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NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4 - PC - Switch)

The 2019 Attention to detail roster 2.0 is OUT!

PSN: CelticLG34
Name: 2019 Attention to detail 2.0

(File with transactions update, 01/06, is completed!
I also edited the new contracts (Dinwiddie, Trier, Rivers, Baker...)

PSN: CelticLG34
Name: ATD 2.0 Transactions Update)

PC version: (credit michdb8, ohhmyjoshhh, jenksalot) https://forums.operationsports.com/f...post2049627329

Switch version: (credit col2k3) https://forums.operationsports.com/f...rt-switch.html

What's up OS Comunity? As a long time roster editor this year I've decided to share my edits and see if someone may like them. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any errors on my part.

I think that 2K offers us a great base, but a lot of things need to be edited if you want to enjoy one of the most realistic MyLeague experience possible.

I've spent over 100 hours of editing since day one, but this project is finally finished. The goal is to replicate the NBA in every single aspect, from sim stats to gameplay, from draft classes with busts to coaching playstyles, from playbooks and play-types to real life signature shots.

It's a long list of changes so, without further ado, let's start:

- Real life signature shots: I imported every single realistic jump shot from woody's list for all the 30 teams and a good amount of Free Agents (here's the link of his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/woodytraore/videos), a lot of players also have their realistic dribble moves, layups and dunk packages. New jumpshots for Markelle Fultz (credit fc155) and Lonzo Ball (credit DellyTrelly) are also included.

- Real life Coaching staff and Front Office: all 30 teams have their real-life assistant coaches and GMs, with real names and most accurate head preset possible. Head coaches, assistant coaches, GMs, CFO, scouts, and trainers have their grades, badges, and potential based on SimWorld doc from last year (here's the link for their work from last year: https://forums.operationsports.com/f...-xbox-one.html), and update by me after the start of the season (for example Budenholzer and Nurse have been upgraded)

- Coaching playstyles update: all 30 coaches (and 30 assistants) have received an update about their system proficiency, system adaptation and play-style. Now HC will run their real-life style of play instead of using a balanced offense and defense.

- POE update: all 30 teams have points of emphasis updated, you'll see how good sim stats look. This year pace has been replicated, correct teams will finish in the PO spots instead of the Hawks that will also make it to the 2nd round in default roster simulations. Teams that lead the NBA in offensive or defensive rebounds will also be in the first places of their respective categories during simulations. Teams that shoot a lot of threes IRL have been replicated as well. You'll notice for sure the difference between default roster sim stats and my roster sim stats.

- Position Changes update: over 120 players have received a correction regarding their positions, so you'll see real-life lineups during every single game. I used Rashidi's guide as a base and made my personal edits, here's his site:http://thereal2kinsider.blogspot.com/

- Transaction update: all transactions have been updated to opening night (and a couple days after for some teams that have signed a two-way player later, like Lakers o Pacers). All two-way players have been included, retired players have been removed from the roster (Manu Ginobili, David West, Nick Collison, Mirza Teletovic) and players who are currently playing overseason (Brandon Jennings, Al Jefferson, Trevor Booker and others) have been suspended for one season in order to avoid teams to sign them.

- Tendencies update: over 120 players have all of their tendencies update in order to replicate their real-life style of play, guys like Ben Simmons and Nikola Jokic will finally play like themselves (credit to Vannwolfhawk for his great edits, his YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0h...X7Qp7MQ/videos)

Over 500 players have received an update on drive right and dish to the open man tendency (in order to see more drive-and-kick from the CPU), shot contest (more closeouts), no-setup dribble and no-dribble moves (players will no longer keep the ball for a lot of time, ball-sharing and fast passing have been increased) and transition spot up/cut (in transition shooters will finally wait for the ball behind the 3 point line instead of attacking the basket every single time).

Play passing lanes, steal and block tendencies have been revised for all the teams. Alley oop dunk and take charge tendencies have been also overhauled with a personal scale based on lobs and charges per 36 minutes, very similar to the 2K one (but updated, Blake Griffin sadly never dunked a lob in the entire 2017-2018 season). ISO tendencies have been adjusted as well for all the players in the league.

- 3pt tendency and attributes update: over 100 players have received an update based on the first 11-12 games performances form the 3 point line. You'll see guys like Henson and Baynes finally taking around two 3's per game.

- Attributes update: offensive consistency update for the players in the league. I edited all the players from the 1st roster update (with the exception of some players like Irving or Anunoby that i don't think deserved a downgrade). I've also updated others players ratings (like Rose or Embiid, that deserved an upgrade) and attributes (Ojeleye's defensive attributes, Oladipo stamina, DeAndre FT rating, Embiid mid-range and post game and others).

- Playbooks and play-types update: over 60 real plays added around the league in order to replicate the real-life play-style of the players. Also over 400+ players received a play-types update, even rookies have been updated after the first games of the season. Denver will run more high post plays for Jokic, LeBron and Harden will use more often their lethal pick-and-roll ability.

- Coaching sliders update: every coach has their coaching sliders update (run plays, off/def, guard/forward, ins/out). Run plays sliders are based on % of isolations run last year.

