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Abe Sargent
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Hello!!! FYI - I am about to begin a week long vacation in San Diego and I'll never been to California before so I am knocking it out. I'll be leaving on Sunday the 5th and returning on Sunday the 11th, but I am also off tomorrow the 3rd and Monday the 12th. My hope is that I knock out some of this tomorrow and Saturday before heading out, but who knows what I'll be in the mood for once I get back on the 11th.
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Abe Sargent
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
1 Jan, 1113 – I spend 100 prestige to Hold Court:

Petitioner #1 – The Child with Two Mothers
– I am approached by two women claiming to be the parent of a child, and the local villagers have no proof of labor, adopting, or anything else.

I have four options:

1. Test the Mothers to see who Cares About the Infant – I gain 10 grandeur, this is available since I am learning perks.
2. The Younger Woman Who Has More Live to Give - I get + relations with some, and –20 with Earl Dommnal but +10 with my son.
3. With Age Comes Experience, the Older Woman Will Mother Him – I get -20 with my son, +10 with Earl and others
4. I Will Raise Him Myself – I adopt the boy. -40 with everyone since he’s lowborn.

I choose the first and gain 10 court grandeur which, again, is only available since I am a sharp tool.

Petitioner #2 – The Ravages of Peace
– I’ve had this petitioner before if you’ll recall, my Knights loot in peacetime. This time it was in Ormond and it was my Knight Earl of Ailech, Earl Aed VII county. I choose, again, to have the Knights return their loot and lose 90 stress since I am just, but this drops relations with Aed VII by -20.

Petitioner #3 – Exhibiting High King Buaidbeo’s Collection
– I am approached by a petitioner, my Knight Antonio who wants to display some things to add to our glory or sell, or charge to see, but it might lead to robbery he says.

Here are my three options

1. I Want People to Pay to Witness Our Glory – I get Paid Artifact Exhibition for three years and then steal schemes are more likely.
2. Some People Must See, Even the Less Fortunate – Four three years we get Free Artifact Exhibition but steal schemes more likely too.
3. It’s Not Worth the Risk – Nothing happens.

Since I am still at negative cash at -52, charging makes sense, and then free would possibly increase my grandeur but it doesn’t say. What do I want to do? I charge, since I just gained 10 grandeur from my first petitioner. I am getting +3% cash from the paywall.

See you in five years!

Court Grandeur rises to 7!

16 Jan – The Independence Faction targeting me disbanded.

16 Feb – Our Sway Scheme on Duke Porbjorn of the Isles is done and our relations are now +14, next is Earl Aeb VII

The Earl of Ulster (Fuirechtach) is here to pay homage and renew his vows. I let him in!

I gain 50 cash and the normally accepted + stuff here for it - I am now in positive cash!!!

26 Mar – An Inspired Person wants to get hired to forge a goblet, but to get started would be 50 of my 51 gold and then they often need more cash later as events develop, so I skip it for now.

7 May – Event – A Helpful Warning – The Former enemy in Powys Prince has send me info that Earl Aed VII is plotting against me. I thank him! I choose to confront Aed VII with the charge privately since I don’t want a public disagreement, he confesses and I gain a weak hook on him.

1 Sept – Now that I have more than 100 do I want to sponsor the Goblet maker? I do!

I pay Richard de Brionne 50 cash to do so – it should take around 14 months and he is our guest with his wife.

That leaves me 56 cash!

4 Oct - I get a notice about a Royal Guest who arrived and would be a great husband. Do I want to marry my 10 year old daughter Maria to him? Here he is:

Daniel – Irish, Catholic, 38 years old, Honest, Ambitious, Wrathful – stats get ready – 16/13/16/4/21 – prowess of 10, his background is Mastermind Philosopher. House Dudgaill

Irish? Those stats? Super smart like me. Can I hire him as a Courtier like my open Court Poet since he’s Irish he’d be good there? Nope no one can do that role still. Should I marry him to Maria who’s 10? That seems like a great option to keep him here since he’d be a great vassal later. But that age? He doesn’t want to marry.

Right now Janko is my Court Jester and Physician and he’s average in both. Could I offer Daniel my Doctor? Nope, no one is better than Janko – or even as good as him

While I am thinking about it, how about a Court Musician? Anyone good there? I have one Poor, my son, and then two terrible. I don’t bother spending the cash for a poor player.

6 Nov – Great News! My grandson I am tutoring is now Irish!
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Abe Sargent
Hall Of Famer
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
25 Jan, 1114 – I unlock a new Learning Perk and I choose Religious Icon that gives me Faster Conversions.

24 Feb – Event – A Scheme at Court – My Spymaster tells me about someone planning to kill one of my guests. I set up shop to stop it

12 May – My Chancellor Earl Muiredach passes from weird circumstances. He was Earl of Desmond.

The new Earl:

Earl Tadg II – 0 years old, so they are in a regency.

I need a new Chancellor which needs a good Diplomacy. What key vassals are not with a Court Appointment? The Dukes of the Isles and Gwynedd and then Porbjorn has a nice 10 Dip to Llewelyn’s 5, so I appoint him. Our relations rise from +20 to +80

30 May – Inspiration Event – Considered Opinion – Our smith is updating me on his progress and then I have three options two to give him advice which will drop relations by 10 but give me a % of 63 to increase our quality, or I can butt out and I gain 21 stress from the two advises, so I do the learning challenge one which has an 83% but just for a small increase in value.

20 July – A Faction for Independence for Gwynedd begins. Looks like they have a new Duke that replaced Llewlyn.

Duke Cadgwan II –
32 years old, relations of -21, Zealous, Callous, Impatient, background of Insightful Thinker, stats of 6/11/8/9/12 and prowess of 7, Catholic and Welsh. Since this just happened he does not count as a key vassal yet. Is there someone I want to change? His Martial is 11 and that’s my huge 18 for Duke Tadg II of Connacht.

I move swaying from Earl Aed VII to him.

1 Sept – I now have more than 2k Prestige. Do I want to reform Irish or save it for War with Scotland after my cash is flush? Right now I have 192 cash, so that future War for the Duchy of Moray will be soon. I’ll wait

23 Sept – We capture the one scheming against our guest, and it was another guest. I send him to jail.

27 Sept – Inspiration Event – Up Late – We drink mead until the late hours in Richard’s shop. He embraces me and wants to sleep with me. I can sleep with hm and lose stress since I am lustful, but the artifact will drop in value since we are having the sex. Or I can tell him no, and nothing happens, or I can expose his secret, drop quality relations drop 30 and then I gain 50 piety.

I choose no.

19 Oct – Event – I get the Stolen Keg again, this time stealing it is my grandson Burchard! He didn’t drink since he’s Temperate and I encourage it

26 Nov – Our Blacksmith Richard is done with the Goblet!

Richard’s Goblet –
Masterwork Pedestal Item – 90 years, +0.06 prestige month, +3 grandeur

I display it!

1 April, 1115 – My Martial finishes building up control in the Isle of Man. Next is training leaders.

The Isle of Man – 100 control, now making us 2.06 monthly and levies of 295 – wow that’s a lot from a 6 Development,2 Baronies, Gaelic culture holding!

My current cash is 266 and I’m pretty close to being ready for War against Scotland.

6 May – My Chancellor has shown that our peace treaty with Powys is fake and we can DOW them again.

21 May – Sway Scheme with Duke Cadgwan II increases our relations by 25 to +10 and I stay on him.

14 July – Our Archbishop Lutbert passes.

Our new one:

Archbishop Dalmau Berenguer
– Age 36, Catholic, Catalan culture, relations of +100 because of my Theological Education modifiers. Stats of 6/9/11/7/23 – nasty learning! His traits are Wrathful, Callous and Shy. Mastermind Philosopher.

Since we are getting that huge relations, our monthly taxes from Churches at 2.1 doesn’t change.

The Duke of Gwynedd is now a Key Vassal and relations drop to -32.

27 Nov – Duke of Gwynedd Cadgwan II approaches and wants to renew his vows, and I agree.

24 Dec – My daughter in law, Infanta from Aragon wants to sleep with me. I don’t want to annoy my son, so I decline, but I have six options. I gain 42 stress since I am lustful.
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Abe Sargent
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
16 Jan, 1116 – My Spymaster finds proof that Duke of Gwynedd Cadgwan II is trying to kill a guest. I don’t want to hurt relations with him. I skip imprisoning him or exposing him publicly

13 April – Our Sway Scheme on the Duke has worked, and our relations rise by 25 to +4 – I keep on him

10 June – I unlock a new Learning Perk! I choose Prophet which increases the piety of my Knights and then mine by my number of Knights.

13 July – I have 1250 Renown, enough to unlock another Dynasty Perk!

What do I like here? Here are my options:

Erudition Level 2
- +10% piety/month and then +10 relations to Clergy, this is the Court one I unlocked last time.

Warfare Level 2
– I unlocked this first. It gives me +15% pursuit, -15% Retreat losses, and then -20% CB costs.

Anything else I want?

Customs Level 1 - +10 relations with other Cultures, and Minority Vassals – I can learn language Sway Scheme better chance

Law Level 1
- -30% Costs for Hunts and Feasts. Since they cost hundreds of cash, that’s a big break and makes them more feasible for me to run.

What do I like here? Erudition Level 2 is great for piety boosts, but I am getting +6.1/month right now anyway. Adding another 10% will increase it to +6.7. Then the Customs will help me as I expand into more and more into the Isles into Scotland and then later Wales. Also, here is Customs Level 2 for next time: +30% Cultural Acceptance and +1 learn languages. Law next is -20% Title Creation and then +0.02 control gain monthly. Erudition Level 3 is +20% Development growth and Warfare is +10% Monthly Martial Experience. I don’t like where Warfare is heading, I like the other three.

I choose Customs

15 Sept – Event – Blood and Spit – One of my courtiers spit in my grandson’s food. They’ve been verbally assaulting each other ever since. What do I want to do? I tell him that vengeance will come and he keeps the Vengeful trait.

23 Sept – King William II of England gifted me an artifact as a sign of our allyship!

I have a Court Event:

Court Event – Royal Lapse
– Our Court Jester and others are carrying on and trying to do well, but the Jester asks me if I am well since I seem to be not enjoying it. What do I answer?

I have three options, all of which gain stress:

1. My Apologies, What Were you Saying? – I gain 18 stress
2. Forgive Me, I have Other Duties to Attend To – I gain 26 stress and -10 court grandeur
3. Very Good… - I also lose 10 grandeur, gain 16 stress

I choose the first.

15 Oct – 50 Year Anniversary!!!

10 Nov – The Knights Templar have been formed
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Abe Sargent
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1 Jan, 1117 – With 557 cash, it’s time to DOW Scotland.

Here’s a Military Head’s Up:

Me - Ireland
– 3682 troops

Them - Scotland – 3133 troops

So, I have more troops than Scotland without any allies on any side.

What about allies?

Us - England
– 8442 troops
Aragon – 2594 troops

Them - Bohemia
– 4373 troops

So I cannot DOW Scotland without dealing with their ally Bohemia with almost 4.4k troops way more than us, but then England checks Bohemia and we check Scotland, so it’s a good time to DOW Scotland since I have enough cash to handle them for a war.

I have 2328 prestige, so I have plenty to DOW Scotland and call in England. Then in an emergency I can call in Aragon too for their 2.5k just like last time around a year into the war. If you’ll recall, Wars One for Ulster and Two for Isle of man were with Gwynedd and after a major war with England. War three for the Duchy of the Isles was with Aragon after we absorbed Gwynedd and then during a Civil War. But now they aren’t distracted, so it’s time for us taking them on full strength to our full strength.
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Abe Sargent
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The 4th Ireland/Scotland War

I DOW Scotland for the Duchy of Moray I have a claim on. I spend prestige of 150. I call in England for a prestige of 350.

I call up my troops

9 Jan – 3647 troops have been assembled and I order my army to Scotland’s Inverness. I am losing 1.3 per month.

11 Jan – Bohemia joins them and England us

8 Feb – Duke of Gwynedd’s Sway Scheme works, raising our relations to +29. I stay on him

20 Feb – An inspired person arrives at court, and I have plenty of cash but I need it for the war, so I don’t start.

7 April – We arrive in Inverness and begin a siege which should last around 6 months but English forces are one province away and marching in our direction

29 April – England begins sieging a nearby country

9 July - Scotland circles around and lands in England’s Cumberland and begins a siege which should take around 11 months

26 Aug -England captures Dunkeld, +4 warscore

30 Aug – We capture Inverness, +12 warscore, I sack 11 cash, I order my men to Ross next door here in the Duchy of Moray

9 Sept – We begin the siege of Ross which should take around 13 months. Do I head to Cumberland which has 8 months left or hold out here? I don’t want to run into Bohemia coming up the coast so I stick here next to England.

13 Sept – I gain the trait Herbalist from an event.

19 Sept – England arrives in Moray to begin a siege

24 Oct – Scotland asks for White Peace I decline

23 Dec – With just losing 0.8 monthly to army due to losing men in sieges and having in cash 520, I feel like I can do the inspiration event. Blanche wants to make me a weapon for 50 gold I agree. It should take 15 months.

12 Jan, 1118 – Moray falls, +18%

16 Mar – Cumberland falls in England

19 Mar – Inspiration Event – A Motto for the Ages – Blanche is wondering about inspiration, I offer my Houses motto and gain 100 renown!

1 April – Scotland begins sieging Northumberland which should take around 9 months

5 April – England takes Atholl and we are back to +18

21 May – Ross falls, we sack 11 cash warscore is +38 – next is the final Moray holding Buchan

2 July – I begin sieging Buchan and it should take around 7 months

29 July – England begins sieging Mearns to my south and that should take around 8 months

28 Sept – I unlock a new Learning Perk and I take Defender of the Faith that cuts our tyranny gain by 25%

15 Oct – Inspiration Event – A New Forge - Our Weaponsmith wants a new forge. I agree and spend 50 to increase the ability of the artifact she makes.

26 Oct – Northumberland falls and the warscore is now +46 since we gained the longer we held territory at war

3 Nov – My third daughter is now of age!!

Maria – 16, Catholic, Irish, stats of 8/7/9/5/7 prowess of 15, background of Thrifty Clerk, traits of Bossy, Trusting, Gluttonous and Sadistic. She is Barren and drops 50% fertility.

I don’t send her out for marriage right now I need to keep our options open for post my death.

9 Nov – Duke Porbjorn of the Isles changes culture to Gaelic from Norwegian.

16 Dec – We capture Buchan, and sack 7 cash and the warscore is +54, I order my army to Angus

2 Jan, 1119 – Scotland is besieging Argyll, head over to knock them out or keep heading to Angus? I head over, I have 3346 to their 2897

12 Feb – Our Inspiration is done!

Blanche’s Sword – Masterwork Weapon - +5 prowess, +6% Knight Effectiveness

21 Feb – Scotland breaks off their siege as I approach, can I catch them in battle?

2 March – We capture their army and begin battle

11 March – England arrives and joins us

15 March – We win and the warscore jumps to +86 – I order my army east to Scotland’s Strathearn

13 April – Event – I gain another Learning Perk and finish the Theologian track and take the final one which is “Theologian” and gives me that trait.

