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Hey Guys how does your sports gaming affect your marriage? 
Posted on January 19, 2010 at 11:31 AM.
She Drives me crazy sometimes but I love her.(My wife of 8 years).

I'm am really happy because of GOD and my marriage.But it always waen't like that.

But I have to say my wife understands sports, games, and Food. I can't get too much better than that in life.

Sports- Let's talk about sports here for a second. I love mostly all sports, and grew up that way. When I first me my wife she did not know too much about sports (Like nothing LOL) butI'm not telling most of you guys anyting new. My point here is that I helped her evolve into a sorts fan by constant exposiure to it and by asking who do you think is cute? We have the If i was not married to you discussions sometimes, and this particular time it worked in my favor. (I happen to have the Eagles game on 6yrs ago). And she happen to walk by and saw a picture of Duce Staley,(She though he was cute at the time before she saw him on a close up). She said he is a handsome man, and I said yeah right, but she then sat down with me and watched some of the game before she left asking questions and to see when her man would be on the field again, I explained he was on offense and would be on the field when the green team had the Ball, LOL, and look for Number # 22, Long story short she got into the drama of the game and became an eagles fan, a true Die hard too. While she still only watches some regular season games and all playoff games , I must say I'm impressed, because she knows players, and some stats. I like the oakland Raiders so when the Eagles play the Raiders the house is always a mess. LOL( I ive in Pennslvania BTW). This is a plus one for me, any fella's out there that could say the same? I look forward to reading your reply's.

2 Games. This was also by accident, she did not like games because my wife hates to lose, she is competitive to the point that sometimes she forgets about fun. But one day I was waiting for NCAA to drop for the xbox. I had to wait 1 day so I rented another game that woud draw her into gaming. That game was........u guessed it the SIMS. ( I know, I know, what could a hardcore sports player be doing with the sims) I got into it because I used to play sim city when I was a kid/teenager 13-14. So I rented it. Anyway I was building a house for them to live in, and she walked in to see what I was up to when her soaps were on commercial, shesaid what's this game and I said it's called the sims and explained it to her. She said have fun and I thought it was over, but she came back in and caught me ....... Decorating (Please don't take the man Card yet fella's) I did not know you had to decorate soo much so they could properly live in the home Sheesh. My wife came in and was puzzled by my choice of red and black carpet on the floor. (I did it quick so I could play the game) She said that's hidious, I replied so what it's not like you care it's a game. She stopped what she was doing and made suggestions. I then handed her the controller and she said no no that's yours. I then said/Lied: I need your help if the house was properly decorated the sims could not function. (Which is true, but I did not need her help But I lied).

She said okay, but then worried about breaking my game I said don't worry you won't break it. and She played for 3 hours straight. I had to go to work that night (3rd Shift), and her in the morning. The game was turned off before i left, but when I returned from work ready to take her to work in a few hours, guess who was still up playing the sims fella's? Yup my wife a whooping 6-7 Hour game fest. I laughed and knew I had her addicted. She now plays all kinds of games that appeal to her like sims, CSI, LIPS, and sometimes she will try basketball 2k with me.

FOOD is next: I'm pretty boring: my meats are Chicken, Hamburger, Crabcakes, and steaks.

I love Cheesesteaks, and Chinese food, but the misses is a seafood person. She likes my meats too but prefers chicken, fish,Hamburger and other seafoods. She wase'nt big on cheesesteaks and this had to be changed. I tried for at least 1 year but she would not budge on the cheesesteak. (she would bite pieces of mine but would never order her one.) That is until the Day I went to a Local sub Shop in Harrisburg.Called South Philly Subs. SHe wanted a cheeseburger sub ,But I slipped her a cheesesteak with Fried onions, Extra american cheese(sorry no cheez Whiz) and extra Mayo. I always add sauce to mines but she has a love for MAYO. Any I bought it home and told her to close her eyes , and I will give her a bite of her sub. (Keep in mind fella's this is a Clean BLOG LOL)

She Bit into the sub and She was furious or the first 10 seconds and then she looked at the sub and bit into it again,then another,unitl it was gone. She was soo happy I got her that sub, and loved it ever scince. we even went to Philly for a great cheese steak, and fell in love with PAPA Guido's.

So I got the Hattrick in my wife for FOOd, GAMES, and Sports. But it did come with a price I watch soaps with her on our off days, and go shopping for our kids clothes with her. And the most dreaded is shopping with her or herself, 2 hous in a store only to come out with a handbag

I hope you fella's have a happy life with your GF/wife and look forward to you stories.

P.S i apologize for the context of the blog this is my first one.
# 1 hawkeye2188 @ Jan 19
Sounds good, my fiance doesnt play console games but she plays games on pogo which i could care less if she played console games cause we are both competitive it would cause a huge fight.

Sports she knew the jist of sports before we got together, she was a broncos fan knew some of the players but now every morning before i go to work we watch sportscenter and she tells me whats going on when im getting ready or what not.

Food she is a vegetarian which doesnt bother me a bit cause it allows me to have bigger portions of meat pizza and such.

Price: Cant say there is one, we watch some chicky tv shows but i dont mind them (secret life of the american teenager, teenmom) she's not interested in soaps or the bachloer and that garbage. She is a shop a holic thankfully i dont have to go most of the time.
# 2 nolan273 @ Jan 19
I consider myself blessed to have such a great wife. We don't game together, we like most of the same foods (but I REFUSE to eat Chinese food), and she doesn't really care for sports. I feel blessed because she allows me my space with minimal interruptions.

The price I pay is not really a problem... I just have to allow her space to watch all the girly shows likes to watch. And if I decide to watch something with her, I have to shut up until commercials. LOL!!!

My gaming and sports watching don't really affect her. I have my own space in
# 3 nolan273 @ Jan 19
Sorry... glitch in the system.

As I was saying, I have my own space in the basement where I watch whatever I want, or game as long as I want. We normally spend a little quality time after work until after dinner and then we go our separate ways for a few hours. It works for us, but after 15 yrs, we shouldhave it all figured out, right?
# 4 stlstudios189 @ Jan 19
my wife supports my gaming habit and she is even a Browns fan. I can't get her to watch baseball at all. I still love her so much.
# 5 geezmeister @ Jan 20
my wife is totally cool with my gaming, the same foods, and is pretty sports savvy. Ive got it made
# 6 DubTrey1 @ Jan 20
I have to say am I blessed as well. My wife watches most all sports with me. She roots for all of our home teams and will watch the games with me when they are on. She even knows opposing players by face (which amazes me sometimes...and I laugh cuz she can't stand Pujols since he killed us a few years back). She also does not mind my gaming habit. She likes the idea of knowing where I am. She knows that I am on the coach online instead of out, late nite with the boys or whatever...
# 7 DirtyJerz32 @ Jan 21
Be married in 7 months but, been together for 6 years. She hates video games but, let's me do my thing.
# 8 stlstudios189 @ Jan 21
w/ kids my wife does get on me if I game too much
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