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NFL 2k5 Super Bowl 46 Sim Stuck
Posted on February 3, 2012 at 12:42 PM.

It has been 8 years since NFL 2k5 was in development, and there is no doubt the game itself has changed. Passing has gone through the roof, the fullback is an endangered species, and because of this sack numbers are up as well. We've seen the wildcat look like the new NFL, and then die a pretty painless death, only to resurrect itself in the form of the Savior of the Broncos.

Yet, despite the ways in which NFL 2k5 is behind the times (lack of a screen game in its playbooks, kickoffs from the 30) it can still be argued it is ahead of Madden in many gameplay respects, which, in all due respect to the team that worked on Madden 12, which I personally enjoyed this year, makes 2k5 an interesting specimen. Many of the presentational elements that came into Madden this year came right out of 2k5, which halftime and post-game shows still being a huge omission.

On to the game: After some three and outs to start the game by both teams, Tom Brady threw an interception that deflected and fell into the hands of Corey Webster. The Giants were only able to capitalize with a field goal, though. New England wasted no time in taking the ball down for a touchdown on the next drive, with the Law Firm doing the dirty work up the middle. The Giants eventually scored again on an Ahmad Bradshaw 24 yard TD run but lost Mario Manningham to a knee injury on that play. Brady drove the Evil Empire to the Giant's 35 but were stuffed on a 4th and 1 with an impressive tackle from Matthias Kiwanuka setting the edge on a handoff that went nowhere. Eli took this momentum and quickly had another touchdown drive with Hakeem Nicks grabbing it in the end zone, making the score 17-7. However, before the Giants could finish celebrating, Brady connected on a 48 yard humiliating bomb to... Julian Edelman?? With a minute left, the Giants decided to play conservatively and run the ball to go into halftime with a 3 point lead.

Though the Giants had shown positives in the game, that last play was an embarrassing reminder that if they do not get to the quarterback in time there secondary might be toast. Amazingly, their vaunted pass rush never reached Brady in the second half, and the Giants paid mightily. There is not much to say, other than Brady had a field day, and the Giants only glimmer of hope was a Victor Cruz unbelievable touchdown play resembling his 99 yarder. Eli sealed the game with a dumb pick and the Belichick got the ultimate revenge for Glendale with a massacre of a second half.

# 1 bamdabarber @ Feb 3
how do you download the roster for the espn2k5 football game for the playstation2???
# 2 Steve_OS @ Feb 4
Great stuff VLN! Was wondering when someone was going to do this.
# 3 kennyacid @ Feb 4
Man i miss 2K football. The replay system, the way you adjustment D smh...
# 4 BEARYChi @ Feb 4
a High scoring game?!?!?! i doubt it.But i miss 2K5.
# 5 slthree @ Feb 4
Awesome to watch. And, painful too. Loved that game. And, while I like Madden this year, it can't match 2K5
# 6 SportsGamerShow @ Feb 4
Awesome! I was going to do this as well, but you beat me to it! Great job!
# 7 Bulls321974 @ Feb 5
It looks so much more realistic when the players run compared to Madden today! Unbelievable how much EA actually sucks!
# 8 jersez @ Feb 5
Wrong!!!!!!! Giant fan
# 9 maladude @ Feb 6
I pray every day for a new 2K football game... Don't know how much longer I can enjoy APF 2K8.. I'll do ANYTHING for at least ONE MORE 2K football game... The Madden Boycott continues..
# 10 bigsmallwood @ Feb 7
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