22 April – We arrive in Strathearn and the siege should take around 8 months

England is in Lennox for 7 months

14 June – Event – Staring at the Heavens – I gain 250 piety after stopping at my Archbishop’s request

26 Aug – Sway Scheme successful on the Duke Cadwgan II and we are now at +46

16 Sept – We capture Strathearn, sack 10 cash, and now have a warscore of 100!

I go for peace for The Duchy of Morey


As you can see, I am taking the four provinces to our east of the Isles Duchy we took before!


I gain 100 fame!

Ross – East of us, south of Norway, north of Inverness, control of 60, development of 6, 4 Baronies, Gaelic and Catholic, land types of Hills in all four, owned by the former Duke of Moray, who owns all four holdings.

Inverness – South of Ross, north of Scotland, east of us, west of Moray, 7 development, 60 control, Catholic Gaelic, a massive 5 Baronies with land types of Hills in them all

Moray – Capital of the Duchy – Central north of area, development of 9, control of 60, Catholic and Gaelic here too, three baronies of the land type of Taiga in two and Hills one

Buchan – Far east shore, north of Scotland, Gaels here worship Catholicism, 60 control, 8 development here, Baronies are two Taiga here and one Hills.

The ruler who was stripped of the Duchal title:

Earl Mormaer Lulach II –
Age of 31, -86 relations, stats of…get ready…3/15/15/27/12! His traits are Ambitious, Diligent, Greedy and his ed background is Intricate Webweaver. His 27 Stewardship is nasty good! I hand him the Duchy of Moray title and relations rise to +29.

My current Steward is Countess Forbflaith at +7. We have relations at +30. I cannot swap him in since I promised her 25 years in an event. I begin to sway the new Duke!
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Originally Posted by Abe Sargent View Post
My current Steward is Countess Forbflaith at +7. We have relations at +30. I cannot swap him in since I promised her 25 years in an event.

Be a shame if something were to ... happen ... to her.

fwiw, I had one of those situations, went through some stuff and got a strong hook. Whether by design or bug or glitch or circumstance, even the strong hook didn't let me get rid of the unwanted person
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Abe Sargent
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I disband my armies.

I now have De Jure claims against Norway to our north with their two provinces in the Duchy of Moray. I can claim with piety two Duchies in England of York or Normandy, but I skip past, my only Scottish claim left is the unpressed CB on Galvei with a crossing from the Isle of Man and Ulster.

Post War my troops are at 3143 out of 3741 and we’ll grow as our control in our captured area does too for levies.

I have 2020 prestige. Do I call court or spend 2k for Irish Culture? I do Court and spend 100 prestige.

I hear petitioners:

Petitioner #1 – A Child of the Court
– I am approached by a Courtier of Duke Tadg II who is telling me of a 13 year old warden of the court who’s parents died named Nuala. They want someone to care for her.

I have four options:

1. No Worries I‘ll Raise Her – I take her as my ward, I gain relations with folks and +10 court grandeur.
2. My Hands are Full, But I’ll Find her a Home – She becomes Blanche’s ward, and then I gain 6 grandeur
3. Raising a Child Isn’t Cheap – Duke Tadg II pays me 45 and I raise her, I lose relations’.
4. Unfortunate, but not the Court’s Problem – We lose 10 grandeur.

I take her in since she is just three years shy of maturity and gain 10 grandeur.

Petitioner #2 – Noble Privileges –
Duke Tadg II approaches. He talks about how awesome the men of his house are with the advising. He doesn’t want us to sow division within us and turn away their advice.

I have a massive SIX options:

1. Connacht Will Always have my Ear - +20 relations with him, I gain a hook, we renegotiate his feudal contract to guarantee his Council Rights.
2. I Hear You Have a Nice Collection – I try to bribe away his Foxtail artifact, relations drop 15
3. Such Entitlements Demand Sacrifices – I try to bribe away his couty of Ui Mhiane, relations drop 15.
4. Only if Connacht’s Borders Never Change – Relations drop 5.
5. In Exchange for Greater Finances – We increase his tax levy to high and give them the Council Seat Guarantee
6. Is it not Enough to be Duke? – I don’t relations are at -10

Wow that’s a lot of stuff to work through. He is my Martial with an 18 in that ability the best in my court, so I like #1 or #5 to help keep him that seat and then give something back a hook or better taxes. But that guarantee would go to his kid, and who knows how that would look, so I drop our relations by 10 to +72 and move on to the final petitioner.

Petitioner #3 – Royal Service – Duke Lulach II approaches with one of his men his cousin Lulach Loairn and tells me that he’d be a great knight and really knows his way around an axe.

I finish with just three options:

1. Very Well, You May Attend Me – I gain +10 relations with the Duke and then he becomes my Knight.
2. I Have Found my Bodyguard – I hire him as my Bodyguard role, this will pay him and he joins my court. Boosts to relations with many
3. Skilled Yes, Needed No – I lose 10 relations wit the Duke.

I choose #1 and gain a new Knight!

I have in cash 442. Now that I have unlocked my Saddle, do I want to hire 100 Armored Cavalry for my army? Remember that when I assembled my army in my last war I was losing around 1.3/month for upkeep.

Here’s their breakdown:

Armored Cavalry – Cost 200 to recruit, type heavy cavalry, 50 soldiers per level, unraised maintenance -0.7.monthly, when raised -2.1/monthly – that’s pricey. Do I want to pay that cost to add heavy cavalry to my Men at Arms?

Right now here’s my cash in:

Domain – 10.5 – that’s my six holdings
Taxes – 2.7 – those are from my vassals
Church Levies – 3.9 – those are high due to my relations with my Archbishop
-15% Improvident

I bring in 14.6

Cash Out:

Courtiers - -0.6
Court Grandeur - -0.6
Men at Arms - -4.8 – but that’s higher after wars since I am recruiting replacements.

Costs – 6.3

Bringing in 8.2 total

I’ll wait a few months to see what happens with my cash after restocking

14 Oct – I get a marriage proposal from England that is matrilineal with his daughter and heir Princess Maud his only child who is 13 years old and my grandson Burchard who is my only grandson. I like this idea of tying our realms together longer than our death, and I like this match but for House Briain instead. I would agree with another son but since he’s my only grandson, I disagree and offer him one that is patrilineal, but we have -13 chance since she would inherit his crown through me.

2 Nov - My costs have dropped to 1.7 men at arms and 3.2 total and I am making 11.4 monthly. Remember my Stewardships is 15, so we are making that cash. Now that I have 456 should I spend it to increase cash flow in my holdings and then pay for those troops later?

Ready for some good news?

I can vassalize Powys!

The Vassalization of Powys:

Here let me show you a Screeny:

As you can see, we offer low feudal obligations and I am zooming into them.

Ferlix – 100 control, 9 Development, Welsh culture, Catholic faith, 2 Baronies one Forest one Hills.

Ruled by

Duke Bleddyn II
– 46 years old, August, Brave, Callous, Impatient – stats of 19/8/8/8/5, prowess of 7, Welsh and Catholic, relations of +44 but he’ll be a key vassal soon, that’s likely to drop, I begin to sway him,

That 19 Dip for my Chancellor is way better than our 10 Dip by Duke Porbjorn who is at +100 relations with me. Do I swap them? Yes, relations with him rise +10 to 54 and Duke Porbjorn of the Isles drops to +48.
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Abe Sargent
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Originally Posted by JonInMiddleGA View Post
Be a shame if something were to ... happen ... to her.

fwiw, I had one of those situations, went through some stuff and got a strong hook. Whether by design or bug or glitch or circumstance, even the strong hook didn't let me get rid of the unwanted person

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Abe Sargent
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Yay! I now have half of Wales and England has half of Wales so no one can claim the throne!

Now, what do I want to spend that cash on? I head to my captial of Thomond where I am making 3.91/month and levies of 419.

I cannot upgrade Tax Offices to level 2 since I don’t have Windmill tech or the 725 it costs.

I need 500 cash for Tradeport level 4 which will increase our taxes from 0.7 to 0.9 and then dev growth from +15 to +20. I can wait for that.

I could others like Outpost level 2 to make my guys better in war and increase taxes by 0.1 from 0.1 to 0.2 for 150. Or Hide Tents to level 2 to make my stationed army better and then better levies but no cash boosts for 150.

Let’s wait for Tradeport #4

26 Nov – Duke Tadg II of Connacht passes of old age.

Duke Murchad
– Age 5, in a regency, Catholic, Irish, we’ll look at him when he comes to age.

Who is my new Martial? The best is the 15 of Duke Luloch II. I appoint him. Relations rise to +71

7 Dec – Event -The Sermon – The Archbishop gave a great sermon today. Nuala keeps the trait Ambitious.

24 Dec – Duke Pojborn arrives to renew his fealty, and we agree and get the normal stuff like Renown and cash and 100 prestige!

I now am back over 2k prestige.

Let’s turn to reforming Irish culture!

As a reminder, we have one open tradition spot to lean into. These can cost 2k prestige for lower level stuff, 5k prestige for mid-tier stuff or 7k for better stuff. They’ll all take 14 years to establish.

What 2k do I like here? Here are the ones that are feasible:

Astute Diplomats – We cannot attack Allies or with peace treaties, but we get +50 to forming alliances, +10 in white peace. +1 languages learnable.

Hill Dwellers – Hill Farms get bonuses, better Hunt chance success in Hills, dev growth in Hills +20%, -10% building cost in them

– Wetland Farms get bonuses, increased Hunt success there, +25% Dev growth there, -15% building cost in them, +10 leveies there

Remember the last two are for Irish holdings of those types, not Welsh or Gaelic.

We have a lot of Wetlands including my captial of Thomond, and next door in Ennis all three, and then all three in Athlone and then none in Ossory which is all Plains. I have one Hills in Thomond. For example, other places have lots of Wetlands like Ui Mhaine’s all three Baronies next door. Most of Connacht are Wetlands on this side of Ireland.

So, I am pulling out Hill Dwellers. Wetlanders or Astute Diplomats that helps me build alliances diplomatically? I like both here. We live and die by alliances. But I could use boosts in most of my and local holdings in the area of West and Central Ireland. Let’s swap in Wetlanders.

See you in 14 years with the results!

10 Feb, 1120 – I get a letter from one of my new vassals in our language that they learned and send them my congrats, and raise relations +20.

5 Mar – At the ripe old age of 60, my Antiquarian passes, none are average or better to replace him, but I hire the poor Blanche for the role who made one of my artifacts

1 May – With 552 I pay 500 to increase my Tradeport to level 4 – see you in 21 months!

27 July – My Antiquarian Blanche wants to seduce me. I turn her down diplomatically and gain 40 stress again

11 Sept – Our Sway Scheme works, next is Countess Forblaith
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15 Mar, 1121 – I unlock a new Learning Perk, and that’s the first one in the final track called Medicine Focus, the first one is called “Anatomic Studies” which gives me cheaper Court Physicians and better results for them

30 Mar - My ward Nuala became my friend

9 May – Raiders defeated in Ulster by local forces

7 June – My alliance with Aragon ended as the King passes!

Looks like my men are mostly done at 3996.

I have a Court Event

Court Event – A Foul Smell
– Duke Bleddyn II approaches, and say that one of the latrines is smelling in the rooms. What do I do?

Here are my three options:

1. I’ll Ensure it gets Taken Care of Now – I spend 90 cash and increase relations by 10
2. I’ll Have my Steward Take Care of It – I might spend half at 45 or double at 180 cash
3. Just Plug a Hole in It – Relations drop 10

I choose 1 and spend 90 cash

Do I want to DOW Norway for the province to our north in Northern Scotland called Sudrland? They have no allies and just 3134 troops. I would need enough cash to give me a longer war and we’re at 119 after my expenditure and then our prestige is just 280 and I’d need enough to DOW Them De Jure for Sudrland and then bring in England. I’ll await a bit before that war happens.

8 July – Sway Scheme with the Countess works and we are now at +70. Who next? How about the Duke of Gwynedd?

6 Aug – My wife passes and I gain 20 stress

9 Aug – My ward and grandson is of age!

Prince Burchard – 16, Irish, Catholic, Temperate, Lustful, Vengeful, Tough Solider background, stats of 7/9/8/11/5 prowess of 12.

He’s not great. King William II of England still hasn’t married his daughter Maud. Who should I marry Burchard to? The King won’t marry her still.

I need a good wife to balance him out he’s bad at the stats. The best is 22 year old Iliana with the Intelligent inheritable trait. But that’s not an alliance, that’s just a good match. And they are both Lustful and likely to get it on.

There really aren’t any other good stats to inherit down like her, so I set it up.

20 Aug – They agree, we marry!

Princess Iliana Ragnersdotter
– 22 years old, Swedish Culture, Catholic faith, traits of Lustful, Humble, Zealous, Intelligent, background of Astute Intellectual, stats of 12/9/10/11/16 – prowess of 9

1 Jan, 1122 – I am at cash of 201 and prestige of 325 for warring.

21 Feb – Our building Trade depot in Thomond is done!

18 Mar – Event – Solace in Script – Duke Porbjorn writes a poem to commemorate my wife and I lose 29 stress.

27 Mar – My ward Nuala is of age!

Nuala – Age 16, Catholic, Irish, Charming, Ambitious, Temperate and Cynical, stats of 7/6/9/15/13 and prowess of 9, background of Flamboyant Trickster

I choose to keep her here in my court. This drops retaliations with the Earl of Ulster by 15

5 Aug – Sway Scheme with the Duke of Gwynedd fails, I try again

10 Aug – Duke Bleddyn arrives and wants to renew our vows, and we do so! We gain cash, renown and prestige

13 Sept – At the age of 43, my daughter in law Petronilla gives birth to a daughter named Beatrix.

2 Dec – I now have cash of 384 and prestige of 545 to DOW Norway. But Norway is now allied to the HRE which has 6961 soldiers, so that’s not happening, although England has 9293 we lost to Franc’s 6k last time, and they have more.
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1 Jan, 1123 - I use my weak hook with Aed VII to modify our Feudal Contract increase taxes and drop relations by 15 but my tax will rise by 0.2

15 Mar – Event – King Michael’s Friendship – The King of Scotland keeps trying to raise our relations and is sending me gifts and such, but we think his intentions may not be pure. I refuse him and lose 5 relations.

22 June – My granddaughter-in-law has given birth to a granddaughter named Máiread.

14 July – I can get another Learning Perk and I take the next one in Medicine called Carefree that drops stress gains by 20%

29 Aug – I spend 150 cash to upgrade our Towers in my captial – see you in 21 months this time too!

30 Oct – Sway Scheme on the Duke of Gwynedd fails, I do it again

26 Nov – We enter the High Medieval Period and new innovations are available for Irish.

16 Aug, 1124 – The Countess of Leinster Cnes arrives and wants to reup our vows, I agree and we get the normal stuff.

16 Sept – It’s been 5 years since I last held court!

I spend 100 prestige and hold court again:

Petitioner #1 – A Hero of the Frontier –
A Peasant hero has been rallying and fighting against Norse raiders and such, and has become a big name with the peasants. He approaches, named Duban - my nobles advise not elevating Duban above his station. What do I do?

