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If the NFL player's union De-certifies 
Posted on February 28, 2011 at 07:50 PM.
First off.. I must say.. as a fan of the NFL, I'm dissapointed. I feel as bad for these Million doller athletes, as bad as for anyone losing their job.

But I blame the NFL (Owners and Commision) for this. 18 Games? really? as if 16 were not enough. Theey don't want to Charge cheaper for pre season games, and season and single game ticks are through the roof.. Part 2 to this though is that me as a gamer will be happy. If the NFL Union de-certifies than it's current agreements with EA are void. And it would be nice if 2k could sneak into the picture and grab the players union or sign the players individually to be on the New ALL PRO football game. I would say grab it for as long as the agreement with the NFL is. and Maybe 1 more year. Madden can make teams with the official logos and stadiums, and ALL pro can make fake teams with real players..I know alot of fans should be excited (2k Fans) but hearing all the coverage today, it seems the union will decertify so they can sue the NFL. They watched what happend to the NHL when the Players union did not decertify, and tey lost all negotiating power. Not gonna happen with the NFLPA or what ever the new name will be. They only thing I hope for the owners is that they get a rookie pay scale in place like the NBA.. 3year max 10 mil.
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