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Kobe or LeBron? 
Posted on July 22, 2009 at 01:31 AM.
Who is the better player?
# 1 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 22
WOW are you serious? Lets see LeBron has a grand total of 0 national championships enough said. Kobe can shoot the three, blow by anyone, dunk, shoot foul shots, hit the mid range shots unguarded or with three people in his face, and oh yea WIN! Lebron has been to the championship 1 time and got swept did not even win 1 game is that how the supposed best player in the nation plays? I dont think so... and all Lebron can do is dunk and shoot layups but in the end it all comes down to winning and Lebron simply can not do it! If your gonna put a blog up like this at least make it reasonable like Wade or Lebron, Kobe is on his own level and with a few more championships better that Jordan
# 2 Watson @ Jul 22
for one game or a season?

if it's a season, im taking Kobe
for one game, im takin LeBron
# 3 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 22
haha authentic24 yea i am a fan of kobe so there might be just a little bit of bias in my argument haha yea i see what ur saying but jordans team was just as stacked if not more than kobes and as for Lebron i hate him so im done talking about him
# 4 jdareal21 @ Jul 22
I can't understand where these comparisons even come from. Kobe has been the best for the last 13 years, and he's outlasted everyone who was supposed to be "better" during that time as well, such as Grant Hill, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, & Tracy McGrady to name just a few. It seems like everyone wants "somebody" to be better because Kobe isn't the greatest personality to root for, and I guess I can understand that. But until Lebron wins a championship, or FOUR, lol, I don't see the comparison being warranted. At all.
# 5 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 23
I completely agree with you! Another thing i will say is that it seems like whatever the ESPN analysts say becomes the belief of the nation! If ESPN says that Lebron is better then everyone will believe it. It is amazing to me how people can not seem to form their own opinions.
# 6 youngfaze01 @ Jul 23
I agree with authentic24.
# 7 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 23
ok authentic24 by comparing Kobes first 6 years to Lebrons first 6 years i can clearly tell u who is better and its kobe by far.. In lebrons first 6 years he reached the championship 1 time and did not win a single game, they lost the series 0-4. In Kobes first 6 years he won three consecutive chamionships in 2000 2001 2002 so i do not see how u can say lebron is better. U wanna know y he scores so much its because he shoots literally every time down court whereas kobe uses his ability along with his teammates abilities hence 4 titles to lebrons 0. If he truely was the greatest player in the league he would have at least came away with 1 championship.
# 8 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 23
2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers:

RosterGlossary ▪ CSV ▪ PRE
No. Player Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Exp College
8 Kobe Bryant G 6-6 200 August 23, 1978 4
Derek Fisher G 6-1 200 August 9, 1974 4 University of Arkansas at Little Rock
40 Greg Foster F-C 6-11 240 October 3, 1968 10 University of Texas at El Paso
17 Rick Fox F-G 6-7 230 July 24, 1969 9 University of North Carolina
3 Devean George G-F 6-8 220 August 29, 1977 1 Augsburg College
54 Horace Grant F-C 6-10 215 July 4, 1965 13 Clemson University
4 Ron Harper G-F 6-6 185 January 20, 1964 14 Miami University
5 Robert Horry F 6-9 220 August 25, 1970 8 University of Alabama
10 Tyronn Lue G 6-0 175 May 3, 1977 2 University of Nebraska
35 Mark Madsen F 6-9 240 January 28, 1976 R Stanford University
14 Stanislav Medvedenko F 6-10 250 April 4, 1979 R
34 Shaquille O'Neal C 7-1 325 March 6, 1972 8 Louisiana State University
12 Mike Penberthy G 6-3 185 November 29, 1974 R Master's College
7 Isaiah Rider G 6-5 215 March 12, 1971 7 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
20 Brian Shaw G 6-6 190 March 22, 1966 11 University of California, Santa Barbara
# 9 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 23
that is the roster of their first championship team and i would like to know how this is such a monster roster. They have Kobe, Shaq, and i guess Fisher but honestly who else? I do not feel this is a monster roster at all.
# 10 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 23
ur also saying lebron has no teammates Daniel gibson is good ilgauskas is good mo williams is really good delonte west is pretty good and now they have added shaq, wally szvzerbiak, and joe smith for the next year i mean come on that is a really good roster. the reason they do not win is because lebron has no faith in his team at all. u can not win a game if u run down and shoot every play it just will not work. the only time that should happen is in the 4th quarter when u need to come up big and oh yea kobe is better at that than lebron 2. idk how u feel lebron is this god of a player when all he can do is dunk shoot layups and never pass the ball.
# 11 jdareal21 @ Jul 23