I have four options:

1. You Shall Be Rewarded For Your Bravery – I pay him 90, he becomes a Knight, but my other Knights relations drop 15 each
2. A True Hero Deserves a Great Reward – I hand him a county in the Duchy of Moray, this annoys the Duke there, we get a strong hook with him. All vassals lose 10 opinion, the Duke -40, they become rivals with each other.
3. You Shall be Honored as the Hero you Are – I pay him 180 cash, I lose stress since I am just, I gain 75 prestige
4. You are an Impertinent Little Peasant – I gain 64 stress, +15 relations from my courtiers.

I like 1 and 3. We have elevated low born Knights before at the request of my Martial or domain rulers. Or I could give him 180 cash and gain that prestige and lose stress since I am just. What do you like here? I do 3.

Petitioner #2 – The Monster of Buchan – I hear from a peasant that a wolf is butchering locals in Buchan. He wants me to bring a Hunt there.

I can do a few things:

1. Hire Some Hunters Yourself – I pay him 90 cash and gain 75 prestige.
2. I Shall Fell This Beast Myself – I head out hunting
3. That Sounds Like YOUR Problem – I gain monster hunting there for 10 years

I choose number one even though I just handed out 180

Petitioner #3 – Spoiled for Choice
– Two courtiers want my ward’s hand in marriage (Nuala) the Mayor of Earl Domnall and then the Earl Fuirechtach.

I have four options:

1. You have my Blessing Mayor Aedan – They marry, I lose 10 relations with the Earl.
2. Well, the Earl was First – They marry, I lose 10 with the Mayor.
3. Nuala is Very Captivating – I marry her, I lose 75 cash and 20 relations with both.
4. I Am the High King, not a Matchmaker – I gain 10 court grandeur, lose 5 relations with both

I choose the final option and Nuala will choose to marry whom she wants to of her suitors. She chooses the Earl.

I end the High Court session, see you in 5!!!

20 Sept – Our Grandeur rises to level 8!

13 Dec – Event – Stone of Glass – I get a headache while trying to read my stuff. I call on aid from glasses.
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21 March, 1125 – Our Sway Scheme on Duke of Gwynedd works and our relations rise to +55, I keep on him

28 March – I unlock another Learning Perk – this time I take Wash Your Hands that reduces the chance I or my courters get sick.

17 May – Raiders from Vestland arrive in Ynys Mon too far to hit, 2978. I call up my troops to try and hit them

26 May – My 4k is rallied and I order them to Wales.

20 June – Building in Thomond is done! – they raided Ynys Mon and are leaving

17 July – Raiders finish the other Ynys Mon and are crossing the strait to main Wales I divert there

8 Aug – My main army enters battle with them

26 Sept – We win and capture 60 cash

6 Oct – Duke of Gwynedd is building a faction against me for Independence. We have relations of +76. Can I make nice with cash to hold him off? I offer him a gift of 168 and raise relations by +29 to 100

10 Oct – We get a new great grandson named Brangen!

29 Nov – My daughter Maria was murdered! I gain 32 stress

1 May, 1126 - In Ennis where I am making 1.36/month, I order a Wetlands Farmhouse for 100 cash and that will give me +0.30 taxes, and take 3 years

21 May – Royal Court Event!

Royal Court Event – Murder Holes and Priest Hole
s – A visitor tells me she can build secret passageways and an Oubliette or more at my will.

I have four options:

1. No Thanks! I gain 75 prestige and lose 6 grandeur
2. A Series of Spy Holes Would be Brilliant – I gain 10 grandeur and spend 95 cash
3. I’d Love a Secret Entrance – I also gain 10 grandeur at the cost of 95 cash
4. How About an Oubliette? – I also gain 10 grandeur at the cost of 95 cash

I choose the Secret Entrance one

25 Sept – I can now form a Hybrid Culture with the Welsh.

10 Oct – Our Culture has discovered the secret of Royal Prerogative. Next is Battlements in 12 years
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1 Mar, 1127 – I am now back to positive cash after my gift in the Court Event.

18 Mar – Event – Solace in Script – Again, Duke Porbjorn makes a poem this time for my dead daughter Maria and I lose 29 stress

15 July – I unlock a new Learning Perk this time I snag Iron Resistance which gives me -30% of getting ill.

It looks like Duke Porbjorn has DOW’d Scotland, but I cannot join the war, his ally is the Duchy of Moray also ours at war with their old master.

Scotland is not allied to Bohemia any more. I can DOW them for our CB Galloway but I only have 76 cash so let’s build up my cash infrastructure first

16 Sept – Event – A Helpful Warning – Norway has heard of a plot by our Countess Forbflaith to kill me and let’s me, I confront her privately. She denies angrily and we lose 20 relations.

1 Jan, 1128 – It looks like the Duke of the Isles is trying to take the entire Duchy of Strathclyde next to me which includes our claim of Galloway. I begin to fabricate a claim in Mearns south of Buchan.

16 June – Event – Commander Promoted – I agree to bring in a low born Knight rallied by Duke Luloch II.

28 Aug – Our Splendor fame increases

19 Sept – Event – I spend 95 cash to buy a book for the Archbishop. I get a weak hook with him

1 Jan, 1129 – After that event I have just 175 cash for a war. I need more time and the claim finished. But I am making 12.0 after renovating my finances so I might have enough for war upkeep.

15 Jan – Land Farmhouse finished in Ennis! I am now making 12.5 cash per month.

3 Feb – The claim is done in Mearns, I spend 51 in cash to get it and now have 150
I have enough prestige to call in England at 1053, and my cash influx should be enough to keep up with the Joneses. I’ll wait another few months to get my cashflow at 200+

4 July – I have 216 cash.

The Isles have a warscore of +45

I am ready for war!
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I hope to continue this in a week after I return from San Diego but we'll see!
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I'm back! I do consider this dynasty still open as of right now.
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Chas in Cinti
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Still following!
Email: [email protected]
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Before I declare war, do I want to wait until the Isles is done, because I can spend piety to grab the Duchy that they are at war against, and if they fail, I can then do it myself. The issue with that is that England could spend piety and DOW for that and pull me in instead of us taking the lead. I go ahead and spend the piety for the claim in case the war fails, since it will be pressed and then pass to my son unpressed. I looked it up and if we DOW them now for Mearns that means that their war will end so I need to wait until it’s over and then DOW for Mearns if they win.

7 July – We claim the Duchy and then spend 450 piety.

20 Sept – I spend 100 prestige to Hold Court:

Petitioner #1 – Serious Business – I am petitioned by a peasant from Thomond where a disaster struck and part of their farm was destroyed. What do I want to do?

I have four options:

1. You Don’t Say, Please Go On – I gain 32 stress, and “peasant opinion” for ten years
2. Steward Forblaith, Go, Please Fix It – I lose 15 relations with her, and gain “dispute settled” for ten years
3. You Are a Fool, My Fool – I make him my Court Jester, and then “peasants not listened too” for 10 years
4. What? How Did This Man Get In? – I gain Highfalutin, I gain 32 stress

I know it’ll annoy Forblaith, but I choose to settle it.

Petitioner #2 – Public Accusation
- Countess Eibhleann approaches and says that many people have been insulting her lover. She has no proof but suspects Earl Aed VII since they always were rivals. I had this petition once before, and I take the same path this time. “Malice is not a crime” and then I gain 32 stress since I am just not lose, by the by.

Petitioner #3 – Merger of Cultural Identities – My vassal Countness Cnes approaches. She is upset that the Gaelic and Irish cultures are becoming more distinct and wants us to proof that Irish culture is the best.

I have three options

1. Let’s Host a Festival to Celebrate our Irish Culture – I gain 350 prestige, nasty, but my Gaelic Culture vassals drop in relations by 10 each and then I get +40 with Cnes, and hurt Irish/Gaelic culture relations by 10%.
2. Arrange for an Exhibit to Show off our Grandest Accomplishments - I gain 150 prestige, everything else save -10% relations is halved.
3. There’s No Need to Exorcise Superiority over Other Cultures – We get a -30 hit with Cnes.

I wish that the #3 helped our relations. But I’ll choose it nonetheless.

See you in five years!!!!

Do I need to sway Cnes or Forblaith? The latter is +49 so nope, but the former is +61 so nope there either.

24 Oct - Our Spymaster Earl Dommall of Dubhlinn which is no longer a key vassal died. Only the four Dukes are our key vassals no Earls are. He was a massive 82 years old. His successor:

Earl Corbb – Age 47, +71 relations, stats of 8/8/18/8/12 – prowess of 7, traits of Callous, Patient, Forgiving, Fortune Builder background, and then the Catholic faith and Irish culture.

I need to appoint a new Spymaster. The best is Duke of Moray Lulach’s massive 19. But he is my Martial. I reassign him here. Then I need a new Martial and appoint Duke Porbjorn of the Isles with his 14

12 Nov – Duke Cadwgan II’s is hosting a Hunt in Wales, I join it.

5 Dec – I unlock a new Learning Perk and I take Restraint which lets me take and leave behind celibacy.

25 Dec – Hunt Event – Rare Trinkets - I can purchase an Irish Sword for 195 cash, but I am saving for my war and was just made a sword, so I decline.

27 Dec – Hunt Event – Man Overboard! – While crossing the Irish Sea we lose a man and I organize a rescue and lose 32 stress since I am just.

1 Jan, 1130 – The Isles are at +70 in their war.

9 Jan – We arrive at the hunt in Wales

22 Jan – We agree to hunt wolves

12 Feb – We corner the wolves, they flee, we try to cut them off

26 Feb – It evades our trap and flees.

5 Mar – We finish empty handed and head home

1 April – Hunt Event – We fend off a highwayman with my Knight Stinian and he joins my court.

14 April - I have an inspiration event for a weapon, but I already had one earlier so I skip it.

8 May – Hunt Event - We come across a nice looking rabbit, shoot it, and I gain it’s paw as an artifact.

21 May – We are back home from the Hunt.

15 Oct – My Earl Aed VII arrives to redo his vows, we do and get those bonuses
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Originally Posted by Chas in Cinti View Post
Still following!

Awesome possum!!!
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13 Jan, 1131 – I waited until a battle was finished and Won by the Isles. They have a warscore of +84.

27 June – Our Archbishop dies. Our new one:

Archbishop Hrvoje – of Ireland, Catholic and Bosnian, and then relations of +100 with my leader’s theological boosts and we aren’t losing any cash from our 4.2/month from church holdings, and then he has stats of 7/3/10/2/17, age of 34, traits of Humble, Stubborn and Lazy and educational background of Mastermind Philosopher.

10 Sept – I have good news!

Let’s look at Scotland:

As you can see, the Isles and their ally Moray won their war and added Angus in the north and then the entire Duchy of Strathclaid now renamed the Duchy of Galloway in the east southern side is ours too.

Angus – South of Moray – Now in their leader, three baronies with land types of Hillsx2 and Plains, Development of 9, Control of 100, controlled by Earl Ross. Scots Culture, Catholic faith,

Duchy of Galloway:

Galloway - The capital, straits to Ulster and Isle of Man, 3 baronies, two Plains and one Hills, development of 9, 40 control, Gaelic and Catholic, controlled by Earl Hugh

Annandale – East of Galloway, surrounded by Scotland and England, 9 development, 2 Baronies, types of Hills and Forest, 100 control, Cambrian Cultures and Catholic faith, controlled by Earl Hugh,

Carrick – North of Galloway – Gaelic, Catholic, 2 Baronies, 0 control, development of 8, Earl Ninian controlled

Ayrshire – North of Carrick – 0 control, 3 Baronies of land types of all Plains, 7 development, controlled by Earl Evander, Gaelic and Catholic

Lennox –
North of Ayrshire – 3 Baronies, Hillsx2, Plains, 8 development, 0 control, Catholic and Gaelic, controlled by Earl Hugh

I can take the King of Scotland and then de jure their last two Duchies one at a time. Can I DOW them now? Yes, for just Mearns. But I can spend 500 cash, and gain the Crown and then DOW and grab De Jure their Duchy of Albany or Lothlian and then the other when peace is up. Then when I do so I can get the other and then end them and have taken all of Scotland for us. But this means that I cannot inherit to two male children although I have just one male child, one male grandchild and one male great grandkid. I also have in cash 722 so that would drop my cash to 222 just before a bigger war.

I’d rather DOW for Lothlian which is next to England than Albany surrounded by me.

So, what do I want to do?
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I wait for more cash for the next war. I’d like to get past 1k before spending 500.

18 Dec - I can unlock another Learning Perk and I take Mental Resilience that improves our time between mental breaks

18 Mar, 1132 – Event – Solace in Script – I lose 22 stress

26 Mar – I am being raided by Iceland.

15 June, 1133 – I have 1009 cash!

I spend 500 cash to usurp the title of King of Scotland, and then now England cannot claim the Brittania Empire and de Jure DOW me in Ireland. Since I am now the rightful rulers of our Scottish Duchies taxes rise from 12.6 in net to 13.1. Can I DOW Scotland for Lothian? Actually, Scotland has ceased to exist. So there is no Scotland to DOW with. They are now the Duchies of Lothian and Albany title. Can I vassalize them since I am their rightful ruler? – I have +62 relations with Lothian but -66 with Albany. Can I vassalize Albian now with our big relations? Nope we have -250 since we are far away even though I get a +30 for being his rightful liege and we have great relations.

Alright, I feel like I need to strike before the Duchy winds up with allies, and then call in England and then with my +0.5/month hopefully be able to keep up with the Joneses. As a reminder, I believe since this is a De Jure war we’ll just swap him over rather than take his title and then make him happy by giving it back to him.

The Ireland/Lothian War

15 June - Lothian has 3062 men and an ally Earldom in Albany has 600. I DOW for a massive 500 prestige since this is a de jure war for the entire five holding duchy. I raise my armies and call on England for 350 prestige. Luckily I just gained 400 prestige for the new title. I cannot have England DOW them during our war, and we have 4437 troops so we could use the assistance.

28 June – 4323 are assembled in my captial and I send them to Lothian’s captial of Lothian.

17 July – Lennox is under siege by them, I order my army through Lennox to Lothian

I am losing 1.9/month

2 Aug – England arrives in Lothian and begins to siege the captial of the Teviotdale county. It should take 5 months.

15 Oct – We win a huge battle in Lennox after both armies of them and both of ours finish it, and we have a +34 warscore after it. England broke off their siege to help us out though I order my army to Lothian.

4 Nov – Irelanders have embraced the Wetlanders Tradition!

I have someone at court who wants an inspiration for learning alchemy and this would cost 85 cash to start and I have 458, do I offer it to him? Nope, not during war that could last a few years.

12 Nov – We begin the Siege of Lothian’s capital Barony called Edinburgh which should take 13 months.

England has split into two armies and is sieging next to us Dunbar and Linlithgowshire.

