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How trade happy do you get & when?

Playing franchise as a lower rated MLB team is always a challenge, considering they're probably going through a rebuild season (i.e. great prospects, not so great starters).

How trade happy do you get and when? I'm only a month in and I want to pull the trigger on a 3-for-1 trade (giving up oldies & duds for a much needed position player).

What are some of the craziest trades you've seen the CPU make early in the season?
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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

I typically don't get that trade happy. My rule of thumb is that aside from injuries, I don't do any roster movement until May, and then my mindset is to not do it. I feel as though baseball is a game of streaks, both hot and cold, so you have to let those play themselves out. Usually the first part of June (amateur draft time) I'm really focusing on what is needed to improve my team.

This current season I'm playing though, I got trigger happy early, and unfortunately often, and it kind of ruined the season for me, in more ways than one. My team is most likely going to miss the playoffs and I regret a lot of what I did. I'm actually looking forward to getting to the offseason and re-establishing my roster/organization and stick to my mindset.

Off the top of my head, there isn't a CPU trade that jumps out to me that happened early that was crazy.
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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

I might pick up the odd minor free agent, maybe trade a lesser, replacement type player to a team in need, but generally I don't make any significant trades until after the draft. My mind is scheming of trades pretty much from day 1 though! I will make trades if they happen in real life though, if it fits with my franchise timeline.

Like you say, too many trades ruins a franchise pretty quickly
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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

In real life the Phillies just acquired Brad Miller from the Yankees last week.

I'm in the 3rd week of April in my Phillies Franchise and I just made the trade to acquire Miller for my bench. I really need a left-handed infielder. Phil Gosselin was just not doing it off the bench for me. I did have 1 home run with him but that was when I gave him a start. He's hitting under .200. Had to make a change. Optioned Gosselin to AAA and now have Miller on the bench to begin a series in New York against the Mets.

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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

Trade deadline, if someone isnt performing up to expectations at the deadline and there is nothing coming up to help, I'll make a move. I usually dont like to trade, because I like my guys and want them to do well, so I end up riding them out too long.
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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

I usually wait until July 31 after I've played/simmed my game. Unless I have a special situation.
For example, one year I was the Reds and they were in full rebuild. In late May the Yankees had Bird go down and had nobody else to play first. I was 20 games out and traded Votto for prospects. They were in second a few games behind the Sox. They were desperate as Judge and Stanton were out for the season. They needed power and a 1B and couldn't wait 2 months.

I also did a similar thing when there was a starter I had that was dominating and a team needed him. But usually I wait until the last possible second because there could always be an injury on July 31.

Then, on 30 team control, I place all tradeable pieces on the trade waiver wire and will deal them in there is an injury in August.
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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

I still have Jair Jurgens so does that answer the question lol
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Re: How trade happy do you get & when?

As long as I feel I will benefit, I will make a trade.

I'm a trade junkie, always obsessing about how I can make my team better, whether that be in the short run out the long run.

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