Kobe was touted for sure, but every one of those players I mentioned, at least for a time, was considered as good or better than Kobe when it was clearly never the case.

Also, comparing stats makes no sense to me when:

1) Lebron came into the league with free reign over his team from the jump, he was able to put up as many shots as he wanted and he was the designated leader. Kobe sacrificed the first half of his career to play with Shaq, and win titles. Once he had free reign, he wound up scoring 81 points and averaging the most PPG since Michael Jordan himself

2) They don't play the same position or run the same style of offense. I would expect Lebron to grab rebounds, he's a small forward with a much bigger body at a closer proximity to the basket. He also runs an offense that relies on him to be the playmaker whereas the Triangle forces everyone to touch and handle the ball in some capacity. Give Kobe the ball at the top of the key and let him dribble around and I'm sure he'd have way more assists and points than he does now. Guaranteed
# 12 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 24
Oh absolutely he would have more points and assists than he does now. I also agree that while stats are somewhat important they are not the main concern here. Great players simply find a way to win no matter what exp... Ben Rothlisberger... his stats are far from the best but and u wouldnt even want him on your fantasy football team but there is no doubt he is one of the best in the league because he finds a way to win when his team needs him. Kobe no matter what will do what it takes to win a game for his team. In the 4th quarter there is no one in the would you would want to have the ball than Kobe Bryant. Lebron simply can not win period and that is a huge part in being a great player.
# 13 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 24
yes they all had a role and played it well because they had the greatest leader in the game playing by their side. When there is talent like that on a team it makes it very easy on the team to do what they need to do. Kobe understood this whereas lebron doesnt. Trust in your teammates is vital to success. Even if Kobe had a better team in the past its about dead even if not better for the cavs this upcoming season and i will put money on the lakers winning it all. Kobe just understands what he needs to do. He knows if he needs a huge game point wise to win (81 in a game) or if he needs to get his team involved because he is having an off night. if lebron is off he tries to solve it by shooting more and more. Also i think the addition of shaq will hurt him more than help this year. Shaq is way past his prime even though he showed a little spark last year we all know is just about done. Shaq likes to camp in the lane and lebron loves to drive to the lane all day and with shaq camping there it will be harder when lebron not only has to beat his man but shaqs as well. that is y for the cavs and lebron mainly i would rather have illgauskus who spends most of his time out on the perimeter to keep the lane open and unclogged. i look for lebrons stats to decrease this year and once again a failed run at the championship.
# 14 fffffffff9 @ Jul 24
Yeah, LeBron has a huge problem with clogged lanes. You could really see the way he struggled to play with Ben Wallace on his team. I mean, those stats took an immediate hit as soon as Big Ben put on the Cavs uni. And don't even get me started on Anderson Varejao. Oh, and it's not like Zydrunas is even on the team anymore, and even if he were, Shaq's 30 minutes a night would really cut into Z's 27 minutes a night.

Anyway, as far as #1 options go, I'll take the guy who looks to break down the defense on every play, over the guy who never turns down a chance to shoot an off-balance two-point jumper.

IMO, the only truly valuable thing Kobe has over LeBron is experience. And LeBron just learned everything he needed to know from that Magic series. Armed with the low-post threat the Cavs have been missing since Boozer left, it's time for the King to finally get his coronation.
# 15 Hells6Angel66 @ Jul 24
and what exactly did he learn in the Magic series? How to blow his 2nd shot at a title. The only things he learned last year was from letting Kobe show him how to win a championship. He will get to watch it again next year and hopefully this time he will get a first hand experience of it that is if he can make it that far.

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