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My Preliminary Thoughts on the MLB The Show 21 Fielding Overhaul Feature Premier 
Posted on March 25, 2021 at 02:43 AM.
I finally had a chance to watch the feature premier video for the upcoming installment of MLB The Show and while what was shown looks like a welcome overhaul to fielding in the game, there are a couple of things I noticed that Iíd love to see adressed some day, hopefully in MLB The Show 22.

To establish a baseline, to make you feel comfortable that I have an opinion I guess, I have been playing The Show since 2008 or 2009 and have bought every version since then, save for last seasonís release. Iím no expert or anything, but I value atmosphere almost as much as gameplay in my sports games.

First, while the focus of this video was primarily on outfield play, we did see a scene or two of catcher fielding and it looks like there have been no updates to plays at the plate. The way the catcher stands off to the side waiting to make a swipe tag on a runner coming home is just not very true to life. The other 8 players in the field seem to get more realistic with each version of the game, but plays at the plate have been the same stoic affair for years and rarely if ever carry the dynamism of real life.

Second, with all the video clips of home run robberies, not one was followed by any exuberance from the plate that made arguably one of the more exciting plays to be made in the outfield. Where is the animation of the player jumping wildly after making the catch, or sprinting toward the dugout, arm raised high showing he has the ball, after ending the inning, especially in big situations? Iím hoping we just didnít see any of the good stuff in these clips.

While atmosphere overall has been getting better each season, there are still some things I think should be added to the game.
1) Iíd love to see contextual, excitement, for lack of the right word at the moment. Things should ramp up as the season progresses, so if your team is chasing the postseason, then wins and big plays carry more celebratory commentary and on field excitement. To accomplish the former, the announcers would have to be treated as your teams announcers rather than neutral ones I would imagine. And big losses or things like losing out on the postseason after an earnest chase, or getting knocked out of the playoffs, and definitely if you lose the World Series, these events should result in players collapsing with exhaustion, emotional and physical. I want to see and feel my teamís sorrow when the season comes to an end.
2) Celebrating milestones, including firsts from rookies on your team, would add some nice realism
3) Iím hoping that pitchers will celebrate or otherwise call out the defense behind them if they save a no hitter or perfect game with a big play.

Thereís more to be sure, but until I get to play this seasons game, Iím just speculating on whatís in the game versus what I hope/want to be there.

I am really looking forward to playing this yearís game. Stadium Creator is even driving me to replace my PS4 with a PS5, and Iím looking forward to the Next Gen Feature premier video to show me other stuff that can help me justify this upgrade.
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