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NBA 2K16 Wish List 
Posted on April 25, 2015 at 05:46 PM.
Hey al, the time has once again come for the hype train to come through town for a new NBA 2K game. While I'm more than sure that the features for next years game have already been locked in by the dev team; here are a few of my own personal hopes for the next entry in the NBA 2K videogame franchise!

1. "Full" suite crew mode:

Ok 2K enough is enough, bring in that full crew mode for next gen consoles. Give us logo/paint editors (similar to WWE 2K15) so that we can make our own teams and give them a unique personality. Let us enter a season mode against other crews and play for a virtual championship. This I think buries your competition forever.
P.S. A court/stadium editor would be bad-*** as well. College Hoops had it 8 years ago!!!!

2. PC version mods:

Guys we need this back in our lives ASAP. I need the UBR to make a comeback on this glorious new engine. I need all the teams ever to play in one game. I need basketball!

3. Actual Euro-League Season:

Often times I have heard the 2K team say that they feel they are in competition with EA's FIFA team more than any other sports game dev team. Well why not make NBA 2K the FIFA of basketball completely? If 2K would look at the mods created for their past games they would see that often times there are mods out there for entire leagues! So get the Euro-League and Philippine Leagues, go after every league possible and feature them in the game and for gods sake put the NBADL back in the game. Then make it so that we can draft from these leagues as well as in the Americas! Make this game a "world-wide" phenomenon for real! Get the Olympic teams the FIBA teams, bring em all on....hell I'd even accept them as DLC at this point! I want even; dare I say it...even the WNBA on there!

4. And Finally.....(*warning this is far fetched and won't likely ever happen but screw it I'm putting it out there.*)

Anyone remember Play Action Football for the SNES....horrible game but it had a great idea as far giving players team options. you could make high school and college teams as well as play with actual NFL teams. How about giving a mode where we can play in a youth league style system then play in an NCAA type system then bring that player/s up to the pro's in short give us an all encompassing basketball experience. I know they can't get the NCAA license, but Nintendo didn't have one either and the idea that you could do that was still very cool. I can dream, can't I?

That's my 2 cents guys I just want more teams and more customization options. I want more world wide representation. I think it would be cool if players around the world could play with more familiar teams and players than just the ones they see in NBA games. What do you guys think. Let me know in the comments below.
# 1 pHiLKizer @ Apr 25
It's going to take Hawk23 and staff a WHILE to make UBR for this new engine. There are still several game files no one has figured out how to mod yet.

Having the ability to create high school and college teams would be a great idea. Not just for the career mode, but to allow us to bring back March Madness and College Hoops 2K through mods we could share.
# 2 GuwopGeezus @ Apr 27
PLEASE JUST BRING BACK ONLINE ASSOCIATIONS!!! That's all I ask. And let us skip by days not just weeks, and let us advance through the offseason without having to wait 2 days. Still don't understand why this isn't in the game. Online Leagues are trash.
# 3 DEEBOFIOUS @ Apr 27
I'd be happy if Mike Stauffer just gets the shots and player movements at least in the ball park of reality.
# 4 dovuto86 @ Apr 28
I want to see the rubber banding when you pass the ball to a guy on the fast break and he goes back to the defender..Also when the last free throw is missed and the other team grabs the rebound and takes it the whole court for a layup and dunk. Also when I buy a pack of cards in My team I want to actually get a player I can use rather than badges and skills and injury cards or contract cards. Also too many missed layups and rebounds.
# 5 KennyJ1976 @ Apr 28
I just want my playoff mode back. One more thing, all the arenas need to be completely redone. Fun Zone need to be added in San Antonio, upper decks needs to be added in Miami, all the Lakers and Clippers decor needs to be added to Staples Center, and all arenas do not have theater lighting. Last thing, the crowd still looks and sound horrible. It should look like MLB 15 The Show or NHL 15's crowd and the atmosphere should differ from arena to arena and from regular season to playoffs.
# 6 willh313 @ Jul 21
Looks like some of this stuff is actually happening, can't wait to see the actual finished product!
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