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My Friend's Black Friday Experience 
Posted on November 29, 2008 at 01:27 AM.
Taken from my friend... People are so crazy on Black Friday...

"So we start out by watching Zoolander before me and Nika leave at 2am(we don't finish the movie....we pause it) My uncle had already been at Walmart since Midnight. We pick up my cousin, eat at Whataburger, then head over to Walmart. After a good hour, we find out the line was actually not in the electronics section like we had been told earlier. So we relocated back to the groceries area, where there were hundreds of people surrounding a giant shipment placed in the middle of the main aisle(separating the clothing side/grocery side). The shipment had black tape around it so no one could grab the TV's. On sale: Samsung LCD HDTV's(32", 40", 42", 46", 50"), Polaroid Plasmas(50"), Emerson LCD HDTV(32" for $388), and some 19" TV. But that's aside the point.

We are all waiting inside the frozen food aisles(that's the lines--- there were like 10 different lines all around the shipment). All of a sudden, some guy walks down the main aisle, and crosses under the tape blocking our aisle from rushing the tv's before 5am, and cuts in front of everyone in our line. People bitch and moan, but they give up after he doesn't move. My dad arrives(me and nika and my cousin had gone alone). We(the ppl in the line) decide to use shopping baskets to block others(and other tactics), but as soon as 5am hits, everyone rushes, and I got crushed between shopping carts as did everyone else. Shopping carts= bad idea. My cousin and sister are aiming for a tv, my dad got pushed with the crowd, I tried to go for 2 TV's, and my Uncle went for his own. My sis and cousin rescue my fathja from some pain of being crushed horribly(it was bad). My first aim is the Emerson tv for my grandpa. I am crushed between all those damn baskets that backfired, so I use my foot to lift it up and flip it. I still cant move, so I grab a person and try to throw him backwards(poor guy, he looked 50+). Then I punch the douchebag who cut us in the back of the neck pretty damn hard. Next I jump on someone's back and he falls to the floor(I hope he didn't die!) I grabbed one, but some douche rips it outta my hand. So the Emerson TV's vanish in no time. I get no Emerson.

Some bitch all of a sudden starts yelling at people telling them to "get the **** off, you animals, you guys are ****ing crazy you *******s." She is pushing people, yet she is getting mad at people pushing her. I tell her, "SHUT THE **** UP BITCH, IT'S BLACK FRIDAY, DEAL WITH IT." Then she starts beating the hell out of me with her purse. I escape alive, and purse beaten. Don't marry a crazy Mexican woman. I pray that was her period, because if it wasn't, it scares me that she could have been worse.

I fight and plow my way over to the Samsung 32" and get my hands on one of the last few, not letting go no matter what. I make my way out of the crowd(it was so packed, you couldn't breathe). Some blonde lady tries telling me I need to give away my tv to her friend because she had been there all night. I told her that's her problem, and that I had been there forever as well, but just in the wrong line at first. I find out the guy who cut, and the guy I pucnhed, had 4 Emerson TV's.... Gay....

So we rejoin, my uncle got his 46" Samsung, I got the 32" Samsung, and my sister and cousin simply saved my dad from endless baskets crushing people. And my dad makes it out alive, with a 40" somehow....he didn't even want to go into the crowd... he was just simply standing there and got pushed, and ended up grabbing a tv. lol

We head over to the lines(horrible...each lane split off like 10 times and it was hectic). My dad decides he doesn't want the 40", so he leaves his basket by the apples rack. We just watch it just for the hell of it. Then some lady comes over, and tries to take the basket(because it was unattended). My dad I guess changed his mind and ran after her, and claimed it. She tried saying she had it the whole time, but my dad calls her out on it saying he put it there and was watching it and that she's a liar. She says, "you need to watch your stuff better." And he something along the lines of, "I was watching it, that's how I saw you took my basket." Then she goes off.

We buy the 40"(my dad had changed his mind after all) and 32" Samsung LCD HDTV's, head home, and crash into bed after we finish Zoolander. My uncle buys his 46".

People better be glad I wasn't in the seasonings aisle, or else I'd be throwing pepper and salt into people's eyes."
# 1 nyisles16 @ Nov 29
Ugh - I hate Black Friday, and I swear I will never go out to the stores then. Deals or no deals, the way people act and behave at these things turns me off.. Glad your friend was able to get something from the troubles he went through.
# 2 RAZRr1275 @ Dec 18
Wow. Sounds interesting.
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