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***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

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***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

I have a request for this thread (this is for everyone, especially you mods).

This should NOT be a discussion thread. Come Monday night at midnight, this place is going to be HOPPING. As a developer, I want to find the best possible way to filter through the thousands of posts to get real issues. Here's some stuff I'd like to see from this thread:

1. No discussion posts. Each post has to be a bug...pure and simple. If we want a bug discussion thread, let's have one. Mods, is this possible? Can we delete posts that don't follow this?

2. We need to find a way to get the community pulse on "priority" of issues. Maybe we keep the very first post as a list of what the community feels is the top 10?

3. Follow a bug description format. Here's an example:

Bug: Defenders seem to change pursuit angles while a ballcarrier is being tackled.
Location: In-Game & Online
Priority: Medium
Version: X360 Collector's Edition
Skill Level (if applicable): Pro / No Madden IQ
EASW Video Example (if applicable):


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***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

Ok guys, we are going with something new here. We are going to follow the bug description format that Ian has listed in his post that is above this one. This time next week after the majority of the community has had some hands-on time with the game to dissect it to the most minute detail, I'll use this post to list the Top 10 bugs/glitches found by the community. Hopefully, other mods will help me keep the top 10 list as accurate as possible. The reason for doing things this way is so that Ian/Phil/Donny or whomever from EA can look, see what we feel is wrong and try to address them without having to sift through countless posts of people discussing the severity of the bug. We all want the game to be as bug/glitch free as possible, so lets please keep this thread free of discussion.

Here's the rules/warnings for this thread:

This thread is not to discuss the bugs/glitches found. Any posts that are made that do not follow the protocol laid out by Ian's post above will be deleted.

Those who continually fail to follow the protocol of this thread will be given infractions.
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Re: ***Official Bugs/Glitches List***

Bug: Game stretches horizontally and gets cut off on top and bottom with VGA cable using 1280 x 1024 Widescreen
Priority: HIGHEST
Version: X360 Standard
Picture Example:

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Re: ***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

Bug: Penalties hardly ever get called nor do they change with sliders. My last game with ten minute quarters had 0 penalties called
Location: In-Game
Priority: Medium
Version: ps3
Skill Level (if applicable): I tried on all levels and with different teams.
EASW Video Example (if applicable):
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Re: ***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

Bug: When your on kickoff and the playclock hits :00 not delay of game happens.
Location: In-Game & Online
Priority: Medium
Version: X360 Regular Edition
Skill Level (if applicable): Rookie / No Madden IQ, Also Online All-Pro.
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Re: ***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

Bug: completed passes 2 - 3 yards away from sideline being called out of bounds
Location: In-Game
Priority: high
Version: X360 Regular Edition
Skill Level (if applicable): madden IQ(all madden)

i've seen it at least 3-4 times.
i have a video of it up on ea sports world but it is a bad angle.

maybe not a bug, but the AI still snaps the ball a little to quickly.

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Re: ***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

Bug: Moral changing when you edit player equipment, also players that wear sleeves in the cold, when you edit them their sleeves are worn at all times
Location: Player Management
Priority: Medium/Low
Version All
Skill Level (if applicable):

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Re: ***Official Madden '09 Bugs and Glitches List Thread***

Bug CPU players run out of bounds, even when all alone with an open field in front of them.
Location Gameplay
Priority Gamebreaking
Version CE/Xbox 360
Skill Level Various
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