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Things you want fixed in a patch.

The Show Live-

-Headley/ Jeter face glitch. ( Happens when a player added in a roster update besides Jose Abreu and maybe Tanaka is played in The Show Live and he gets Chase Headley on the PS4's face or Jeter on the PS3 face. )
-Win/ Loss records fixed. ( Seems to be missing a game. )
-Octavio Dotel or free agent glitch. ( When a player in the game is missing on the roster, the team usually just adds the top free agent it can get which in recent roster updates of 5/15 usually is Octavio Dotel. )
-Make it so you can pick a player to use with player lock before you start the game. As opposed to starting the game and going into substitution and picking the player.
-Flags at Wrigley Field do not change order in the way of the real life standings ( maybe this isn't a glitch but is a design flaw or that the flags don't change in the game ) when viewing Wrigley.

Diamond Dynasty-

-Headley/ Jeter face glitch. ( Explained above )
-Player losing connection shouldn't give that player a win.

General game play-

-Fix the sensitivity of the analog stick in analog throwing.
-Fix the frame rate in cutscenes.
-Fix the AI when fast forwarding of the manager when it comes to pinch hitters and going to the bullpen.
-Make it so the defensive positions reset unless you state earlier to always keep a specific defensive position or a shift for a specific player or the whole game.
-Fix first basemen gliding to the base on a dropped third strike throw to first.
-Fix an error on the overlay that shows the shortstop playing third base and the third basemen playing short stop.
-Custom camera's not saving.
-Organ music missing?
-Some pitchers still have glitched pitching styles where the ball does not come out of the hand properly such as JJ Putz does.


-Fix the ticker at the bottom showing real MLB game information as sometimes players are shown to be on the team that they are playing against.

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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

Thanks for starting this thread. The most significant fix I'd like to see is the framerate made a lot smoother.

In a game that is made with near perfection there are a few animations that stand out as odd and really are somewhat bothersome. The animation where a batter tucks his bat in his arm and then claps twice. I'd like that removed.

Also when playing RTTS and I am on base - after each pitch the player sprints back to the bag every time, even though no one is throwing over there or even covering the bag. It just looks very unnatural. I'd like to see a more casual jog back to the bag in those cases and save the sprint for when someone's making a move on you.

I would LOVE to see the load times reduced. When you play RTTS you have to go through the loading screen each game. Considering I'm playing about 5 games an hour it gets annoying to sit through that long loading screen each time. Breaks the flow.
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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

The Lighting issues with the stadiums.
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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

Bringing Back the slow gameplay mode to the game. Can't stress this enough that everyone doesn't want to play games at a rapid pace.... Fouling off pitches throughout a tough or long AB should not be penalized by ignoring what happened and jumping to the next pitch instantly. The pace also effects managerial and strategical decisions us players want to make. It's like if the NFL games gave your offense a 10 second playclock, imagine the outrage.
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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

Custom cameras saving.
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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

I'm not sure what all is fixable via patch, but load times need some work for sure.
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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

be nice if they could fix in MOM mode the cpu pitchers never throw over to 1st so i cant throw to 1st it would be cheating. this is a big part of baseball especially with steroids being erased from the game, pretty much. maybe theres a way in quick counts we could hit one of the buttons on the controller to activate player count, this would really help with pinch-hitting and relief pitchers starting a fresh count instead of the previous pitchers count. also if there is anyway to edit players so i could change their facial hair!LOL! nothing on the attributes just the facial hair. funny looking at van slyk with the little facial hair he should have full on grizzly beard! and trumbo want to get rid of his. im sure there are many more. thanks for opening this thread.
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Re: Things you want fixed in a patch.

Originally Posted by FoBs2007
Custom cameras saving.

10 characters.
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