8 Jan, 1134 – England wins a minor battle in Linlithgowshire and we have a warscore of +41.

30 Jan – England wins another minor battle +50 warscore in Dunbar

13 March – Because my troops have been lost like 1.3k I am making +2 cash/month so I pay for the Inspiration Event of Boleslaw. It should take around 14 months.

11 May – I unlock another Learning Perk and I take Know Thyself when I am going to die of natural causes I’ll know a year in advance

25 May – Inspiration Event – Metallic Fascination – I suggest gold for the subject of his research

24 July – Inspiration Event – Wandering Scholar – Boleslaw wants to bring in a scholar. I agree. I pay him 55 cash and welcome him to my court.

11 Aug – We sack Edinburgh and capture Lothian capital province. That’s a big war score swing and we are at +82. We sacked cash of 31 and captured a prisoner.

5 Sept – We capture Linlithgowshire and the warscore is +100, I can take them anytime!

Here’s a pic:

As you can see, I spend 150 prestige to force peace. I do it.

I disband my troops

Duke Gospatric III of Lothian – 23 years old, +27 relations, stats of 16/7/3/7/9 – prowess of 10, background of Charismatic Negotiator, Content, Fickle, Sadistic, see that Dip of a nasty high 16? My current Chancellor is Duke Bleddyn II with a massive 23, so I cannot replace him. I order a Sway Scheme with him.

During the War, the Scottish-Gaelic Provinces combined to one culture,

Lothian – Capital – Four baronies, 11 development, 60 control, land masses are Hills in one and Plains in three, Gaelic-Scottish combined culture Catholic faith, center of the Duchy, controlled by the Duke

Linlithgow – West of Lothian, Next to our new lands in Galloway, Gaelo-Scots – 60 control here too, 3 Baronies of the land type of all Plains, 10 development, controlled by Earl Carbrey

Lanarkshire – Southwest of Lothian, south of Linlithgow, east of Galloway, 3 Baronies, 9 development, 71 control, all Hills, Gaelo-Scot, Catholic, Duke owns

– East of Lothian, Two Baronies both plains, development of 12, 100 control, Gaelo-Scots and then Catholic, controlled by Earl Cailean

– Southeast of Lothian, south of Dunbar, next to England, 11 development, 100 control, 3 Baronies, two are Forest and one Hills, owned by the Duke too

There we are!
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Wow that was weird and went in the opposite direction I was expecting! Because England hit Scotland first I suspected that they would take it and then I figured that by hitting Wales and grabbing it’s King title I would check English expansion into Ireland en masse in Du Jure war in one big war against the big bad, but that was stopped by their early expansion into Wales instead and now with us the Scottish title we are one province from England to get the Welsh title and then the Empire Title of Brittania would follow, so we wouldn’t split on death with multiple sons.

I currently have troops of 3367 after disbanding of 5196 so that’ll take a while to rebuild.

By the by, since the Duchy of Albany is now separate, I can DOW them anytime. By the by, after the Culture change they are now called the “Duchy of Circinn”.

21 Sept – I finish ransoming prisoners and made 25 cash

22 Sept – Inspiration Event - The Thinking Man – My inspired man keeps staring out windows and when I confront him he says he is thinking about it, I choose to relent and increase the chance but drop by 3 months in time.

23 Sept – Event – Busy month! – Armory Break In – My great-granddaughter Mairead is captured sneaking into the armory. She keeps impatient

4 Oct – I spend 100 prestige to Hold Court:

Petitioner #1 – Public Accusation
– Countess Eibhleann says that Earl Aed VII is conspired against her lover. I again choose the “Accusations aren’t proof” and I gain 22 stress.

Petitioner #2 – Dust to Dust – A villager in the Isle of Man says that the local crops have been hit by blight which has hit everything even seeds, and they will starve.

I have four options:

1. Let Us Establish a Crop-Sharing Program With Other Villages – This is only available since I have a high Stewardship. The Isle of Man gains crop sharing event for 10 years
2. You Will Have the Funds You Need to Rebuild – I spend 55 cash and gain 10 court grandeur
3. Your Service will Repay the Debt - I spend 55 cash and then gain 5 years of free labor.
4. If the Fields are Barren You Shall Weld the Sword – I get the Plowshares to Swords event for Isle of Man for 5 years.

I like one and two – I choose the free option of cropsharing

Petitioner #3 – Dress Me! Dress Me!
– My Chancellor pulls me aside and is wearing a garish cap. He wants me to pass a policy that all courtiers wear clothes similar to their background and culture so I can remember them in a growing Kingdom.

I have three options this time:

1. I Never Forget a Face, I’ll be Fine – I have an event with a 60%chance of success where I remember and then gain 6 grandeur or 40 % to forgets and lose 15 relations with my vassals.
2. I’m Certain My Guests Will Wear Such Raiment Proudly – I get a 50% of them liking it or not.
3. Forget my Guests, Have the Tailor Make ME a Major Outfit – I spend 110 cash and gain 10 court grandeur

I don’t like spending the cash, but #3 is the only safe option so I take it.

I am now the owner of Diamond Studs!

9 Nov – Duke Cadwgan II is hosting Hunt over in Wales, I agree to join it!

20 Nov – Hunt Event – Snowbound- We hit snow on the way to there so I spend 55 cash to hire people to cross the snow.

21 Nov – Inspiration Event – An Alchemical Treasure – Boleslaw comes across a major work on Alchemy and I don’t take it from him and increase our chances for success.

10 Dec – (My birthday) – Hunt Event – Local Hero – We are passing by a shrine to a local uncanonized Saint. I spend 25 cash to patronize him.

6 Jan, 1135 – I arrive at the Hunt Camp.

12 Jan – We start the Hunt for a hare.

26 Jan – Hunt Event – Wildflowers – I choose not to get distracted by hunting and gain 13 stress since I am an Herbalist

2 Feb – We corner the hare

16 Feb – It flees and the hunt is over

Norway is no longer allied to the HRE and are at war with another nearby one province minor, so we could wage my next war for their Sudrland north of me in Scotland.

15 Mar – Event Heading Home – White Squall – We are hit hard at sea, it breaks the mast and throws it overboard, I choose to repair and replace since we were prepared and I lost 55 stress

21 Mar – Inspiration Event – Fickle Fillip – Boleslaw is lacking inspiration and wants help, I head with him to the library.

31 Mar – I get a Marriage Request from Sweden for my granddaughter Beatrix and their Prince Hjalmar and then the Prince is the 2nd born son of King Ogmund, this will NOT give us an alliance, but it could grow blood relations, so I like it, and I agree to do so. They are both 12

21 April – We arrive home from the Hunt

10 May – Inspiration Event – Disruptions – My Antiquarian Blanche and Boleslaw are arguing, and I choose to convince him to listen to her and improve the artifact’s quality

6 June – Event – A Liar’s Pay – My greatgrandson Brangen is captured breaking into the coffers of Duke Cadwgan’s traveling chest, and then I capture him lying to me. Since he is the heir, I spend stress of 24 to swap Deceitful for Honest.

1 Aug – Sway Scheme on Duke Gospatric III works, I stay on him, we are at +60

The 25 years I promised Countess Forblaith in my Event as my Steward passes. She has a fine 11, but I can hand it to a Duke who is a key vassal. Who’s the best Duke? Duke Lulach II with a that would improve 2, but he is my Spymaster with a massive 25 I cannot change. My best Earl is 18 Earl Cobb of Dubhlinn which is not a key vassal anymore, but that would improve me by 7 from not a key vassal either. The best Duke not in a Council role is Duke Cadwgan II of Gwynedd but we have relations of +80 despite not being my council. That would drop us two, so the 18 power of Earl Cobb or 9 of the Duke?

Let’s do the 18 one. Prior to appointing him, I am netting in cash 13.7 month after expenses. Actually, it looks like the Countess is now a Key Vassal even though she’s just an Earl, so I would drop her to by 70 since -20 for losing a council position ad -40 for wanting it and -10 for getting that spot and we are just at +46.

18 Aug - Our Inspiration is finished! He has written a tome for me that brings together everything he has researched:

Masterwork Book – Excellent Chrysopoeia
-+2% monthly income, +0.13 prestige/month, monthly Stewardship lifestyle experience +10%.

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1 Jan, 1136 – Our troops are back and restocked! I have 449 for a new war, so I’d like to wait a year or so for Norway, actually it looks like I could De Jure for both holdings they control in northern Scotland and then that would be 200 prestige and then 350 to bring in England and I have 1393 so plenty for now. The Islands just to the north of Scotland like the Orkneys are part of Norway’s crown not Scotland so I couldn’t de Jure for them. Although I could just grab them as a CB and then take them like I grabbed the Isle of Man in a future war.

14 Feb – Our Councilor Duke Bleddyn II of Powys passed, he was my massively good Chancellor. His heir:

Duke of Powys – Madog II,
26 years old, relations of +43, stats of 8/16/11/6/2, prowess of 14, background of Tough Soldier, Catholic, Welsh, Generous, Zealous, Impatient.

That’s not good enough to be my new Chancellor so I appoint Duke Gospatric II with his 18

I swap making nice with Gospatric with him.

6 Mar – Our vassal Earl Corbb of Dubhlinn arrives to renew our vows and we get the normal boosts including 50 cash that takes us over 500 so I have enough for our next war.

13 April – Event – I accept a new Knight who is the son of an Earl but he’s not great so I gain 15 stress since I am just.

23 April – I accept an English marriage offer with the King William II and Mairead our great granddaughter

24 Aug- Our culture has discovered Hereditary Rule! We can now move to partition succession. That costs 500 prestige and then I need to have passed Limited Crown Authority and I have Autonomous Vassals, and then I’d get -5 relations with my normal vassals, -10 with minority, and then I’d need to get all of my key vassals to agree. What does partition do? My kids would still split the titles equally, and then nothing changes. I could spend the 250 prestige to invoke Limited Crown Authority and then 500 for this change to my succession law. The only difference is that young children won’t create new titles to head off.

I spend 250 to raise our Crown Authority and then 500 to change the Succession law.

I now have 835 for a future war.

I have a Court Event:

Court Event – The Gallant Knight
– My Spymaster has excelled in recent battles and then the court expects me to reward him somehow.

I have three options:

1. I Will Speak Well of Him – I spend 6 grandeur, gain 150 prestige, and lose 20 relations
2. He is the new Lord of the Isle of Man – I gain 10 grandeur, he gains the Isle of Man from me.
3. He Will be Gifted Gold for his Achievements – I gain 6 grandeur and pay him 100 cash

I choose the 3rd option.

I order in Ennis an upgrade to my Wetland Farm for three years and 126 cash and this will increase our cash from it to 0.5 from 0.3.

29 Aug – I unlock a new Learning Perk and I take Healthy and get more healthy

20 Nov – Our Court Physician and Jester Janko passes, he was my friend so we gained 32 stress.

New Court Physician
Archbishop Hrvoje – He’s average

New Court Jester – Boleslaw
– He’s good

Do I have a good Court Musician now? Yup!

Court Musician – Prince Mael-Michil – average, he’s my son

14 Feb, 1137 – Raiders are striking

15 Mar – Event – A Troubling Translation – I come across Hrvoje working to translate a Hippocrates work. I choose to help him.

25 Mar – I am invited to a Hunt in England with our ally. I head out!

24 April – Traveling Event – Flawed Fare - Our food isn’t good. We forage for food instead.

3 May – Traveling Event – Fish in the Sea – We choose to fish in the Irish Sea

10 June – We arrive in camp

11 June – We head out and are going to hunt a hart.

2 July – Hunt Event – We decide to try and sneak up on the hart

16 July – They fled

23 July – We end and head back home

Duke Madog wasn’t swayed so I stick on him.

3 Aug – Event – Mysteries of the Scriptures – My great grandson Brangen snuck into the room, took a copy of the Bible to read it, but couldn’t. He keeps the trait Content.

27 Aug – Travel Event – Man Overseas – I organize a rescue

9 Oct – I arrive back from England and my son is no longer my Regent.
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1 Jan, 1138 – I have 555 cash for a war, and Norway is still not allied to the HRE, has 3655 soldiers, but they are allied to a Swedish duke with 994 men.

I am ready for grabbing more of Scotland.

What cultural development focus do I want next for Irish culture?

I want to focus on Chronicle Writing which will now finish in 12 years.

I spend 200 prestige to DOW Norway for the two in the Duchy of Moray they have. I spend 350 prestige to call in England. I have 471 prestige left.

The First Ireland/Norway War:

I call up my troops.

15 Jan – 5061 troops are called up in my capital and I send them to Sudrland

I am losing 3.3/month

28 Feb – Countess Forblaith invites me to a Hunt but I decline since I am at war

8 Mar – Ross is under siege by Norway and it’ll fall in 13 months, I order my 5k army there to meet them

15 Mar – My army nears and they flee

18 Apr – We catch them in Sudrland and begin a battle, England is near

29 Apr – We finish the last Learning Perk we can learn, the last one in Medicine called Whole of Body and we gained that trait

5 May – Another sway attempt on Duke Madog II fails and we stay on him

19 May – England and us win in Sudrland and we get +18 war score, I begin a siege and it should take around 4 months

22 July – They are sieging Moray and that should fall in 8 months

12 Aug – We capture Sudrland, we sack cash of 36 and capture some prisoners that I ty ransom, England is heading north to Katanes and I join them - +23 warscore

30 Aug – We arrive in Katanes and it should fall in 8 months

4 Oct – England arrives at and is besieging Orkney

10 Dec – The Orkneys fall, we have a warscore of +29

26 Jan, 1139 – England nears Moray and Norway breaks off their siege

16 Feb - I get a Marriage Proposal from the Duchy of Normandy in England which won’t be an alliance for my great grandson and heir Brangen and the 16 year old Philippa who is daughter of the Duchess and then her stats are 7/8/15/10/8 and her traits are Callous, Cynical and Ambitious and her background is Fortune Builder. What do I think? Do I want to marry into the Duchy of Normandy? I do it, see you in three years when he is 16

18 Feb – We capture Katanes and have both of our wartargets and we have +40 warscore and then we sacked and I move my army to the islands of Hjaltland

27 Mar – England beats Norway and the warscore rises to +54

7 Apr - Peat Quarries constructed in Ennis!

19 April – Beatrix is now 16 and she heads off to her marriage in Sweden

27 April – Duke Porbjorn passes at the age of 46. His heir?

Duke Oddr, of the Isles,
stats of 9/8/15/6/6 prowess of 9, age of 25, traits of Shy, Impatient, Generous and then background of Fortune Builder. Relations of +56

Then he was my Martial, who’s my new one? He has 8, pretty low. I want a key vassal Duke that’s not in my council. Madog II has a 16 so I choose him and then move sway scheme to Oddr. Actually I swap him for Countess Forblaith with an 11 Stewardship for his 15, and then I won’t have to work with my largest Duchy not building favor and I start to make nice with her.

26 May- I arrive at and begin a siege of Hjaltland in 6 months

23 June – Mairead is 16! We marry her to the King of England William II

It looks like the Isles are at war with the Countess Forblaith’s Ormond.

