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The Time is now pt 2 
Posted on September 29, 2010 at 09:40 PM.
2k you have got to listen..... Seriously guys.. I mean you need to get the Ncaa Contract back for football and basketball, Hell even Baseball LOL.

1.Point 1 the Dreadful year of 2006 Ea buys both contracts because they are scared.

They knew you were on there heels if not surpassing them in ALL SPORTS FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY(don't know what happened) and Baseball. EA made deals to shut you out as a company... they thought without football you would close up shop and close down your company. WRONG

2. EA Even bought the AFL because they knew if you had any football you would have a following. and people STILL PLAY 2K5... EA deaded the contract with the AFL because the sales werent there and the season shut down. 2k you still live with just basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis etc.

pt.3 Tiger woods... Okay what does this have to do with what I'm saying... LOL
Even Tiger got caught.. and his imaged changed forever. Alot of people stop buying the #1 golf game made because, of Tiger's Example.. Another EA game Failing.. But on the Bright Side guys.. Ms. Dushka's Is HOT to me LOL.( YOU know the NY bAR TENDER)

pt4. Cancellation of the NCAA Basketball. No sales because people are still playing CH2k8.

The NCAA needs and Wants money from the Video game forum... So It's time to heal the past talks and make a deal with the NCAA to make Football, basketball, and baseball games.

Pt5. Cancellation of NBA Elite... I did not see this coming.. I actually liked the Demo, until The Jesus Videos came out. I mean I'm a christian EA, so I appericate the love for my Savior, but When God Said he was coming Back.. I don't Think that is what He ment LOOOOOOOL Bynum Jeez.. LOOOL And Boozers Dunk from the 3pt Line. ( Check The you tube Vids).

pt. Supreme Court Ruling For american Needle... Well I think this leans towards the NFL not having exclusive contracts anymore.

Any way sound off guys just my 2 cents ( because I'm too cheap for a Dollar)
# 1 DGMikeBarker @ Sep 30
Lol love your post.

I think the Ncaa contract ends this year, so with the failure of the Ea Ncaa basketball series and seeing how the Madden series sells are dropping, I think the Ncaa could have an open competition.

The only reasons I see 2k not in the Ncaa next year is:
1) 2k won't spend the money like before.
2) Ncaa doesn't care about their games.
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