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Madden 18 wishlist 
Posted on December 12, 2016 at 01:44 AM.
I've been playing madden since the very 1st edition. I have bought the game religiously every year and this past years madden iteration was by far the most fun I've had playing madden ever! I played in a 32 team online cfm that was a blast. In between league games I've played a couple hundred online ranked games as well. Our league found a pretty good slider set to replicate real football we see on Sunday's and fix a few flaws with the out of the box game. As I'd go back to ranked games from online league games I could see the difference in the types of games I was getting. In playing over a few hundred ranked games I'd see it all from money plays with custom playbooks, cheese, etc. All I think any of us really want are counters to the cheese or balance on both sides of the ball. My list isn't even that long and I know some have bigger fish to fry but I think just with these small additions they can have HUGE impacts on how this game is played! So, here are some things I think madden needs for 18 to take it to another level so here we go...

1- kickoff returns and blocking on kick offs. This has been a long overdue area that has been untouched for years. In madden 17 they did a great job with blocks and even the punt return game is fun if you know how to set up blocks. The CPU returners as is runs straight ahead with no ball carrier vision, but even users have to pray and hope to get lucky to even break a tackle. This is a huge area of the game that would be a huge addition.

2- I loved the new loco motion moves with running backs added this last year. What I'd like to see is being able to chain moves together quicker ex: juke left followed by an immediate juke right to avoid the next player coming in for a big hit. For the CPU players spin moves were over utilized.

3- Defense - 1 of my biggest gripes on defense was that playing inside or outside with corners did not work. This would be a huge addition to the game in countering drag cheese. As is now taking slants and drags away versus man to man is near impossible whether jamming or not. This 1 fix on defense to give us a counter to the drags and slants i think would mean more people would call more man to man as a legit strategy. This could make pressing and playing inside a legit go to but also mean corners could be vulnerable versus the streaks or out routes.

4- To piggy back off of the press coverage with default sliders does not work versus streaks. No matter if it's Richard Sherman with a 99 Press versus a 60 release the animation has we win 100/100x. These ratings and mismatches should matter.

5- Draws, counters, and an read option plays all need to be revisited with how they work. I think all worked very well in 16 but took a step back this year.

6- CPU playbooks need to be looked at. The situational ratings for each team is horrendous which leads to poor CPU play from too many sacks, qbs throwing ball away too much, etc. As is now the CPU calls too many verts and curl plays that all equal bad things for the CPU...

7- is still like to see a sim mode with an snap fumbles, fumbled punts, fg, etc.

8- better block shedding for releasing on blocks as a user... better strafing and agility for lb's. Also give us ability to have auto switch to defend a pass a we have for offense to make a possession, RAC catch, etc. as is now near impossible to try and swat versus a slant or other routes. As the user I'd like the ability to be able to try and make those plays instead of having to let CPU do it for me... obviously on the longer routes there is plenty of time to switch but more talking out routes, slants, drags, comebacks, etc...

9- qb avoiding pressure and ability to make plays happen. I'm a Seahawks fan and user so it's frustrating in a online league to not have the ability to improvise like Russ does irl. It would get clunky trying to get out of pressure even if I saw it from a mile away. Almost a delay input in qb getting animation or something... I'm not talking about stepping up in the pocket on a basic 3 or 4 man rush and running for a good gain either. That I believe was well done...

10- zone defenses were very well done. I would like to see outside coverage in zone better like the inside option versus man. Also maybe a guard slants and drags option or play with 2-3 yards from LOS to eliminate cheese drags calling... for the record I do know it can be limited as is but we need some better containment on these routes IMO or like I have mentioned before a counter.

11- add read option pass plays and more rub routes in the game... also look into fixing double routes such as we corners, etc...

12- in a offline cfm allow us to have ability to set 32 team control while setting CPU playbooks as well as schemes for each team and adjust their run to pass ratios per team.

13- giving us a injury length slider, zone defense slider, and maybe a play ball slider

14- fix man align to line your guys up better. Sometimes in man coverage it will have my opposite safety playing opposite tight end on the other side of the field...

15- ability to share a preset up cfm. Someone who has taken time to set up 32 team control and set depth charts and 53 man roster all ready to go with playbooks and schemes. This is a annoying and tedious process to set up.

16- ability to share editable draft classes

17- lower game speed and pass speed slightly... shorten gap between speed ratings...

18- in cfm give us the ability to resign a guy from a trade or free agent signed with only 1 year left on contract during the season. As is now all trades on the last year of their contract can't be resigned til after the season is over.

19- I'd like to see qb % lowered for ranked games for more incomplete passes as with cfm we can adjust ourselves already...

Like I said before just with a few tweaks above it could change the game. I know others can go more in depth with their sim stats, cfm wishlists, etc but again hopefully a lot of this is easy quick fixable and tweakable fixes that have a HUGE impact. In season 1 of our 32 team online cfm I led the league in defense in almost every category. But playing online quick ranked games with users using custom books and money plays all game it became apparent we need more counters defensively to take away overpowered routes or certain styles. For example I played a few guys who would call crossing drags all game. You couldn't man and whichever guy you would try to manually take away they would throw opposite. I would do cover 2 Press and play underneath or sticks which helped but still would be a gain every play. Another guy hit rb routes on Curl backs outside the tackles all game. His strategy was hit the check down all game but would still burn u deep or with crosses if manned up. Every route should have a counter to it to defend. It needs to be a chess match. There should be tells unless disquised well as well if playing inside or out. I love the direction this team is going and 17 was the most fun I've had defensively in any madden game ever so I'm hoping some of these or all for that matter make it in to 18 and I might never put the sticks down!
# 1 thescoop @ Dec 12
I like your list. I have been screaming for editable draft classes since NCAA went away. We can change their names after the draft, which is nice, but I want to create the entire class like in NBA 2K series.

Good stuff.
# 2 Black Bruce Wayne @ Dec 12
I also wish Madden had Offensive and Defensive coordinators.
# 3 RandallB21 @ Dec 14
^^^ Agreed with both of you. I have been clamoring for editable/sharable draft classes and the same for editable/sharable coaching staffs like NCAA14.
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