1 Sept – England arrives at the Norwegian island of Faereyjar – it should fall in a longer 19 months

11 Oct – We capture Hjaltland and have a warscore of +89. I heard to Faereyjar – we sacked 32 cash

18 Nov – Norway begins besieging Sudrland and I order my army over

21 Jan, 1140 – We win a battle against Norway and now have a 100 warscore!

Here’s a pic:

As you can see I am spending 50 prestige for these two new holdings. I do so!

I disband my armies! I gain a weak hook on the Duchy of Moray Lulach II since these went to him

Sudrland – Gaelic, 60 control, Catholic, north of Ross, 11 development, controlled by Earl Magnus II, who reports to Moray, 3 Baronies, one Hills two Taiga,

– North of Sudrland, strait to Orkney Islands, 2 Baronies, 9 development, 58 control, land types of Taiga in both, controlled by Earl Gudfast, Gaelic culture and Catholic faith,
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Did you notice my cash is still around 500 post war? I am almost dead so I won’t spend recklessly until I die for gifts post death. My armies are currently at 3586 out of 5114. I need to use my weak hook before I die, what do I want to remake our feudal contract to? I can slide to taxes and drop relations by 15 and then make 0.4 more monthly, or levies and from 429 to 669 - I want to do taxes but we already modified them once in his life and cannot again. So that won’t survive us to the next one and I cannot use it.

I got every place in Scotland save for one Duchy with our alliance with England. I might be able to take out the last one in solo mode if not allied. Ideally, we’d do that final war before our alliance ends and then take out whatever ally they might have, but I am in my mid-60s and then that alliance would end with one of our deaths. I would need tons of prestige to DOW them and then call in England on if we both survive. That’s 850 total and I have 870 and am about to hold court. They have troops equal to 2242 and are allied to Northumbria with 2875 troops in England and then our Duke of Galloway my grandson Duke Elair so I doubt they would join and with me rocking 5114 I’d need an ally to beat their 5k troops and ideally England if neither of us dies.

I spend 100 prestige to Hold Court:

Petitioner #1 – Merging of Cultural Identities – I’ve had this event before with Irish and Gaelic and us wanting to show Irish is the best, this time its Countess Ynes and Welsh. I choose the final option again to do nothing to show our betterness

Petitioner #2 – A Hero of the Frontier –
We get another event where a peasant really has done great things and my nobility don’t want us to do too much to reward him. I pay 220 cash to reward him and then gain 75 prestige. That’s a lot of cash I may want to hold off on the next war for a while.

Petitioner #3 - A Call to War
– We’ve had this one before where one of my guests wants us to DOW a local foe and then they’ll become our vassal. This happened with Powys if you’ll recall. This time it’s with Circinn, and since I just spend 220 cash I don’t want to wage war now or until I finish rebuilding my troops. I choose the peace option.

It looks like the Earl of Katanes is the firstborn son of a mainland Duchy of Norway, and if he gains the title we’ll lose that county.

I negotiate alliances with two Duchies that we are related to outside of my realm.

28 Jan - We ally with Ancona and Mearns

8 July – Sway Scheme with Countess Forbliath is successful we have a relations of +62! I move to +16 Duke Murchad of Connacht

7 Sept – I unlock another Learning Perk but there is nothing left to take!

16 Sept – Our vassal Duke Murchad of Connacht arrive to renew our vows, I bring him in and get that cash and prestige and renown – I now have 1036 prestige enough for war and peace with Circinn. My cash is 468.

9 Oct - I have a Court Event:

Court Event – The Unknown High King –
I’ve had this before too where one of my courtiers doesn’t know my identity. What do I do? I can spend 110 to gain 6 grandeur and 75 renown, or yeah, I do that, o spend the 110 cash to make myself a great host!

That gives me renown of 1782 and I need 1750 for my next Dynasty Boost – What do i want this time?


Erudition Level 2 - +10% monthly piety, +5 clergy opinion

Customs Level 2 - +1 Learn Languages, +30% Cultural Assimilation

Warfare Level 2 - -20% CB Claims, and then boosts to pursuit and fleeing

Law Level 1 - +5 opinion, -30% Hunt and Feast Cost

I choose Law
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1 Jan, 1141 – I have cash of 412 and my army is mostly rebuilt at 5114 and I have prestige of 1052 for war against Circinn. I’ll wait a few months until my cash is above 500 and then DOW them in my final window.

I spend 610 Piety to claim Norway’s coastal Duchy of Gulapingslog. This will pass down to my son.

8 Feb – I get a Know Thyself event, I will die in a year of natural causes. When I die the alliance with England will break, so I’ll need to DOW Circinn before then.

10 May – Blanche, my Antiquarian passes and I hire the average 42 year old Iliana

6 July – I have 505 cash and am ready for our final war of our High King’s life!

The Ireland/Circinn War

I spend 500 Prestige DOWing Circinn and then 350 bringing in England so I have left 238

I order my troops to rally in our capital

20 July – 5122 troops are rallied and I send them to Circinn’s capital of Gowrie

29 July – Lennox is under siege by them – it should fall in 4 months, I order my men here

My cash is losing 3.0/month

11 Sept – They flee Lennox when England nears them

16 Sept – We land and begin battle with them

5 Oct – We win and get a massive +50 warscore! I head to Gowrie

11 Oct – My great grandson has turned 16!

Brangen – Catholic Irish, background of Thrifty Clerk, stats of 9/12/16/7/8 prowess of 12, traits of Lustful, Content, Honest and then Intelligent inherited trait

28 Oct - We arrive and begin to siege Gowrie and it should fall in 9 months. England are next door in Dunfermline which should take 5 months

3 Nov – Duke Murchad is not swayed

10 Dec – Since I am about to die, I spend 350 piety and drop relations with the Pope by 20 to get a cash gift I get 360 cash

18 Jan, 1142 – Dunfermline falls and our warscore is +94

30 Jan – Our High King Buaidbeo passes! Mael-Michil takes over!

Mael-Michil – Age 55, this won’t last long, stats of 21/9/8/8/7 prowess of 10, Catholic and Franconian, Adequate Bargainer educational background, traits of Temperate, Fickle, Compassionate.

With my 8 Stewardship I can only hold 5 provinces. I hand Ceredigion to Gwynedd and get +40 relations with him

I need a new Council. Our Archbishop’s relations are a nice and healthy +54 and thus he endorses me and we still get that cash.

Who are my others? My new council:

Martial – Duke Murchad of Connacht with 17
– relations of 0

Steward – Duke Oddr of the Isles with 15
– relations of +23

Chancellor – Duke Gospatric II of Lothian with 17
– relations of +84

Spymaster – Duke Lulach II of Moray with 21
– relations of +63

Key Vassals:

Duke of Gwynned Cagwgan II is +36

I sway scheme Murchad

If you’ll recall, Mael-Michil was the Court Musician. Is he still? Nope!

I hire the Princess Ciar – 42 years old, average – to that role

I hang his Hare Hide in the court in an open space

21 Feb – Duke Murchad started a plot to replace me with himself. Duke Madog II of Powys created an independence plot. Madog II is a +56 relations and not a key vassal.

5 Mar – A Gaelic Populist faction is created against me from Galloway – Duke Elair has joined them +22 relations he is in the Isles Duchy as a reminder

8 Mar – Duke Oddr of the Isles joins them and they have enough to make demands.

I send a gift to Duke Elair of 176 cash and we have +100 relations. Will that pull him out? I send a gift of 150 to Oddr to make nice and our relations rises to +100 too. Will this stop the Gaelic Catholic Populis t support for independence?

27 Mar – They are still in and Duke Lulach II with a +68 joins.

1 April – Our Culture discovers Battlements!

10 April – We renew our alliance with England so I can bring them into our upcoming Civil War. King William II is 69 and will die anytime, but I need to keep this alliance for defense.

29 April – We sack Gowrie for cash of 23 have a warscore of 100 and then I go for peace so I can focus on the upcoming war.

Here’s a pic:

I spend 140 prestige, disband my army

Prince Michael of Scotland – 0 relations, Gaelo-Scots culture, Catholic faith, 52 years old, traits of Calm, Fickle and Arbitrary; stats of 17/13/15/10/6 – prowess of 7, background of Adequate Bargainer. Note he has great stats and will eventual be a key vassal.

Circinn grabs:

Mearns – south of Moray’s Buchan, east of Angus – 3 Baronies, 2 Plains, 1 Hills, controlled by Earl Duncan III, 100 control Gaelo-Scots culture, Catholic faith, 9 development

Gowrie – Capital, center, 60 control, 9 development, 3 Baronies all Hills, Catholic and Gaelo-Scots, controlled by Prince Michael,

Fife - Southeast of Gowrie, south of Angus, north of Linlithgowshire – 3 Baronies, landmasses of Plainsx3, control of 60, 9 development, controlled by Prince Michael, Catholic and Gaelo-Scots

Strathearn –
West of Fife, south of Gowrie, south of Atholl, northeast of Lennox – 3 Baronies, two Hills and one Plains, 100 control, development of 8, run by Prince Michael and then Gaelo-Scots and Catholic

Atholl – West and north of Gowrie, north of Strathearn, 100 control, 2 Baronies both Hills, Gaelo-Sots and Catholic, development of 10, controlled by Earl Walter.

Nice adds! I now control every province in Scotland. Even England just has Northumbria next to me which is in their Kingdom. But…can I keep it?
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Luckily my army was barely damaged in the war. I have 5049 of 5545. I hold off appointing Prince Michael since we don’t want to drop by 20 for moving someone, and his 17 Dip is the same as Gospatric II who is scheming against me

It looks like both Welsh Dukes are now trying to scheme for independence and that’s enough to push them forwards.

Once a new King arrives, you can hold, court,

I do so and spend 100 prestige:

Petitioner #1 – Monument Restoration – I think we’ve had this one before. The recent war took a toll on the countryside and I have three options. Do I want to rebuild for 100 cash in Ossory? And I get boosts but I could need to save for Civil War. I spend it.

Petitioner #2 – Contractual Companies
– I think this is new. Duke Cadgwan II of Gwynedd boldly steps forward and offers to drop the Welsh malcontents but to renegotiate our deal in exchange.

I have five options:

1. I Accept - I spend 10 grandeur to drop our contractual relations with him and Powys to low. Independence faction ends.
2. So You are Plotting Against Me! – I seize him.. this is an act of tyranny
3. Come Cadgwan Forget the Others – I try get him to leave with a 86% chance of success and the Independence Faction is dismissed. I hand him Athlone.
4. See Sense, Knavery Will Do You no Good – I try to convince him but with just a 35% of success.
5. You Play a Dangerous Game – I spend 150 prestige and drop discontentment by 5

I like the first since end it for sure, but it’ll drop our grandeur and cash and troops from Wales

Petitioner #3 – Noble Privileges – We’ve had this one before where a current key vassal that’s in my council wants a guarantee of it. This time it’s Duke Gospatric III who wants it of Lothian. What do I do? It looks like he pulled out of the Gaelic Catholic Populist movement and I want to make nice with him. I decline and drop relations by 10 to +89

22 May – Prince Michael sets up a scheme to replace me with him

I begin to ransom prisoners

Prince Michael is attacking The Isles Duchy

7 Aug – My best friend passes and I go critical with +65 stress, so what do I want to do? I press on and lose 32 stress

7 Oct – My vassal Duke Gospatric arrives and wants to renew our vows and I agree!

I order my Steward to build up a claim for the Orkney Islands

27 Dec – Sway Scheme succeeds on Duke Murchad which is +42 next is Prince Michael

1 Jan, 1143 – England is the defender of a Civil War and calls for us to join them! I join their war. After all, they’ve helped me many times so I owe them and most of Scotland with their aid and then I don’t want to swap leaders and thus my alliance.
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The First English/Ireland Civil War?, Part One

I have cash of 655 so plenty, and then my men are 5278. But, this is a war for independence, and we cannot grow further in the Isles without moving south into England, and we are each one province away from the Welsh King title and then if we get it, we can claim the Brittania Empire and De Jure war England for anything and then give just one title per generation instead of three, so that’s key, so ideally this War for Independence in England is in Wales and then we would DOW them after war with England solo and wait until the peace is up and DOW them both if they have a massively bad ally I cannot handle on my own. That’s ideal. Otherwise if it’s in England’s Kingdom we could grab it later post freedom. Or if it's mainland France I don’t really care, but dropping them from more than 10k can help me DOW them in the far future. So, since this is a War for Independence, I am staying out. Other Civil Wars I’d join them because I need to keep them as an ally.

So, who are they at war with? Mercia and Normandy. Actually, if I decline I lose 750 prestige, so I join the war.

I raise my armies

15 Jan – I have raised 5242 and send it across the Irish Sea to link up with England where Mercia has 5800 troops.

11 Feb – A Faction has enough strength to rise against me the Catholic Populist Gaelic one.

22 Feb – The faction to replace me with the Duke of Connacht has stopped.

23 Mar – We arrive in south England where the English army is and start chasing the fleeing Mercia army!

5 May – We arrive in Worstershire and begin a siege which should last around 12 months

20 May – Duke Cadwgan II of Gwynedd passes. His son takes over:

Duke Goronwy – 2/11/18/6/8 – prowess of 11, age 25, relations of +20, Brave, Zealous, Callous, background of Fortune Builder

24 May – Duke Goronwy starts an independence faction that his dad pulled out of.

20 Aug – England captures the captial of Mercia called Warwickshire and we have a +19 warscore.

27 Sept – The Catholic Populist Gelic faction against me disbanded!

31 Oct – Happy Halloween! We gained 25 from the Sway Scheme Prince Michael of Alba. We now have +27 relations, next is Duke Goronwy

4 Dec – Our fabricate claim on the Orkney Islands is up, and I can spend 57 to pay it, I do so. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring it in with my next war post this Civil War prior to my death since I won’t rule for long. Our son won’t inherit this claim since it’s unpressed.

14 Dec – England captures the Mercia province of Northamptonshire – we have a +21 warscore

29 Dec – We capture Worstershire and sack 18 cash, capture 4 prisoners and then the warscore rises to +31. Next is Herefordshire next door.

7 Jan, 1144 – One of our artifacts, our House Banner only has 10 years left so I spend 38 cash to repair it. I see the two combined Duchies moving to attack England in Leicestershire so I order my 5k over to help.

3 Feb – We arrive and all armies in this war are here in battle.

25 Feb – I decline a Hunt in Scotland with Duke Lulach II.

1 Mar – We lose and the warscore drops to +15. We have 3403 troops left

9 Apr – Our army finishes fleeing to Eryri, I order them to hold up and wait to rebuild

30 Apr – They recapture Northamptonshire and the war score is now +4

12 May – Uh oh! Our ally King of England William II was Excommunicated!

I begin to negotiate other alliances in case he is taken out or replaced in Civil War.

