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(*PARODY*) Madden 12 Features Stuck
Posted on October 14, 2010 at 07:56 PM.
Previously, I wrote my ideas for MLB 2k11 (NOT) based on the almost galactic amount of positive feedback for NBA 2K11 (offline only, at least.) 2K may definitely try to re-create their success in the other sports, but what about EA? Can you imagine Madden 12 with Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, or Jerry Rice on the cover with modes dedicated to them? The results could be fantastic, but knowing the Madden developers, they would probably steal a concept like the MJ classic stuff and attempt to change it to differentiate it but in a way that turns more people off, as they have done with implementing NFL 2K5 features like the halftime show. So, why not take a player who has attracted a lot of buzz recently but is still one of the greatest of all time, and have him as cover athlete and playable in the game? Introducing, Green Bay... I mean New York... I mean Minnesotta... I mean retired... Oh wait, on August 2, 2011 he signed with San Fransisco, right... 49ers QB, Madden 09 cover athlete, and hall of fame sexter - BRETT FAVRE!!!


1. The Favre Challenge - Play as Favre in 10 classic games from his great career. From his debut, through Super Bowl 31, to his games played burdened by tragedy, all the way to the crushing 2009 NFC Championship game. Bonus Points for Interceptions, Fumbles, and Touchdowns.

2. Favre: Being a Legend - You begin as rookie Brett Favre, but in 2011's NFL on any team you wish. You improve your stats by sending nude photos to women and crying during games. When you have reached 400 TDs and 200 interceptions, you are eligible to retire. You must retire and unretire at least 5 times in order to complete the mode.

3. You can play as any of the classic Favre teams or his opponents, and bring them into Play Now or the still unchanged Franchise Mode (Sorry, but never trust anything we say from last year.)
# 1 billsofcanada @ Oct 14
number 2: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
# 2 vln13 @ Oct 14
Of course this is not real! This is a humorous parody of how EA is such copycats of 2k and turn their genius into something less so. And of course, just have to put in Favre taking pics of himself.
# 3 vln13 @ Oct 14
Madden 10 had something of a show, but it was horrendous compared to 2k5.
# 4 abeg1713 @ Oct 14
great parody lol. lets see if you don't get a call from ea to help bring this exact idea to life in madden 12
# 5 H to the Oza @ Oct 15
lol this is GOLD!!!
# 6 Stikskillz @ Oct 15
Lmbo! Look at the cell phone in his hand! Ha!
# 7 Dazraz @ Oct 15
Quality. Like all good humour there is an element in truth (feature number 3).
# 8 lockdown50 @ Oct 15
are hs pants on the ground? LMFAO
# 9 j3bit0 @ Oct 15
@ Smokez4DAyz nfl 2k5 had espn 25th anniversary mode tho
# 10 bms715 @ Oct 16
If I'm not mistaken Favre was the one who led the Pants on the Ground song in the locker room after a game...This is too funny
# 11 ANDROMADA 1 @ Nov 2
I like feature number 2. Very funny.
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