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Re: Three Copies Of APF Freezing

Originally Posted by Culture Rot
No no not my intention lol. I m just saying that Jtag or not though, with every single other game working no issue, why would only APF suddenly not work? I've never heard of any reported issues with APF on modded consoles, and especially since so many of the editors and hex have been developed running it from modded consoles, i'm sure we would have.

For anyone still trying to crack this code

I've deleted all saves

i've tried guest, and various profiles.

the system is not connected to xbox live

I've tried installing to disc

I've tried playing off disc

I've tried booting from DashLaunch

I've tried booting from regular xbox 360 dash

It all seems to come down to navigating the menus. I can stay in the first meny after pressing start for hours. However if I advance from there into practice, play game, play season, etc. the music stops, and everything freezes. I can edit sliders and options. When I go to 2k beats and change songs, it triggers automatic freeze.
I had the same problem. It was something that got installed on the 360 HD. I had to reformat the HD for it to work again. Pain!

Try removing your HD and play the game off the CD. If it works then you have same trouble as I did.
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