King Ramon of Aragon – 4.6k troops
Duke Adam of Upper Lothringia – 3562 troops
I could do the Duke of Kent at 3k but he’s in England. I don’t, just Duke Adam and King Ramon

23 May – I start ransoming prisoners for cash

27 Jun - I unlock another Dip Perk - I choose Flexible Truces that gives me Shorter Truces and no prestige hit for breaking them.

2 July - They retake the capital and the warscore drops to -12

27 Aug – England loses a battle to their combined forces and the score drops to -25%

Sway Scheme works on Duke Goronwy which is now +6 and I stick on him

30 Oct – Duke Lulach II joins the Independence Faction. It now has enough to push us

1 Jan, 1145 – It looks like Connacht has DOWd Gwynedd.
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The First English/Ireland Civil War, Part Two

I gotta stop having my vassals DOW each other.

The warscore is -18

I have 5k troops in Wales and order my forces to siege the north Mercia border province called Westmoreland since Mercia is sieging English stuff.

6 Feb – I have an Inspiration event. We are at war but I have 697 cash and am gaining 0.4 monthly right now. For whom and what and how much? Actually, looks like I have two:

Nomedas – Wants 90 cash to write Book on Diplomacy which is my background by the by.

Opizzino –
Wants to forge a goblet, to start is 158 cash.

The second seems pretty pricey at war. The first seems like something our High King would do since he’s a Diplomacy expert and pastime too by the by. I sponsor Nomedas – it should take around 15 months

5 March – My grandson gave birth to a son, named Burchard!

21 Mar – We arrive in Westmoreland and begin the siege which should take around 9 months

8 April – Event – I spend 75 prestige to bring in the Daughter of Lulach II into my court.

18 Apr – Inspiration Event – Diplomacy Topics – What do I want to focus on? How about life at court?

2 May – Duke Eliar of Galloway arrives to renew his vows and we agree to do so and we get the usual benefits

20 June – England lose another battle and the warscore is -20.

26 July – Relations with Duke Goronwy are up by +25 with our Sway Scheme to +33, I stay on him

18 Sept – Event – A Good Story - This is a Court Jester event and I am tired and my Court Jester offers to read to me from a naughty text. I agree and lose 36 stress and then drop a level.

31 Oct – Westmoreland falls to us and we sack 49 cash and then we capture the Earl’s Wife which I offer to ransom and then we drop the warscore to -24. I head next door to Lancashire.

14 Nov – Inspiration Event – Wandering Scholar – We’ve had this event before I agree to pay 65 to bring in an expert named Anscar to help with the text.

We arrive at Lancashire for a 9 month siege

1 Jan, 1146 Dec – The Duchy of Gwynedd is at +34 warscore as a defender.

17 Jan – England’s capital falls and we have a negative warscore of -70

8 Mar – England tried to attack them desperately, lost, and now we have a warscore of -98

14 Mar – Inspiration Event – It’s done!!!

Famed Book – The Dal gCias Chronicles – It’s the story of my dynasty’s house. – lifetime 120 years, Prestige monthly +0.01, Renown monthly +.12, Dynasty opinion +6, Monthly Dip Lifestyle Experience +20%


2 April – We have a -100 warscore so I expect it to end anytime

12 April – We lose the war!

Here’s what is happening:

So, as you can see the three factions at war for liberty didn’t gain independence they dropped crown authority by one and then got weak hooks. The good news is that England won’t be hurt bad as our ally moving forward, but the bad news is that I cannot grab land from Mercia in the future.

I disband my army and I have left 4965 of 5557 and then cash of 405
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Well, that was weird. It was like my loss against one province Powys and France when we and England were featuring more than 3k more troops. Who would have thought that us and England would have lost in that War for Liberty when we had 15k combined against 12k combined in that battle we lost bad that lost the war.

12 April – Gwynedd is at +62, hopefully they’ll win this one just like they did against England

19 May – Duke Goronwy is swayed with our latest Sway Scheme with relations of +59, next is Prince Michael of Scotland.

17 June – A stud Commander has arrived in my court as a Guest with 25 Marital and prowess. Do I want to hire him? He’s not showing up in my Bodyguard or Court Champion lists to hire as a Courtier. I like him, do I want to marry him into the family with a daughter and keep him? I could pay 178 to recruit him to my court. I only have 9 Knights and he’d be a stud. I do it, he’s awesome to keep around for land title later and young:

Knight Donncuan
- Age 25, stats of 11/25/12/2/12 – prowess of 25, background of Master Tactician, Straits of Brave, Ambitious and Patient, abilities of Reaver and Holy Reaver.

I can now hire him as a Personal Champion for 0.42/month or Bodyguard at .84/month with a role of good, but I am saving my cash for gifts after dying and war.

9 Oct – Event – The Lure of Language – Ruling over a multicultural nation is rough. Duke Goronwy suggests that if I learned Welsh I could get better relations with them I agree and then try to learn it.

27 Oct – Norway lost their War for Liberty with Duke of Halogaland. They have 1843 soldiers to our 5517 and their ally is a Duke in Sweden with 740 men. Norway is the defender in a war with Jamtaland with nothing happening. England has just 4756 troops but I could solo my war and then call in England later after they built up their forces. I could DOW them for the Orkneys, and then grab it now while they are distracted and down men. I have in cash just 338 so I would like more for a bigger war. But I am currently netting 17.1 after costs and would probably be fine cash wise with 5517.

I’ll wait a few months to get it higher than 400.

31 Oct – Event – Court Jester – Sunday Roast – I lose 18 stress after my Court Jester made fun of a Knight.

15 Dec – I unlock another Dip Perk and I grab Embassies which gives me boosted DIP score for each ally I have

10 Feb, 1147 – I have more than 400 cash at 407, but I have an Inspired Person. Who is it?

Katarina – W
ants to create a big book, sponsor just 50, I do it it’s pretty cheap. It’ll take around 14 months, I direct her to be about military stuff

I have a Court Event:

Court Event – Distrust of Friendship -
I am distrustful of the growing friendship of a guest and my daughter Beatrix.

I have four options:

1. I MUST Put a Stop to It - -10 relations with them, 47% chance their relations stay the same; 53% it grows.
2. I Should Encourage their Bond – 63% chance we get +20 relations and their relationship improves, 37% -20 since they don’t like my meddling.
3. Whatever it May Be, I’ll Stay Out – No changes in our relations
4. I’ll Banish the Guest – I lose 6 grandeur, drop relations with Beatrix, gain the inhospitable host for 5 years trait

I choose to encourage it their relationship deepens

10 April – Bad News! King William II of Normandie has passed and with him our alliance! Our new ruler is King Guy who is his grandson who is just 5 years old. I don’t want a long-term ally although we are 60 so that’s probably not happening long anyway. I reach out to England to extend our alliance, it is possible?

26 April – Prince Michael of Scotland that ruled Circinn has passed. His successor:

Duke Morgan – age of 36, relations of +12, I start a Sway Scheme on him, Catholic, Gaelo-Scots, stats of 20/10/10/6/9 prowess of 3, background of Charismatic Negotiator, Chaste, Fickle and Just traits.

1 May – Inspiration Event – A Vassal to Remember – I agree to dedicate my work to Dukes Gospatric III and Murchad. I gain 50 relations with them

Looks like Gwynedd won their war.
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It’s time to Hold Court! I spend 100 prestige:

Petitioner #1 – A Hero of the Frontier
– This is the one with the peasant hero we an reward but which our courtiers don’t want to overcompensate over his birth. I pay him 230 cash as a compensation. I only have 152 left.

Petitioner #2 – Setting the Irish – This is new! My grandson Brangen wants to take the province of Ennis within the Duchy of Munster we started with, take it over as the new Earl of Ennis, and then recolonize it.

What do I want to do? I have three options:

1. Very Well, Your People Can Have It – I lose Ennis, it gets -40 control. It gains the trait “Pleased Peasants” for a massive 50 years, relations with my grandson rise by 30
2. I Know What’s Best for Ennis – Relations drop 20, control -10
3. The Irish People Should Disappear from my Realm – I lose 40 relations with Brangen, lose 60 stress since I am compassionate, control +25, I gain “Unwelcome to other Cultures” trait

I don’t like three. I am about to wage war to give myself the Orkneys, and thus would bring in another place as a direct holding so I would need to hand it away after the war in a few years anyway. And if this were for my poorer Athlone (1.04) or Ossory (1.19) then I’d do it as well as the Isle of Man. But Ennis makes me a massive 2.04 and since it was in Munster I regularly upgraded it to make more and more money and cannot give it away so I choose #2.

Petitioner #3 – Rightful Lands – Duke Murchad of Connacht approached me since he has a claim for the Earldom of Thumond in my Duchy. He wants me to hand it over.

I have three options this time as well:

1. This Injustice Ends Now – He gets the Earl of Thumond. +20 relations
2. You Must Win it by the Sword – We duel, the winner gets it. I lose stress since I am an Aspiring Blademaster.
3. My Claim is Truer - -30 relations, he loses his claim on Thumond.

Our relations are at +100 since I gave him a gift to take him out of a faction. I choose #3 but he may start getting ornery again.

8 May – He begins the faction to replace me with himself again.

22 May – Duke Madog II of Powys joins the independence faction since it’s been five years since he pulled out and it now has enough to push forward. I send him a gift of 150 to make nice and try to pull him out and we have maxed relations

1 July – He pulls out and the faction cannot work on me anymore.

I send my Martial to raise control in Ennis.

9 July – Event – Spiteful Acts – My rival hits me. I spend 150 prestige to gain 75 piety and not respond.

30 July – Inspiration Event – Creative Freedom – My inspired Katarina wants to be kept away from my Antiquarian Iliana who wants to help. I tell her to stick to her duties and lose 10 relations with her.

7 Aug – Mental Break – I have another Mental Break event, what do I want to do to release tension? I choose to Scourge myself, lose 36 stress and am now wounded.

I was successfully treated and lost the wounded trait

29 Sept – I request the Northern Isles claim from Norway from the Pope

30 Sept – We get it and lose 660 piety. This is a pressed claim and my son will inherit it. The Northern Isles includes Orkney next to us.

27 Nov – Inspiration Event – Up Late – We are up late in her quarters and she tries to seduce me. I politely decline.

26 Jan, 1148 – Inspiration Event – Friendly Word – Beatrix and Katarina become friends

27 Mar- Sway on Duke Morgan of Circinn works, we have +39 I stick too him.

17 May – War lost by Norway. I have cash of 216 not enough for war.

19 May – We give birth to a great granddaughter named Sorcha!

26 May – Inspiration Done!!!

Masterwork Book – Franconian Weapons and Combat – I get +7 prowess, +5% Monthly Martial Experience, it lasts for 90 years.

2 June – Control re-established in Ennis. Duke Morgan renews his vows!

15 Jan, 1149 – My Court Jester Boleslaw passes. Anybody good to hire to replace?

Knight Dunlang
– 45 years old, good.

23 Jan – Sway Scheme works on Duke Morgan – relations of +66. I stick on him

2 Feb – I have more than 400 cash at 416. Am I ready for war against Norway? I cannot ally with England, but I could bring in Aragon with 5413 troops if needed. Norway has 965 troops and is losing a war of conquest. I don’t think I’ll need Aragon since we have more and they are distracted. I’ll use Aragon as a backup reserve.

I DOW Norway for the three Northern Isles for prestige of 270.
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The 2nd Ireland/Norway War

2 Feb – I rally my armies.

I negotiate an alliance with the Duchy of Kent with 3.5k troops

15 Feb – I have 5372 troops in my capital and send them to the Orkneys.

24 Feb – Duke Murchad’s faction to replace me is done for

6 April – Norway lost their other war for conquest

29 April – We arrive in the Orkneys and there is an 8 month siege

3 May - I unlock a new Dip Perk and I take Forced Vassalage which allows that CB

26 June – 1k troops arrive in Buchan and begin a siege it should take around 9 months and I have 5 left in Orkney

21 Sept – Orkney falls, I sack prisoners and 31 cash, I have a warscore of +5, I head to Buchan.

16 Oct – I decline a White Peace offer from Norway

7 Nov – We arrive in Buchan and begin battle.

12 Nov – Our wife passes at the age of 68 and I gain stress. My alliance with Aragon ends since she was the Aragon link. Can I renew it? Nope we are at war

28 Nov – We win in Buchan and the warscore rises to +12, I order my army to the islands of Hjaltland

15 Dec – Duke Morgan swayed, relations are +90, I move to Duke Goronwy.

3 Jan, 1150 – They arrive at Orkney to retake it and I redirect there to hit them

1 Feb – We arrive at the Orkneys.

10 Feb – We win, rout their army, and have a +32 warscore

1 April – We arrive in Hjaltland and begin a siege that should take around 7 months.

9 Sept – Hjaltland falls! I sack 16 cash and we have a warscore of +38. Next is the island chain of Faereyjar.

29 Oct – For 9 months I’ll be sieging Faereyjar which I just landed at

12 Dec – Sway Scheme on Duke Goronwy fails and I stick to him

28 May, 1151 – Faereyjar falls! I have a warscore of +44 and sacked 13 cash. This is the last holding in my war target so I head to Norway’s captial, but I have just 3.7k left after sieges and travel.

10 Aug – Our 3808 troops arrive in Norway’s captial and begin a siege which should take around 9 months

25 Oct – I can get a new Dip Perk and I take Accomplished Forger and our CB formation time increases by 75%

5 Nov – Duke Goronwy swayed, relations +87 I stick on him

4 Dec – Duke Murchad of Connacht wants to renew our vows and I agree

25 Dec - The Independence Faction disbands. Happy Christmas!!!

5 Feb, 1152 – We capture the Norwegian captial, warscore is +96. I sack in cash 32 and a prisoner I only have 2480 troops left. They are in Orkneys about to fall in a couple of months so I order my forces over.

22 Mar – The Orkney’s fall warscore drops to +90

14 April – We land and catch them trying to leave and begin battle

2 May – We win and the warscore of +94 we begin siege again

20 July – We retake it, 30 cash, and +100 warscore

We can take the Northern Isles!

Here’s a picture:

Remember these are in the Kingdom of Norway not Scotland so I am not their rightful owner. Norway can De Jure us anytime for these. Looks like I accidentally DOWd for the wrong thing. I got Orkney but also Gulapingslog which my father created a claim on I inherited.

Here’s a map of our new coastal Norwegian place which I was going to in the 3rd War after incorporating them. Here’s a map of the area:

Orkney – 0 control, ours, strait from Katanes, Norwegian, Catholic, 1 holding, Plains, 7 development,

This is over my limit so I have to give away a holding. I could hand off Athlone to another and build up this’s control, but a 7 dev, one barony holding won’t be great so I could just hand this off now. Do I handoff Orkney or Athlone. I hand off Orkney to:

Earl of Orkney – Donncuan II
the 25 Martial guy

I disband my army and have 2894 of 5991 which will take a while to reload and then 453 cash.


