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# 12
aloncho11 @ Mar 15, 2012
Originally Posted by youvalss
Yeah, all is good. How are you? Haven't seen you here in a while...
Yeah, I have been very busy and revisited OS yesterday after a long time. Everything is good though. Good to know you're well. Let's catch up some other day. Best.
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# 11
aloncho11 @ Mar 14, 2012
Hey there my friend. Hope everything is good on your side!
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# 10
youvalss @ Oct 4, 2011
Waiting for the winter anxiously! Can't stand the heat. -30C FTW!!!
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# 9
youvalss @ Oct 4, 2011
Wow, so many post here and I haven't even noticed that. Anything about old-school NBA games on DVD and stuff - PM me.

As for 2K12 and the Pistons...when I get the game I'll see what's going on. Even as a Piston fan, I must say that the current team is pretty boring to play with.
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# 8
youvalss @ Oct 4, 2011
Haven't bought 2K12 yet (actually was so busy at work that totally forgot about it and only realized it when I got home). It's a lot of money this days...we'll see...

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# 7
st0rmb11 @ Oct 4, 2011
don't know if you've played 2K12 yet, but how do you feel about 2K sneaking those elbow bands in there?
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# 6
aloncho11 @ May 31, 2011
"The question is not Who deserves to win the 2011 NBA Finals, but Who will win it". It all starts today..."lookout below".
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# 5
d11king @ Mar 22, 2011
ahhh, i was asking because im starting a league with the best of the best 2k gamers ive come across, and for teams such as pistons, kings, cavs, etc. im looking for players who play with them cause it may be their favorite team, that way, they know their players shot's and playbooks and things like that, so they add to the competition level.
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# 4
d11king @ Mar 21, 2011
hey youv, do you play with the pistons in 2k and are you really really good with them?
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# 3
rairjordan @ Jan 6, 2011
Hey there - I am a big collector of Jordan footage (Michael Jordan) on VHS, do you have any? If so, would you like to trade? Please e-mail me: [email protected]

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# 2
buzzguy @ Feb 18, 2009
If you ever come back to the Peg, Youvalss, check-out a Blue Bombers football game, or some Goldeyes baseball down by the forks! One of the best minor league ballparks on the continent!
Take care!
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# 1
youvalss @ Jan 5, 2009
I don't really understand what those chalkboard messegaes are...LOL
But I do know what you mean (at least I think). Thanks mate!
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