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MLB '10: The Show - Franchise Issues Update

Here is our list of the current known issues that we're looking into for immediate attention:

Attendance is not correctly getting reported. In talking with Jeff, he has a fix in mind that is fairly safe but would end up in the actual attendance not mirroring the paid attendance you get in franchise. It would fix the issue where you have 50k+ people attending Spring Training games. This will also fix issues with playoff games and games played in any stadium that isn't your own.
* UPDATE - This was caused by the stadium select screen being added to franchise, causing the attendance to be reset using the non-franchise logic. The stadium select was previously never used for playoff games, so it didn't handle that situation. This is fixed and it also fixes the issue with spring training games showing the attendance as if they were in their home stadium.

Trade Waivers:
Users can claim anyone off of trade waivers - CPU teams will never pull them back.
* UPDATE - fixed this one - a simple fix that will prevent user teams from simply claiming everyone that was passed through trade waivers.

No Contract:
Players can get into a state where they have no contract.
* UPDATE - As soon as a player was placed on release waivers, his contract was cleared. Then if he was claimed, he didn't have a contract. It was also clearing his 40-man roster status, which is what was causing him to go to AAA instead of the MLB team. Have a fix for this.

Player Potential:
Looks like a fairly bad miscommunication ended up with us having some seriously out of whack potentials. This will be corrected with the next roster download (Monday)
* UPDATE - Lorne is taking care of this - will be fixed with a roster update.

Multi Closer issue:
If a CPU team has 2 closers (one acquired in a trade) - they will always send one down to AAA.
* UPDATE - It would just look at the closers and see that they had more than they needed so they'd send one down, but they wouldn't look to see if they could send down a reliever instead and keep the 2nd closer in the bullpen. Have a fix for this.

Multi Trade players:
Not even sure what the details are on this one, but it looks like sometimes a player is traded and then re-traded or waived. Currently investigating.
* UPDATE - I have a fix for the trades. I'll not allow a player to be placed on the trading block by the CPU if he has been acquired by a trade recently.

Manual Trade issue:
I've seen a few reports of users having trades set to Manual and still having trades done by the CPU. Again, no idea how this is happening and we're looking for more information.
* UPDATE - Not sure what's happening here, we can not get this one to reproduce. Whoever is getting this, please make sure that you don't have your profile option set to something different than your global setting. If you need to talk to me via PM or IM for further info, please just say the word!
* UPDATE 2 Thanks to tabarnes19 and a couple hours of debugging we have found the issue and have a fix in the works.

If you respond, please please PLEASE do not be noise. We need clear help or silence - we want these things cleared up as much as you do!

Platform: PS3
No really, we're trying to flatter you.

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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

Wow, thanks for being on top of things. The game hasn't even been out an entire day, and you are already working on making it better.

Much appreciated!!
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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

Originally Posted by theotherguy619
Wow, thanks for being on top of things. The game hasn't even been out an entire day, and you are already working on making it better.

Much appreciated!!
Can't argue with that....fixes like this wouldn't be even addressed until a few months after Madden came out

keep up the good work
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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

My gosh, talk about customer support!! That's awesome!
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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

Thats pretty fast response, but how long will it be before these fixes are released in an update?
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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

You all have earned great respect for me not like it matters anyway. Even if the game was terrible (not the case at all) I would still praise you all for attending to the community like this and fixing the problems.
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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

Kolbe thanks man. I have been getting trades that occur auto when I use Yanks and sim and auto fix everything. I do not recall getting it with stock rosters. My profile is the same as my global.
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Re: Franchise Issues UPDATE:

Again SCEA, thank you for dedication & accountability…

While simulating a Giants Franchise, I too had the computer deal away Molina & Sanchez -4- two players I had never heard of (Reds)... ALL player trades & transations set to "Manual"

I read somewhere that another MLB10 owner had these exact 2 Giants automatically dealt to him?

Maybe a place to start?

Look forward to the update & fixes... LOVE your product

Thanks again
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