that thread but figured I'd add them to my blog and ask others to share as well. The thread can be found here Also, feel free to add suggestions here in the blog as well.

1. More slots or at least go back to what we had last year at least!!! Utilize the cloud if you have to but this needs to happen. If not, get some licensed music the teams actually use to help offset this.

2. Extended 7th inning stretch. You could even make this optional for those that don't want a longer 7th inning stretch but this is another thing folks have asked for many years in a row.

3. Extra slots for removing away pitcher. Teams use more than one song when an away pitcher is pulled. We need this to be reflected. 3 slots should do.

4. Bring back the custom chant creator. This is a feature I use to love and you guys removed it from the game. There was no reason to remove it and it disappeared and has yet to return. I want it back so I can create my own chants, cheer and jeers. I'm not good at doing this on a computer so I need this feature.

5. Custom starting lineup music. This is a no brainer for those that want to have a complete ESPN/regional broadcast feel.

6. Longer walkups, especially in dramatic moments. Give us more of a feel of the drama as the walkup music plays. Could do the same for relievers if warm up pitches are turned off or it is the CPU making the sub.

7. Sound effect creator. Same as the chant creator except I don't believe we've ever had this before. But give us the means to unleash our creativity. If you bring back chant creator, add this in as well.

8. Crowd pump up moments. In every game, there is a point where the drama is high and the crowd is into the game. Give us a slot where we can put in some key pump music or a chant of some kind. Something like the organ music during a key at bat.

9. Vendor slots. We already have chants, yells, jeers and boos. Now we can slot a vendor into a yell or cheer but I'd like to have vendor slots on their own. That way I can always know I'll have room for the beer man or the hot dog man.

10. Post season and World Series Music slots - Allow me to custom the post season. If I want to include TBS/Fox/ESPN music for the post season, let me do this. Helps add to the realism.
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