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Big Ideas and thoughts from thescoop
In this blog I will share my ideas and hopes for sports gaming as well as give my thoughts on things going on in the world of sports gaming.
Sunday, October 10, 2010
Posted on October 10, 2010 at 02:46 PM.
A few years ago, I wrote a blog outlining my ideas for a high school football title. Now we've seen advances such as Teambuilder, a deep team creator in Backbreaker, I felt it was time to go back and revisit this idea. Also, update some of the original ideas. I know I'd buy this title, but what about you guys? Read on if you're curious about this idea:

Creating a High School Football Game: Revisited

High School football brings passion. In the state of ... Read More
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Posted on November 29, 2009 at 01:25 PM.
I'm sure you've seen it by now, but Pasta Padre posted a survey EA has put out asking people to pick 3 out of 13 listed new features listed for NCAA 2011. If you've not seen the original story, check it out here:

The features list is impressive. If you've not seen the survey yet, here it is:

Now, those ... Read More
Monday, August 17, 2009
Posted on August 17, 2009 at 01:38 AM.
Dynasty mode when first introduced gave us reason to play sporting games past just one season. At first it was pretty basic. Then you got recruiting. Then you got draft classes for Madden, custom schedules, pitches to recruits and so on.

But lately the franchise mode of NCAA seems to be getting stale. Sure recruiting has gotten better. I mean I do enjoy trying to actually pitch against other teams, but there isnít too much that has made me feel it is different from last yearís ... Read More
Friday, August 14, 2009
Posted on August 14, 2009 at 12:31 AM.
I've meant to get these typed and posted before now, but due to some unforeseen things in my life I've had to put them on hold. Know some of you have enjoyed the first two parts and have been wondering where part 3 is so I figured I'd address that with this blog.

I have started part 3, dynasty mode, but keep having so many issues come up that I keep getting pulled away. I will get them finished very soon I hope because I do enjoy writing them and getting feedback from you guys. ... Read More
Sunday, July 26, 2009
Posted on July 26, 2009 at 06:19 PM.
A lot of news was made recently when Russ Kiniry of EA said "what is presentation?" on a podcast show, people have been up at arms. How is it someone that is in charge of this game not know what that means?

I've felt he's gotten beaten up a little too much for the statement. I heard more as a call out to those that give no ideas but say the presentation is wrong. So I think I get what he was saying. (Or I hope)

But in case Russ doesn't know what presentation we want I'm ... Read More
Saturday, July 18, 2009
Posted on July 18, 2009 at 01:09 AM.
Let me say this first, teambuilder is great. I love it and have enjoyed creating teams and think an entire game could be built around a create a team engine like that.

With that being said it is far from perfect. There are several fixes that could make this new feature even better for NCAA 11. Some aren't very huge, but should make a great new feature even better.

Lets start with the basic. Most teams have some type of text on their jerseys now a days. EA should have thought ... Read More
Thursday, July 16, 2009
Posted on July 16, 2009 at 01:17 AM.
We all want to love the NCAA football series. We really, really do. This year I, like a lot of people, really like it, but don't know if I love it. It is a shame because with just a few things we all could love it.

I'm going to write a six part blog talking about things that could be done to improve the NCAA series. I'm going to try to not make this blog be a slamfest against NCAA, but just an honest look at what's wrong and how to fix it.

The six parts will focus on these ... Read More
Monday, July 13, 2009
Posted on July 13, 2009 at 02:04 PM.
Tonight at midnight a lot of gamers will have their hands on EA's latest entry into the NCAA football game field, NCAA 10.

We are already seeing the usual, "when will the rosters be ready" and the "when will it be patched" threads. Those seem to be a yearly thing. (But we really don't need 50 of them)

Each year you see different camps for this game. It is almost predictible what camps you'll see on the Boards in the next couple of days. There's the "we love everything ... Read More
Sunday, July 5, 2009
Teambuilder has made me want NCAA 10. I was going to pass on it due to the fact they didn't update Southern Miss's Stadium. But then I started playing with teambuilder and fell in love.

If you look through, people are making their favorite D1AA teams, JUCO teams, fictional teams and so on. But I keep seeing more and more high school teams being made. I've long thought there was market for a high school football game. I even wrote my ideas for it a while back. Here they are again. ... Read More
Saturday, April 18, 2009
I find it very sad that EA has yet to get all the stadiums in the NCAA series. It is kinda of a joke. Some people are praising them for getting the grand total up, but I won't be one of them. There is no excuse for not having them all in by now.

Here's what we know:
These stadiums will still be generic in 2010:

San Jose State
Rice (a ten win team in 08)
Minnesota (stadium isn't ready so I can at least give them a pass on this one)
... Read More
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Color me impressed. I was already going to get this game day one, but now I'm pre-ordering it tomorrow. One thing is clear, the developers of this game listen to boards.

The franchise mode seems to have every improvement we could want. I'm blown away with what they've added this year. In an age where we are often disappointed by our sports titles, it seems the devs behind The Show isn't ready to disappoint us.

Last year I picked up MLB 2k8 on day one because I didn't ... Read More
Sunday, January 11, 2009
Posted on January 11, 2009 at 06:34 PM.
OK, we've seen superstar mode and seen it become a waste. I know a lot of people have ideas how they want to improve gameplay, but I want a new feature to add to my dynasty mode.

That mode, the athletic director mode. Yes, AD mode. It has been an idea I've had for some time and think would help take the franchise to the next level. Superstar mode was an idea that few liked, but was an attempt at giving the game a new mode. AD mode will give us a whole lot more. Let me start with a ... Read More
Sunday, December 21, 2008
After reading their preview, which is posted on this website, I found myself wishing this game would be under the Christmas tree for me on Thursday morning.

Really, I can't wait till March. This is one of those must buy title for me in 09. I was first introduced to MLB The Show in May shortly after getting my PS3. A week later I traded in my copy of the uber buggy 2k8 on the 360 and a new fan of The Show was born.

Still, it was missing many things I've wanted in my baseball ... Read More
Sunday, December 14, 2008
Posted on December 14, 2008 at 05:01 PM.
I remember last year when Terrell Owens was seen crying in defense of his quarterback Tony Romo after the playoff loss. I remember thinking maybe he has finally grown up and his days of destroying teams over.

But this week we find out that once a no class thug, always a no class thug. T.O. has now dreamed up that Romo and Jason Witten are drawing up their own plays to cut him out of the offense.

To make matters worse, he's made several of his equally stupid teammates ... Read More
Saturday, December 13, 2008
Posted on December 13, 2008 at 12:23 PM.
Its been a while but today I return to my enjoyment of the Star Wars saga. Before I jump into Star Wars Episode III I figured it would be a good idea to revisit the original and new Clone Wars Series.

Well start first with Gene Tartakovsky's series. It was broken into three seasons or two volumes on DVD. The original series consists of 10 three-minute installments for Season 1 and 10 three-minute installments for Season 2 (later known as Volume 1), and five 12-to-15 minute installments ... Read More

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