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The Must Have Overdue Improvements for Stadium Creator in MLB The Show 24 
Posted on August 25, 2023 at 01:02 PM.
Stadium creator was revolutionary when it first debuted in MLB The Show 21. It was limited that first year to day games and other items but we excused it due to it being the first year.
Year Two gave us night games and a few other improvements. However, Year Three the mode felt untouched. When the biggest new feature is more dino props added after a patch, you know it is time to revisit the items that still have not been added in.
1. Year to year transfers of stadiums. Stadiums take a while to build. With the vaults, we really should be able to transfer our work from this year to next year. It would save us some time and we could edit them with any of the requested improvements below if needed.

2. Domes and retractable roofs. No excuses for them not getting these in the creator at this point. This needs to be figured out for next year. It is past due.

3. Astroturf and artificial turf options. We need these two options to go along with the Domes.

4. Team branding on the field and in the stadium. If I want the teamís logo on the field, on the scoreboard, give me those options. I want to see the home teamís logo on the batterís circle. Little things. You can tie this to whomever the home team is or whomever I assign the stadium. However, team branding is something that should be included.

5. Ad placements on walls and other spots. The fact we cannot put ads on the walls without creative fixes is sad. We have been asking for since day one this feature. It is one that needs to be figured out. I had much rather have this be allowed than more Dino Island props.

6. More wall props. Ivy on the walls, club type seating behind the walls, etc. Give us more we can place on the walls. I will get to more at number 10 on this list but they could easily be added to this spot here.

7. Ability to move the bullpens. Again, year one I get why the bullpens were locked. Year two, I understood but was not happy. However, in year three this needs to be figured out and addressed. Very few teams still have bullpens on the field. We need to be allowed where to place our bullpens to truly build stadiums we want to build.

8. More flags/every state flag Ė Again, they can give us more Dino Island props that no one is really asking for but we only get two flags to use? They have more flags than this in the game but we are only granted the US flag and Pride flag? We need all the flags they already have plus flags for all 50 states. Give us some international flags. We should not be limited to just two. This one should be easy.

9. Current Stadium as base models/edit feature. MLB might be tying their hands on this one but love it if we could edit current stadium or at least get them as a base. This would allow an easier time creating a classic Wrigley or Fenway. Could also allow us to make expansions/renovations to existing parks. Again, MLB might be the reason this does not exist and is why I have it ranked further down my list.

10. House rules/homerun lines. Some stadiums have high walls but feature yellow lines that are the actual home run line. We cannot do this in our created stadiums. This one might be harder ask but I would love to see stadium house rules of some kind, even if it is just a home run line of sorts, be added into the game. Because I view this as a hard ask, I have it lower on the list.

11. Wall distances/lines at time of wall. This one ties into the one above it but is easier. But we need at the very least we should be able to have the wall distance numbers and lines at the top of the walls added. These are not hard asks to at least include this. Would be higher if I had not wanted to mention house rules first.

12. Fans seating on grass areas and other parts. As it is today, we have to put stands and put several in the ground to give the appearance of fans sitting in the grass or in other areas. We should have some standing fans, fans in pools, fans sitting in grass, etc. type of options. The workarounds do work, but this would make it look more real when closing in on them.

13. Ad creator. I would love to be able to create my own ads to place on outfield walls. We already have a logo creator. Should not be hard to add.

14. Fan section assignment Ė I would love to create a themed fan section of some type. Like fans who show up dressed in certain ways, family section where I see more kids.

15. Custom foul poles. Iíd like to be able to create some cool or unique looking foul poles. Iíd love it if we could do some fun things to make our stadiums feel more unique.
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