Sogn – North coast, north of Hordaland – 110 control, 8 development, Norwegian Catholic, 5 Baronies, one Taiga, three Hills one Mountain, controlled by Count Knutr

Hordaland – South of Sogn, north of Rogaland – Controlled by Countess Alfridr, 61 control, 5 Baronies of land types Taiga 2 and Mountains 3. Norwegian and Catholic, 9 development,

Rogaland – South of Hordaland northwest of Vestradgir – 60 control, 9 development, Catholic Norwegian, controlled by Count Knutr, 3 Baronies one each Plains, Hills and Mountains.

Vestradgir – Southeast of Rogaland – actually in the Egdafylki Duchy with two – 10 development, 60 control, 3 Baronies one each Plains, Hills and Taiga, controlled by Countess Ylva

Count Knutr – Relations of -49, I hand him his Duchy back, +66, age of 51, nasty prowess of 17, stats of 7/18/6/4/6 – great Martial, Norwegian and Catholic, traits of Brave, Greedy, Zealous,

And the next war should bring in Hjaltland and Faereyjar. Or maybe I’ll expand here in Scandinavia proper.
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19 July – Now that I am out of war, I can hold court and I have a court event:

Court Event – Finger-Bones of a King
– A peddler arrives at court selling things like the Holy Lance. I decline and tell her to sell elsewhere.

I spend 100 prestige to Hold Court:

Petitioner #1 – Empty Coffers
– I am approached by Duke Lulach II who has come across bad times back home and is looking for me to help him out.

I have just two options:

1. Very Well – But You Owe Me- I gain a weak hook, spend 105 cash and then gain +20 relations.
2. Sorry But I Have no Money to Spare – I lose 20 relations

I choose to give the cash to keep relations good although we have +100.

Petitioner #2 – Addressing the Corruption
– Countess Ylva approaches from my new land. She seeks aid in helping put down bandits in her realm of Vestr Agdir.

I have three options this time, which will I choose:

1. I Can Give You Some Gold to Help the Problem – I spend 50 gold, raise relations by +20, which are back at -19
2. My Steward Can Give You Advice - +10 relations, I don’t spend anything.
3. You’re at Fault; Sort This Mess Out Yourself - -30 relations

I choose #1 and spend 50 to gain +20 relations with the Countess.

Petitioner #3 – An Unconventional Preacher –
Duke Goronwy approaches and complains about a preacher in our capital of Limerick since they are a woman, which is not allowed in our faith. Duke Morgan points out that the preacher isn’t saying anything new and that everything she is saying is Orthodox.

I have one more option this time too at four:

1. We Need More People to Spread God’s Word - +10 Duke Morgan, -10 Duke Goronwy, and my captial province of Thomond gets, for 15 years, “Preacher Loves by the People”
2. Throw This False Preacher Into Jail - -10 Duke Morgan, +10 Duke Goronwy, I toss her into jail, my capital gets ”Beloved Preacher Rejected” for 15 years.
3. I Wish to Employ her as my High Almoner - -10 Duke Goronwy, I hire Hildegard and spend 100 piety
4. If she can Teach Peasants Then she can be a Good Court Tutor – I hire Hildegard as my Court Tutor, and then spend 100 piety and -10 from Duke Goronwy here too.

I choose the first but annoying the Duke of Gwynedd may be rough. Our relations drop to +61 but we are Swaying him.

I ask for Wales’d Duchy of Deheubarth from the Papacy that was taken in one war from them. Take that we can take the Wales Kingship and the Brittania Title. This would pass down to my son. If approved this would cost 710 piety.

20 July – We get it!

I need to save cash for gifts after I die as I am 65.

2 Oct – Sway Scheme on Duke Goronwy works, I stay on him, we have +88 relations. Will he pull out of the Liberty faction?

5 Oct – Event – A Secret Exposed – My Spymaster comes to me with proof that Duke Goronwy of Gwynedd and his sister are…LOVERS! I can arrest the sister and drop relations with the Duke by 30 or not and raise them by 30. I choose to not and now we have +100 relations and hopefully will pull out of the faction against me.

I start Sway Scheming Duke Morgan of Circinn. Actually, we are at +87, so I Sway Duke Knutr

25 Nov – My Courtier in our family Philippa gives birth to a son named Muirchertach.

27 Feb, 1153 – The Liberty Faction has disbanded!

1 June – I am back to more than 500 cash at 514

2 Oct – Sway Scheme with Duke Knutr is done and I am now at +100 next is Duke Morgan

1 Jan, 1154 – I now have men of 5704 out of 5852 and cash of 634
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8 Jan – King Guy of England won a Civil War in the War of Tyranny of King Guy.

24 Feb – I am invited to a Hunt in Scotland with Duke Gospatric III and I join and head out to Scotland.

8 Mar – Travel Event – A Quarrelsome Lot – My Knight and Archbishop are having a row. I try to convince them to surrender to diplomacy which is my forte and has a 90+ chance of success, it works, I gain 75 prestige and can unlock a new Dip Trait and I take Diplomat and unlock that trait

23 May – The King of Norway lost another Civil War.

29 May – We arrive at the camp site for the Hunt!

12 June – We set out hunting for Wolves!

19 June – Hunt Event – Wildflowers – I tell Earl Aed to get back on his horse and drop relations by 10

3 July – Hunt Event – Cornering the Wolf – We corner the Wolf, it flees and we give chase

17 July – Hunt Event – It escapes

24 July – The hunt is done and I have gained the Hunter trait

1 Oct – Travel Event – Poetry People – A wandering peasant wants me to hear his latest poem, I agree. I gain the Poet trait

25 Oct – I arrive home!

30 Oct -Sway Scheme works and the Duke is at +100 relations, next is Archbishop Hrvoje

13 Nov – Hunt in Leinster back home hosted by Countess Ynes, I join

20 Nov – Duke Knutr passes!

Duchess Gudrun – Age 23, Catholic, Norwegian, relations +43, I Sway Scheme her, stats of 4/10/8/7/17, prowess of 4, Chaste, Shy, Wrathful, background of Insightful Thinker, - she isn’t great for my Council

23 Nov – Duchess Gudrun starts an Independence Faction against me

2 Dec – Travel Event – Wolf Struggle – I come across a Wolf attacking a local. I use this as a distraction to continue to Leinster – I gain 16 stress since I am compassionate,

11 Dec – We arrive at the Hunt Campsite.

14 Dec – We head out hunting a Hart

4 Jan, 1155 – Hunt Event – Softly, Softly – We agree to ambush the Hart

18 Jan – Hunt Event – The Kill – We kill the Hart!

19 Jan – Our Irish Culture discovers Motte and Baileys!

30 Jan - The Hunt is over, I lost 64 stress and gained a:

Trinket - Hart Antler - +0.06 Prestige/Month – Stress Gain - -8%, Court and Vassal Opinion +5

23 Feb – We arrive home!

7 Sept – I have more than 1k cash at 1006 – ideally that’ll be enough for a few key bribes post death.

3 Oct – I can unlock another Dip Perk and this time I take the first in the final track Family Hierarch and I get Befriend which unlocks that Scheme

It looks like the Countess of Vestr Adgir passed. Her son, Count Svein II – 36 years old, takes over and we have relations of +25 and he has joined the Independence Faction.

13 Oct – I get a missive from Norway. Remember the War Banner we stole from them in battle? The King wants to duel me to get it back. I have a prowess of 23 and he has a solid 19, so this is pretty close. I can do this or lose 450 prestige which I have more than 4k with. I do it since it’s a non-lethal battle.

Combat Begins – I am wielding Blanche’s Sword and he King Askell’s War Hammer

I start with an attack, he counters, and we are both skilled participants and we are evenly matched. The next event happens – I choose to lead with a confident attack. He counters each time pushing me back. Because I have the Hunter trait I can try and ambush him with a knife attack which I do. I launch my sword one way, when he goes to riposte I attack the other angle with my knife and he blocks but he backs up and is now on his last step and just needs finishing off. I choose to attack fast

Here's a pic of the last round:

As you can see, we won!

20 Dec – Sway Scheme with Duchess Gudrun works, I stay on her, relations of +75
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31 Mar, 1156 – Count Donncuan arrives and wants to reup his vows, I show him in

24 May – Our Ally the Duke of Upper Lothringia has passed and I offer an alliance to his son.

2 Aug – Our Council Member Duke Lulach II passes today at the age of 68. His successor:

Duke Farannan of Moray
– Age 25, key vassal, relations of +97, stats of 9/6/14/4/10 prowess 11, Gaelic, Catholic, educational background of Fortune Builder, traits of Lustful, Compassionate, Content

Duke Lulach II was my Spymaster with his nasty high intrigue. Who, among my 6 Dukes, has the highest intrigue? Farannan’s is 4, Gudrun’s is 7 and Goronwy is just 6. The best is not a key vassal, but Duke of Powys Bleddyn II at 19. I could move someone to Spymaster from another role and then move Farannan, Gudrun or Goronwy to that spot. Farannan’s best is 14 at Steward and my Steward is Duke Oddr with a few high at 17. What’s his Intrigue? 6 that’s not happening. Actually, Goronwy’s Stewardship is a few better at 20. I go ahead and appoint Oddr to Spymaster which is just one back of the worst of these three to Spymaster which is Gudrun’s 7, then Goronwy is appointed my Steward. Before I make that swap, I am netting cash monthly of 18.4, then after? 18.5, so I am ,making more with him as my Steward

27 Sept – I get an Inspired person at court and I have in cash 1222, so who is it and what do they want to make? I could use regalia or crown for me which are open or I have one open spot.

Pribyslava – Wants 50 cash to make me a new throne. I have a stone throne, already, but maybe this would be better and she’s cheap, so I agree to sponsor her. It should take 15 months

I have a new Court Event:

Court Event – The Unknown King – We’ve had this one a few times before where a Guest or Cuter forgets who I am. I choose to spend 140 to gain 6 grandeur, 75 renown which is hard to increase and +30 relations with my guests, I hate to spend while saving, but it’s needed

I have 1051 cash now

9 Oct – I start exchanging letters with the King of Norway

16 Nov – Sway Scheme finishes with Gudrun, relations of +100 next is Duke Farannan

24 Nov – The Duke of Kent passes and with him our alliance, I cannot reup it

28 Nov – We arrange a Trade Deal with Norway for 5 years

2 Dec – Me and Duke Morgan become friends

15 Dec - The King of Norway lost another war

5 Jan, 1157 – I agree to join Earl Setna’s Hunt in Ulster

17 Jan – Travel Event – Bitten by Frost – It’s cold on our way over and our Antiquarian is frostbite, I choose to have my Court Doctor help. It worked.

20 Mar – We arrive at the Hunt and wait for others

23 Mar – Inspiration Event – A Motto for the Ages – Pribyslava wants inspiration for the inscription of the throne, we agree to our house’s motto.

4 April – We set out hunting for Wolves

25 April – We corner the Wolves, we chase them

7 May – I get a marriage proposal from the King of Navarra for my grandson Burchard who is 12 and his daughter, but this is without an alliance. Navarra is in Iberia too like Aragon. They are pretty small and just have 1222 men if we allied later, not that much. What about her stats? Is she marriage?

Infanta Milia - age 17, stats 16/11/8/2/4 prowess 14, traits of Honest, Impatient, Brave, Pretty which her child could inherit, Charismatic Negotiator background just like me, Catholic and Castilian culture

Not without a bigger army to bring in

9 May – Hunt Event – the Wolf gets away!

16 May – The Hunt ends – I lose 35 stress

5 June – Travel Event – A Lowly Delicacy - I am heading through the streets of a city on the way home and there are wonderful smells here of food that we don’t have. I choose not to eat and lose stress since I am Temperate

11 July – My Rival passes and we lose stress

18 July – We arrive back home!!!

16 Sept – Our Sway Scheme on Duke Farannan works, next is the Archbishop again since that was interrupted and we have full relations with the Duke of Moray.

19 Sept – Inspiration done! Here’s what we got:

Masterwork Throne – King Mael-Michil’s Throne - +2 grandeur, lasts for 90 years, prestige +.12 monthly

Nice! The Stone of Scone we have is better so we’ll keep it.

I unlock a new Dip Perk I take Groomed to Rule and my kids will get extra skills
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Let’s talk about how Enigma became my favorite artist for this dynasty. About 6 weeks ago I went to a Duran Duran concert next door in DC. Then for the next few days I was listening to all of my Duran Duran stuff, and I started a CK3 day with them in alpha order in iTunes. I only own three Duran Duran albums. Well I was deep into CK3 and didn’t notice that I finished my Duran Duran replay and was deep into the next letter “E” since Duran Duran is the last D band alpha in my list. Next is an Echo Image album, one of my favorite groups The Echoing Green, and then the UK Supergroup Electronic which has Pet Shop Boys, New Order and The Smiths combined. Then my darkwave stuff for The Endparty, and now we are at Enigma and I own every Enigma album, love them loads, so I looked up and was listening to them and loved it, and now I’ve listened to Enigma for each run through of CK3 ever since! And I’m sure you can see the synergy.
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Continuing to really enjoy this...
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Originally Posted by Chas in Cinti View Post
Continuing to really enjoy this...

Cool cool!!
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Originally Posted by Chas in Cinti View Post
Continuing to really enjoy this...

Since you are one of my fans, I got a question for you for my next dynasty. I am considering doing Star Trek Infinite as my next dynasty. It's based on Stellaris, I just picked it up, and downloaded it and then I think it would be great to try it out in dynasty form. I saw a view gameplays and reviews, but none mentioned the plot, since it's spoilers. If I did it, would you want me to do the spoiler plots or no?
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Chas in Cinti
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I'd be fine with it... I'm planning on getting the game, but exclusively for Multi-Player so spoilers wouldn't affect me...

I'm a big Paradox guy... but CK3 just hasn't grabbed me when I play. I feel like I don't know where to start... but then I read these dynasties and I'm like, how the hell am I not figuring it out. LOL

I'm in the minority, but I LOVED Imperator Rome before they did that final update... Need to figure out how to turn it back... It was really fun (if not all that historical)...
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1 Jan, 1158 – I have in cash 1336 and I can hold court!

I spend 100 prestige:

Petitioner #1 – The Day of Truth – We’ve had this one before, my Steward Duke Goronwy wants to do a survey that will know where everything is to increase our taxation. I choose to pay 285 to begin it since refusing would hurt relations by 30 and that’s our Welsh independent Duke I want to keep in good relations.

Petitioner #2 - Personal Matter –
Duke Bleddyn III from Powys and his wife approach. She complains that Earl Setna of Ulster is trying to seduce her husband and Duke Bleddyn clearly doesn’t like this publicly aired.

I have three options:

1. Such Outrages Won’t Be Tolerated – I lose -10 with Earl Setna, this is a crime so it’s publishable by things.
2. We Shall See if There is Any Truth – I have an Intrigue challenge with Earl Setna, his family lose 15 relations with me. If it fails I imprison him.
3. Is There Any Proof? – I lose 10 relations with the Duchess.

I choose #3 since it seems fair.

Petitioner #3 – From Beyond the Border – I am approached by the Bishop from one of Thomond’s Baronies, that has been holding Irish culture places and such. As assign of good will he wants to offer ancient Irish texts translated into my language (I am Franconian as a reminder).

