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Cub fan throws beer Shane Victorino during catch 
Posted on August 13, 2009 at 07:20 PM.
What gives really!

Another Dumb Chicago Cub fan decided to throw a beer at phillies outfielder Shane Victorino.

The main reason why i dont like the cubs is the fans they act stupuid. No i am bashing all cub fans just those that are pathetic fans like this guy.

I am happy the white sox fans dont act like that.

If you think about one of the many reasons for a player getting into a fight with a fan is because of stupidity.
Look at the pacers and pistons brawl, it all started with a fan doing the same **** that this cub fan did.

what are your thoughts

where should the line be drawn?

What should the players do not fight back?

leave your feed back.
# 1 ChaseB @ Aug 13
PS, if you watched the game -- much like Seinfeld -- there was a second spitter, or in this case a second chucker of beer. The guy who got tossed wasn't even the one who chucked the beer at Victorino.
# 2 wolverine2481 @ Aug 13
yeah I know about the white sox fans trying to assualt the ump. You just have to think how many times does stupidity follow the chicago cubs. I agree that drunk ppl do stup things all the time.
# 3 da.kid.frank @ Aug 13
all fans act stupid when drunk. its funny
# 4 jdareal21 @ Aug 13
Bottomline is that drinking beer at sporting events isn't some kind of right of passage, it's a privilege, and one that doesn't make sense to me all that much either. I'm a PA native, so everytime you go to a sporting event around here it's madness, look no further than the UFC skirmish just this past weekend. As spectators it's cool to have fun and be loud, but you start throwing stuff or pissing people off, and you should be subject to severe penalties, financially, and in some cases, physically
# 5 Shinyhubcaps @ Aug 13
I don't know if you're from the Midwest, but here we know: Cubs fans are the scum of the earth. I would ban both fans from all baseball games for the rest of their miserable lives.
# 6 deaduck @ Aug 14
Just ban the guy, crack down on sales to the already wasted and ...

NO, players should not fight fans over thrown beer.Nobody should scrap over thrown beverages. It's just not worth it.
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