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Has the NBA 2k Series Which a Ceiling With HD consoles PS3/Xbox 360/PC 
Posted on January 28, 2013 at 04:31 PM.
I'm a huge fan of the NBA 2k Basketball Franchise. NBA 2K11 great game, NBA 2k12 Great game it may have annoying issues but great game as non the less. NBA 2k13 Spectacular game. But one can't help but worry can the NBA 2k franchise get any better or is this as good has it's going to get.

Well let look at the feature that was added in the past two titles and NBA 2K13. The 2K developers added alot of new feature over the last 3seasons in NBA 2k11 that game was mainly based around Michael Jordan. With Fun Jordan Challenges of his greatest achievement all leading up to where you can draft him to your favorite NBA team. So one would say could 2ksports top that feature. Honestly they kind of haven't. 2ksport tried with there 2012 title NBA 2k12 with a mode where you can play as many great legends and play there greatest preformes in NBA history such as Bill Russell,Magic Johnson,Karl Malone Michael Jordan of course Scottie Pippin etc.
The idea was great but it just wasn't as rewarding as NBA 2k11 Jordan Challenges. And what i mean by rewarding is you couldn't draft those greats to your favorite team like you could in NBA 2K11 Jordan Challenges. Addition to 2ksports not adding a feature like that in NBA 2k13. I believe that 2ksports may of reached a ceiling with that feature and couldn't go any further with it.

In NBA 2k12 Nike ID was added in which you can custom design a curtain selection of shoes in a color to your liking. To add in my opinion that was probably the highlight feature of NBA 2K12. How ever in NBA 2k13 Nike ID didn't really get a Upgrade beside that you can upload your Nike ID design to the Nike ID website. Any which that feature has been over shadowed by a actually Shoe Customizer Feature. So the Nike ID seems like another Feature that might have meant a ceiling and it won't get any better nor worse.

Gameplay wise NBA 2k13 Plays better then any NBA 2k past title. With the addition of Dribbling with the right analog stick instead of the left. To be perfectly honest Gameplay is probably as good as it's ever going to get. Of course there's annoying bug that can be fixed. But the overall Delivery will probably remain the same. And gameplay is somthing that every gamer looks at. And Personally I don't really see nor feel like that the gameplay is really going to get any better. So gameplay to me anyways as probably which a ceiling. And Visually that the game goes without saying. Compare NBA 2k12 & NBA 2K13 there really isn't much difference. But of Course there's alway room for improvement. But Graphically the NBA 2k Franchise is probably at the height of it's glory.

So Basically all im saying is NBA 2K13 was a fantastic game. And a huge step foward for the Franchise. I must Say each time i play it the more it feels like is NBA 2k13 a sign that the developer out done themselve to early in one season to the point in which gameplay & curtain feature areas has the NBA 2k series reach a ceiling where us the consumer won't really see or feel any great improvement to an already great game/franchise. There's always room to get better so i guess that what future console such as the PS4 & Xbox720 come in to improve the game to new heights.

So leave your thought & let me know what ya'll think. Has the NBA 2k Franchise Reach a Ceiling or is there alot of stuff that could be greatly improved.
# 1 Kentucky_Wildcat23 @ Jan 28
I think that there is still plenty to improve on. One thing I would like to see is a better presentation. I feel that they could really do great things by adding the TNT and NBA TV broadcast. It would be a really cool thing.

I'd also like to see more customization options when it comes to editing teams and players. I work on computers for a living so when I go home at the end of the day I don't want to have to sit in front of a computer to do all the editing.

I love 2k13, but 2k has made it to were I expect bigger and better things every single year.
# 2 yaboythecib @ Jan 28
@Kentucky_Wildcat23 I feel you on that i would love for more of a tnt presentation. i missed that in the blog. but gameplay still feels to good to get any better. it's probably just me. but still nba 2k13 in outstanding. i just hope not to outstanding to where improvement can no longer be met...
# 3 HighCmpPct @ Jan 28
Agree NBA 2K13 is great easily the best NBA video game experience I've had. As far as some features reaching their peak, yeah it's true but as a consumer isn't that what you want? I mean that's the purpose of making/doing anything is to take it as far as it can go.

Now the part I disagree on is gameplay, this can definitely be taken a good deal further. I mean implementing physics,adding greater variety of passes,fixing the players feet sliding around the court instead of actually planting and moving. Also Graphical improvements can be made, just take a look at the PC version the graphical mods those guys make are just amazing not to mention the net effects they have as well.
# 4 SwaaaaaG @ Jan 28
While I agree that NBA2K13 is the best overall of the series I am astonished that anyone with a logical brain could think it has reached it's ceiling. Even though it's the best it has a lot it can improve on and add.

- Gameplay can be fixed/enhanced. (Smarter A.I.'s in My Career mode. Removal of Cheese plays. Better passing. More consistent shooting in regards to release.)

- Modes can be added (2K11's Blacktop, Career Continuation from game to game, Clutch Moments from the past season to replay)

- Modes can be added to/redefined (More customization/roleplay aspects to My Career, Additional options with the gm/teammates in My Career, Multiple Trade Options in Trade Finder in Assocation or the ability to select players on different teams to see deals that include both of them, Fix the ridiculously overpowered draft classes in Associations, Make 3v3 Blacktop not suck)

Improve Graphics and Music(Make players look more realistic, Make stadiums look like their real life counterpart, Make fans not look like stick figures that repeat the same movements, Allow users to make their own playlist)

Fix Glitches (Cheesing, Reaching Fouls by A.I., Online Assocation Offseason freeze, My Player All Star freeze, Scouts that don't Auto Scout...etc just to name a very small few)

All of this was just off the top of my head. This series is great without a doubt but no where near peaking.
# 5 tril @ Jan 29
2k13 is a great game, and has yet to reach its ceiling. AI capabilities is endless. 2k has done alot with this gens game. With next gen games I expect to see more complex algorithms.
The improvements in graphics is a given with the next gen consoles. It's whats underneath that will matter the most.
The better question to ask is whether or not folks will grow/or have grown tired of 2k, not becuase of the quality, but because of the need to try something entirely new and fresh.
# 6 HighCmpPct @ Jan 29
Also wanted to add that I highly doubt it has reached it's ceiling especially with the PS3 since Sony itself has come out and said that no one has yet to produce a game that pushes the PS3 to its limits.
# 7 inkcil @ Jan 29
Needs improvement on fast breaks. Where are the 3-on-1 and 2-on-1 breaks where you "toy" with the backpedaling defender?
# 8 STLRams @ Jan 29
I don't think its quite there at the ceiling, but its getting close. I still think that improved graphics improved A.I. are still capable on the 360/PS3. As far as presentation goes, I don't think we need a TNT/ESPN presentation really, 2K just needs to add more camera angles/shots, and finally add more presentation aspects that they can borrow from TNT/ESPN withouth having to have there logo on the bottom of the screen during the game or halftime and with the custom music feature you can add the TNT music theme or ESPN theme, as I and others have done with 2K13.One of those things would be to finally have around the league highlights during a halftime show or end of game show when playing the NBA Today feature. This was in NFL2K5 and it was great, especially in season mode games. NBA2K could have this during season/fanchise and during regular quickgame/NBAToday mode games. It would add alot to the presentation, if this was capable on the PS2 and X-BOX with NFL2K5, I can only imagine how good it would be on the current gen or future gen.
# 9 StubbyStan @ Feb 2
All great suggestions/additions...the one thing I have to add (while also echoing everyone's feelings about the game's greatness) is that while playing MyPlayer, I've noticed on more than one occasion, two players on the same team with the same number. That's inexcusable!
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