I have two options, but not really:

1. I Gladly Accept! – I gain +10 relations from my Irish Vassals, I gain 6 court grandeur, i gain 75 prestige.
2. Get it Out of Here - The Bishop relations drop by 30.

Why would you choose #2? I choose the first!

I now have 1051 cash and am ready for death since I am 70. Our peace is up with Norway and I could DOW for the last two holdings in the Duchy of the Northern Isles. And I have the cash and army rebuilt and more than 4k prestige to do so. And they only have 1098 troops. But I am not going to do so until I die since I can DOW with my son and I don’t want to die in a war and then spend cash for gifs to make nice while having my army ready.

So let’s do it!

5 Jan – My Court Grandeur level rises to 8!

2 Feb – At the age of 59, my Antiquarian and relative Iliana has passed who was my son’s wife has passed. My new one?

Antiquarian Pribyslava – 31 years old, Average ability, made my wooden Throne.

1 June – Duke Goronwy of Gwynedd passes at the age of 40. His wife succeeds:

Duchess Tangwystl
– Age 50, Catholic, Welsh, Lustful, Cynical, Generous, stats are 7/5/3/26/8, prowess of 0, relations of +87. Her background is Elusive Shadow and that 26 in Intrigue would be better than Duke Oddr at 6 who is just there to make nice by 20.

Who is my best Steward to offer to? Duke Oddr at 17, so I offer that to him and her with the Spymaster thing. Our relations rise to +100.

11 June – King Guy of England won a Civil War against his tyranny.

5 July – Day of Truth Survey Completed – We go from netting 18.3/month to 18.6/month. His Stewardship is 17 if you’ll recall.

11 July – Sway Scheme finished on Duke Farannan for a +100 relations

1 Sept – Event – Duke Farannan becomes my Steward for 25 years. He has a 14. I begin to make nice with Duke Oddr who has an +85 relations.

11 Dec – Apparently King Guy was at war with Gwynedd for a War of and he won against their claim in Carmarthenshire.
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1 Jan, 1159 – We have in cash 1206, we are only getting monthly 17.9 after the Duke Farannan took over.

5 Jan – Count Svein arrives and wants to renew his vows! I show him in, we get the usual stuff

7 Jan – Event – Tales of the Wilds – Earl Eoganon of Ormond approaches sand wants to share hunting stories so we do so. I lose 54 stress

8 Feb – I want to set up my son for success so I offer to gain cash for a -20 relations with the Pope. We’ll spend 250 piety if he accepts.

11 Feb – They agree and we gain 450 cash.

28 April – My grandson dies at the age of 26, I gain enough stress to have a Mental Break. I have a few destress options. I choose to whip myself and lose 41 stress. I lose the trait wounded.

6 May – Event – Earl Eoganon’s Friendship – I encourage it and gain +20 relations.

1 July – Duke Oddr Sway Scheme works and we are back at +100

10 Sept – I unlock a new Dep Perk and I take Heart of the Family with +15 relations with my close family

22 Sept – I join Earl Eoganon’s Hunt!

13 Oct – We arrive at the Hunt and will wait for others.

27 Jan, 1160 – I get a notice that I am hovering at Death’s Door.

16 Feb – We start hunting a Hare

9 Mar – We corner the Hare. It flees we take off after it

23 Mar – We find and kill the Hare

30 Mar - The hunt ends and I lose a bunch of stress - I head back home

19 Apr – We arrive back home!

13 July – I join Duke Bleddyn III Hunt in Wales.

15 Sept – We arrive in Powys

17 Oct - We head out hunting a wolf

7 Nov – We corner the wolf, it flees, we chase

15 Nov – We kill the wolf!!

23 Nov – Hunt ends, I lose 60 stress and gain 375 prestige
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1 Jan, 1161 – I have in cash 1954

3 Feb – We arrive home from the Hunt.

8 Mar – To commemorate the death of my Grandson, Duke Oddr offers the poem and I lose 20 stress

10 July – Court Event:

Court Event – A Foul Smell – This has happened before with the foul smell emanating from a room. I choose to spend 150 to fix it up.

15 July – Event – I get a disagreement between my son and great grandson about who is the best, I negotiate peace with my amazing Dip skill and gain 100 Exp and can unlock another Perk which is Confidants each friend I have drops my Stress gains by 5% each

21 Sept – Do I want to attend a Hunt in Scotland by Duke Elair? Sure!

2 Oct – Travel Event – A Duel Demanded – My Knight duels him, wins and Steen is injured and joins my court.

20 Oct – My Archbishop and Court Physician passes at the age of 24.

Archbishop Bruno
– 21 years old, +100 relations so he endorses me, Arrogant, Fickle, Deceitful, Astute Intellectual background, stats of 4/5/3/12/8

I need a new Doctor! Is there someone awesome I can appoint? Nope, my best is Poor and that’s Bruno, so I hire him as my Physician.

7 Nov – Travel Event – Fortified Knowledge - We pass my soldiers training with a new type of training, I am asked if I want to join in. Since I am about to die, I don’t since I won’t be alive long enough to matter.

14 Nov – I am now known as “The Confessor”

4 Dec – Travel Event – The Metal Man – We come across a Knight trapped in armor and abandoned by his squire as a joke, he wants me to let him out.

9 Dec – We arrive at the Hunt in Scotland!

2 Jan, 1162 - The 4th High King of Scotland, Mael-Michil “The Confessor” passes!
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Abe Sargent
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5th High King Burchard – 56 years old, won’t last long either – educational background Tough Soldier, Forgiving, Lustful, Temperate, Aspiring Blademaster, Irish, Catholic, stats of 12/13/10/8/6 - prowess is a massive 28.

I have 2146 cash for gifts.


Archbishop Bruno – 8 learning, relations of +24, doesn’t endorse
Steward Duke Oddr of the Isles, 17 ability, relations of +21
Spymaster Duchess Tangwystl of Gwynedd – ability of +26, relations of -4
Martial Duke Murchad of Connacht – ability of 19, relations of +15
Chancellor Duke Gospatric III of Lothian – 20 DIP, relations of +43

Other Key Vassals:

Duke Farannan of Moray - -15
Duke Elair of Galloway - -27

So I need to make nice with all of them. I offer a gift to Farannan for 150 and relations rise to +13 and then Elair for 176 and +10, and then my Council other than Bruno. I now have 1222 left and new relations in the same order of Steward to Chancellor - +50, +23, +44 and +72.

I choose my Martial Lifestyle Perks

My grandson is 16 years old, Burchard, and we need to marry him now to create an alliance ideally to help with Civil Wars and wars against Norway.

Burchard – 16 years old, Irish Catholic, traits of Temperate, Humble and Cynical, background of Flamboyant Trickster which is Intrigue, inherited trait of Quick which he can pass on, stats of 9/7/8/12/7 – not great.

Like me he has two positive and one negative so that’s +20 for the positive and -10 for negative relations so +10 overall.

Who can I marry into a marriage with? Looks like the best is the Duchy of Turov with a 9 year old Duchess. That’s all the way in Russia probably not what I care about. So we cannot ally with another nation, so let’s just marry the best courtier I can. I look at the best stats to marry into, and, ideally, we’ll get something to inherit like Quick. Ideally someone who won’t lose prestige to marry into.

Here’s my top choice:

Sarrazine de Lorgue – 24 years old, French, Catholic, House Lorque, inheritable trait of Pretty, stats of 20/10/14/1/12 – nasty in everything save Intrigue, but that’s his one strength, Traits of Ambitious, Honest, Temperate so they are Temperate Buddies Then would I lose prestige to marry her? Some noble house filters don’t hold a title. Yup, -300 prestige for my son, but that’s an amazing heir with great stats, inheritable trait, and we could start the children now. He has 489 prestige so he’d take a nice hit. But have a long time to rebuild. All of the Hale and Pretty Courtiers with good traits are all also Prestige hits, so I offer to marry her.

Right now, Independence Faction has Count Svein II with a -54, I offer him a gift of 102 to raise relations to -22. That’s not enough of a military size to make work.

I start to Sway Scheme my lowest Key Vassal Duke Elair.

As a reminder, I can hold court now that I am new. With Mael-Michil it was after a group founded in Wales for Independence and there was a Petitioner that dropped that for five years and gave them better vassal relations. So I’ll wait.

I need to negotiate new alliances for warring on Norway or defensively for a Civil War. The only place I can negotiate an alliance with has just 867 troops.

5 Jan – Duke Morgan of Circinn creates a faction to replace me. We have relations of -49 so I offer a gift of 150 to raise it to -19

11 Jan – We marry our folks together!

14 Jan – The Liberty Faction is created by Count Donncuan of the Orkneys – we have relations of just +4 – I send him cash of 140 to raise it to +50

3 Feb – We become the Head of Irish Culture

14 Feb – Earl Donncuan left the Liberty Faction but Earl Eoganon with relations of -4 joins, I send him a gift of 100 and we are now at +25 – I have 746 cash left

25 Feb - At the age of 65, my Court Musician passes. Is there a good one to hire? Yup, two that are Average! I hire the youngest:

Court Musician Aroc – Age 24, Average

20 Mar – The Liberty Faction disbands

Duchess Gudrun of Gulapingslog has joined the Independence Faction, but they don’t have enough strength, we have relations of -23 so I send a gift of 150 and we are now +6

1 June – I have no factions with enough strength to force through the bad stuff!

I have a Court Event:

Court Event – Daydrinking –
The Drunken antics of my new courtier Philippa are known. But lately she has taken them to a whole new level.

I have three options:

1. Philippa Can Sober Up in the Dungeons - I gain 80 stress since I am Forgiving, and then she and her family are at -30 relations.
2. A Stern Talking-To Will Set Her Strait – Dip challenge with her, 64% of success, she loses Drunken trait and we gain +30 relations
3. Let the Others Mock Her – We lose grandeur

I choose the middle one for a strict talking too. We fail and she doesn’t lose Drunken.

I spend 100 prestige to Hold Court:

Petitioner #1 – A Feast Under Your Name – Earl Eoganon approaches me. He wants to spend the cash to hold a Feast under my name but wants compensation.

I just have two options:

1. Very Well, Hold Your Feast – We get +20 relations which are at +24, he pays me 200 cash, hosting a Feast in the near future will give me grandeur, and then we give him a weak hook.
2. I’m Afraid I Cannot Accept – We lose 20 relations

I cannot afford to lose relations right now, and I choose the first. Remind me to Host a Feast.

Petitioner #2 – The Monster of Annandale – We’ve had this before if I recall correctly. A peasant needs help hunting down a Wolf. I give him 140 to hire himself and gain 75 prestige

Petitioner #3 – Public Accusation –
We’ve had this one before too where someone accuses a rival of killing their spouse, this time its Countess of Margot of Dubhlinn and Duke Bleddyn III of Powys, I say that malice isn’t proof and then loose relations with her.

I hold a Feast! This costs us 265. This is my first event we’ve hosted. I choose to host it in our capital city of Limerick in Thomond my captial province. Who do I want to be my Honored Guest? King Guy of England? One of my own like Duke Morgan of Circinn? He’s the only Duke with minus relations. I do so!

I invite 32 people from Knights to Guests to Extended Family.

I start getting ready for the Feast! We’ll wait 8 months to begin

It looks like there is a Civil War in the Duchy of Moray which the Duchy is winning

20 Oct – Earl Eoganon and I redo his deal.

10 Nov – Duchess Gudrun arrives to renew her vows and we get that stuff.

13 Dec – King Guy sends us the artifact King William’s Urn

Famed Pedestal Artifact - King William’s Urn – has 86 years left, gives prestige boost of 0.06, grandeur bonus of +3 and then +6 dynasty relations.

31 Dec – Relations boost with Duke Elair to +41, next is Duchess Gudrun.
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1 Jan, 1163 – Sweden has inherited the Katanes county in Northern Scotland away from me.

11 Jan – A Jihad is declared for Galicia and I pledge cash of 150 to help out

21 Jan – Dunlang, my best friend, Knight and Court Jester passes at the age of 59. I gain 60 stress. I have a mental break and I can choose a few options to relive stress. I choose to stave off food and lose 46 stress. My new Court Jester is my grandson’s new wife who is Average at it.

1 Feb – The Feast begins!

4 Feb – Feast Event – In my House – Two Rivals begin dueling in my Feast and I have my guard choose one to take out. One is my Archbishop Bruno, so I side with him to raise relations

15 Feb – Duke Elair wants to replace me and creates a faction

18 Feb – Feast Event – Tastefully Insulting – I begin to mix it up with a courtier. I gain a favor hook on someone I save from choking.

25 Feb – Feast Event – Disaster Strikes - We run out of wine. I spend 145 to buy more from the local Wine Merchant and I get +10 relations with every guest

4 Mar – Feast Event – A Toast To – The Feast is drawing to a close and we are ready for choosing who to make the final toast. I toast Duke Morgan and gain 30 relations with him.

11 Mar – The Feast ends. I lose 18 stress, every Courtly vassal +15, every non-Courtly one is +10

Duke Elair has joined the Faction with Duke Oddr and now they are big enough to start to threaten me militarily. I move my Sway Scheme to Duke Oddr. Duke Morgan is now at +41

I have 483 cash after my Feast and almost 300 spent this year

I gain 10 court grandeur

11 May – Sweden’s ally is Poland but they are at three wars and are just 1101 troops right now so if I wanted to reincorporate Katanes into my land, this would be a good time if I were allied with England. There is a far-flung Orthodox Kingdom named Bjarmaland with 3242 I could marry into for an alliance. I could marry and then use them as an emergency reserve, or use them for a future Civil War in defense. Or against Norway. But she is just 16 so that could give me a few male children before I die to inherit my throne, but I feel the need to have allies is more.

Atpalha Dvinok – age 16, House Dvinok, stats of 3/10/16/3/6, prowess of 10, traits of Greedy, Forgiving, Stubborn, Orthodox faith, Bjarmian culture, background of Fortune Builder – she isn’t great stats, but she’s a great ally. I offer her for marriage from her father, King Nabtiko! This includes places like Novgorod.

18 May – Alliance formed!

I can now have six holdings with her boost to my Stewardship score and I have five. It looks like I can marry my great-granddaughter Sorcha at 14 to a few places for alliances. The best is the King of Poland, but he’s 71 so that won’t last long. The King of Iceland is just 25 and unmarried, and they have troops of 3919 – very pertinent to me, and then they are not allied to my Norway. I offer Sorcha to Iceland’s Jarl.

26 May – We are now allied with Iceland!

I can now DOW Norway anytime for their last holding, but I’ll wait until I have more cash since I have 542 and 6143 troops. I am now making 20.1 cash monthly with my new wife’s Stewardship score. But I need to get my faction from DOWing me. I could offer Duke Elair who is a key vassal Duke of Gwynedd’s Spymaster since they are not, but he is a 10 Intrigue to her 26, big drop. I offer it to Duke Elair and we rise in relations to +100, but my Duchess is now at +50 – will this be enough to keep him from my rebellion?

23 June – The Duchy of Karellia DOWs Bjamraland. I agree to come to their defense.
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