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Posted on July 15, 2012 at 01:44 PM.
By now it should be common knowledge that what separates a great sports title from a mediocre sports title is sliders.
EA's football titles have gone far too long without giving the user more sliders. Every year its the same basic set that no one user can perfectly tweak.
EA football lacks sliders when compared to the current generation of great sports title.
Another example would be, MLB 2k. This series started to slip when they took away the majority of the sliders. Compare any MLB 2k title prior to 08 to the latest additions, and then compare the last 3 years slider set to SHOWS.
EA football titles compare this to the 2k5. By now EA should be offering us similar sliders.
I personally donít think the lack luster game play has anything to do with the engine. It's definitely not the animations.
Itís not the technology of the current gen consoles. There are plenty of quality games out there that prove this.
Im convinced its the lack of sliders
# 1 liberaluser @ Jul 15
I agree that a medicore sports title can become decent with the right sliders in place, but this is only true to a point. The base game has to be good or at least have potential to be which for Madden and MLB 2K this generation this simply hasn't been the case. I don't think sliders are the magic solution to this generation's general mediocrity in sports gaming by EA, 2K, and Konami.

I think fans wanted real time physics and more realistic gameplay to match the realistic graphics which didn't happen this generation because of the shift to online gaming and the lack of care to the offline experience which used to be absolutely central to everything.
# 2 RUFFNREADY @ Jul 15
Sliders are kool; but where do they start, and where do they stop? I remember last years Madden12; i tweaked that soo much until i got bored trying to find the best results for me. I tried way too many other peoples sliders and they didnt seem just right. I realized why EA and other sports titles leave you with 3 to 4 basic/generic levels of play. Tweaking sliders is a tedious job, and you will never get the game to play exactly the way you want it to; so keeping it basic and hopefully a few tweaks and you should hopefully be close to some enjoyable version of the sports title.
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