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MLB The Show 19 Cover predictions 
Posted on October 10, 2018 at 02:47 PM.
Here are the top 20 contenders (5 from each league and then 10 pitchers if they go with a pitcher.) in my option. An honorable mention goes to current Show cover boy Aaron Judge as it is not unheard (although it hasn't happened in a while) for the Show to have a repeat cover boy. I find it highly unlikely but figured he'd deserve an honorable mention before getting started.

American League

1. Mookie Betts - Mookie had a great 2018 for the best team (regular season that is). They could want a Red Sox to be featured on the cover, especially if they do win it all. Mookie's AL Batting title and potential MVP could seal the deal.

2. Jose Altuve - The Astros second baseman had another great year in 2018. Factor that in popularity following last year's World Series run and he might be enough to edge a Red Sox from the cover, especially if they repeat.

3. J.D. Martinez - Another Red Sox that had a great year for the best team. He finished second to his teammate Betts for the batting title and second in the home run race and first in RBIs. If they decide they want a Red Sox on the cover it will come down to Betts and Martinez and power hitting could win out.

4. Mike Trout - The Angles were an afterthought but Trout's numbers were great as usual. As the widely regarded best player in the game he is always in the running to be placed on the cover. If LAA was a good team he'd be placed way higher on this list but his name is still marketable in spite of his team's performance.

5. Kris Davis - The AL Home Run champ deserves consideration but playing in Oakland makes him a longshot. He makes the list purely for his 48 home runs but playing in Oakland and his .247 batting average will most likely keep him off the cover. But The Show has gone with a small market team coverboy before.

National League

1. Christian Yelich - The most likely NL MVP had an amazing run at the end and is the reason the Brewers caught my Cubbies. He won the batting title, and was close to winning a triple crown. His star will never be brighter. Plus if the Brewers finish this great run with a World Series win or even an appearance, he might win the cover.

2. Javier Baez - Javy had a great 2018 and was the clear cut MVP going into the final month. He and the Cubs cooled off after a long stretch with no days off and Yelich caught fire. Still, with the Cubs popularity they might want to place a Cub on the cover and the year Javy Baseball had justifies him being given strong consideration. The fact the Cubs fell at the end might keep him off the cover though.

3. Freddie Freeman - The Braves first baseman had a great 2018 and the popularity of the Braves should make him a strong contender. He finished third in the NL batting title and with the Braves on the rise might be a face they really want to have on the cover going into the 2019 season.

4. Nolan Arenado - This guy is always good. He won the NL Home Run title and finished just one run behind Javy for the RBI crown, not to mention he put Javy's Cubs out of the postseason. Still, playing Colorado might keep him off the cover as they aren't a popular team nationally. But his name and popularity might overcome that. Arenado's career work make him someone that deserves strong consideration.

5. Trevor Story - So you're asking, why two Rockies on your top 5? If you look at Trevor's numbers you see why. He batted .291, finished second to his teammate Arenado in home runs with 37 and tied for 4th in RBIs with 108. He's young and might be a face that The Show and MLB really want to promote. All of this can overcome what team he plays for. Story is ranked fifth on my list but I wouldn't be shocked if he jumped the rest.

Honorable mention: Matt Carpenter - Matt deserves consideration and since I gave the AL an Honorable mention I wanted to give Matt his due. He's not really a long shot either but I believe the Cards missing the playoffs might keep him off the cover but the team's popularity means he can't be ruled out.


1. Max Scherzer - You have to put Mad Max on any list of potential pitchers to grave the cover. This guy has been amazing and despite the Nationals having a down year he was still great. He lead the NL in wins with 18.

2. Corey Kluber - Corey has been one of the best pitchers in either league for a while and his 20 season might be enough to get him on the cover if they decide to go with a pitcher.

3. Jon Lester - If they want to go with a Cub and a pitcher Jon Lester had a great 2018. He helped carry the Cubs this year and while he'll most likely finish third at best in the Cy Young he deserves strong consideration if they go with a pitcher. His playing for the Cubs only helps his cause.

4. Jacob deGrom - If the Mets had been any good this year, he'd be on top of this list due to his amazing 1.70 ERA. This guy was a beast. He deserved better than the Mets gave him. deGrom might still get the nod because of the New York market and his ERA title.

5. Justin Verlander - A great 2018 mixed with his stellar career. Verlander, like Lester, doesn't have too many summers left. If you go with a pitcher he might get the nod.
6. Trevor Bauer - Trever was great in 2018 again. But I do believe if they want an Indian pitcher Kluber wins the cover. But you have to give strong consideration to Bauer as he finished second in the AL ERA title with a 2.21. If they go with an Indian pitcher, neither option is a bad choice.

7. Blake Snell - Blake had the most wins (21) and won the AL ERA crown with a great 1.89. He finished second over all to deGrom's ERA but was close. Blake is a long shot due to his playing for the Rays. I don't see a Ray getting the cover as they are small market plus bad. Still, he was one of the best pitchers in baseball this year.

8. Craig Kimbrel - Another great year for the Red Sox closer. I doubt they'll go with a closer but if they did Craig would most likely but the guy.

9. Kenley Jansen - Or they could go with Jansen because he's on a marquee team and has been one of the best closers in the game.

10. Clayton Kershaw - Kershaw was hurt a lot in 2018 so his numbers aren't as eye popping but if they decide to go with a pitcher why not honor his career? If they go with a pitcher, Kershaw has to get strong consideration. He is still one of, if not the very, best pitchers in the game and is definitely one of the most popular names. He'd be much higher on my list if not for injuries this year. But let him finally win the World Series and his stock as a coverboy will rise.
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