- Jersey numbers update: 31 players got their jersey’s number corrected

- Height update: 30 player’s height has been updated based on the new measures via nba.com, also Jayson Tatum (6’9), Kevin Durant (6’11) and Joel Embiid (7’1) heights have been corrected (even if their measures aren’t official)

- Badges overhaul: 5 outdated badges (Dimer, Limitless range, Hustle rebounder, Defensive stopper, Charge card) have been completely rescaled and updated based on last year stats

- Personality badges update: all the 21 personality badges have been updated for over 400 players around the league. No more Legendary Work Ethic for Andrew Wiggins. (credit: Barncore for the suggestions)

- Loyalty/Financial Security/Play for win update: all the players received an update on these 3 attributes, that play an important role during contract negotiations in Free agency. You will never see again Antetokuonmpo leave Milwaukee in 2021 in order to sign with the 20-62 Suns team. With this edits I also fixed the G-League morale bug for all the 2-way contracts that will no more be angry after being sendt to the G-League.

- Peak start/end update: all the player's peak start and end have been edited to reflect real NBA progression and regression, too many players won’t start to downgrade until 34-35 (credit: Barncore for the suggestions)

- Potentials update: after 5 years of simulation with default roster the league becomes full of 80+ players, due to the fact that a lot of guys have a very high potential. The new potentials (plus the peak start/end edits) have been studied in order to replicate a steady number of 80+ players through the years

- Durability update: around 40 players have their body parts durability updated after last year injuries (ex: Jabari Parker after 2 ACL has still an 84 left knee durability. He’s got a 56 in my roster) based on injury type and duration

- Accessories update: over 100 players around the league have their accessories update, I also fixed the wrong accessories color for home or away jerseys for certain teams (Bulls, Cavs, Spurs). I’ve tried to do my best, especially for top-tier players, but I probably missed someone. If you notice some player who is wearing wrong accessories let me know and I’ll correct it as soon as possible.

- Athletic attributes update: around 100 players received an update in their athletic attributes (lat. quickness, speed, acceleration, vertical and strength), cause most of them were very outdated (Siakam finally has an 88 speed in my roster)

- Real life rotations: revised rotations for all the teams based on the first games of the season, players should stay on the court the same amount of minutes as IRL, i've spent a lot of time on rotation and i'm really with the result and the CPU adjustments post-injury

- Real life injuries: all injuries have been updated to the opening night. The duration of the injuries has been calculated in order to make the player return the same exact day as he made his comeback IRL (for players like Cousins or Porzingis I used approximations based on various reports).

- New faces for bad CAPs: thanks to a lot of talented CAP creators I was able to replace some of the worst created faces in the game with the most realistic CAP possible. Players with a new face: Allonzo Trier, Brad Wanamaker, Daniel Thies, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Jonathan Williams, Chimezie Metu, Duncan Robinson, Trevon Duval, Rawle Alkins, Shaquille Harrison, Tyrone Wallace, D.J. Stephens, Deonte Burton, Ryan Broekhoff and others (credit to CAP's thread guys: nummel, DaInfamous NY, cdk10, javov)

- Shoe update: 16 players have their shoes updated (keep in mind that this is an old roster, I couldn't have access to all the new shoes added those weeks, but if you start a new MyLeague with this roster you'll have all the new kicks in there)

- Contracts update: corrected over 100 contracts around the league. I've seen a lot of errors this year (missing team or player options, incorrect amount of annual money and even wrong numbers of contract duration)

- Play-initiator update: play-initiator has been revised for all the teams, making the correct adjustments after the start of the season


- Added the new Spurs, Lakers and Rockets playbooks from the latest Da_Czar update. Also edited tendencies and some attribute for around 50 players around the league in order to have better in-game and sim stats.

I've also added two euro-stash guys that will probably make the jump to the league next summer (Anzejs Pasecnicks for the Sixers and Alpha Kaba for the Hawks).


Paired to this roster I've worked on a specific sliders set for this project, you can find it under the same tag "CelticLG34", it's called " ATD Sliders 2.0". I've used the 2.5 version of shadymike as a base, then I made some tweaks to match the new tendencies of the players. Also thanks to youAldreadyKnow for his suggestions on offensive and defensive consistency and awareness. After a lot of testing from various users, I've finally completed a slider set that will replicate a real NBA game with correct stats. You'll see 20+ free throws per game and over 25 3 points attempts per game from the CPU. A special thank you to everyone that tested the sliders and gave me feedback while i was editing, they help me to speed up the process.

Now let's talk about draft classes. I took the 2019 DaInfamousNY draft class, I added 50 2nd rounders/undrafted (now the roster contains 90 prospects) and I edited tendencies for all the players to match the roster. He has done a great job, and after the tendencies adjustments I can't wait to try to contain Zion Williams o R.J. Barrett in a MyLeague game (or maybe if I'm lucky enough draft one of them).

Same work for the first fictional draft class by jb. He does terrific job with peak start/end and potentials in order to create freaks, busts and gems. All 68 players have their tendencies edited to match this roster, and i'll release the second fictional draft class with tendencies edits very soon.

My suggestion is to use first the 2019 Real dc, so you'll have all the big names of this year draft, and then start to use the fictional classes. Love the fact that i could draft a bust or found a gem, it's like the real NBA draft.

For the Draft Classes same PSN, "ATD Real DC 1" for the real one, "ATD Fict DC 1" for the fictional one.

Lastly, Barncore worked the past weeks on a specific MyLeague slider set for this roster, that will maintain a correct number of 90+ and 80+ players. He has done a great job on studying what attributes will increase/decrease or remain the same during the years, here is his thread for all the details: https://forums.operationsports.com/f...ders-2k19.html
PSN: "Barncore", sliders: "BarnseyProgressions".

If you want to try other MyLeague sliders set (like schnaidt) let me know if it works well with this roster.

An injury-free version will be released tomorrow.
The final spreadsheet will be updated soon, probably Sunday.

One final thank you to everyone that helped me with the roster and sliders by making suggestions and giving feedback, or just saying that they're liking my work. You really motivate me to give you the best product possible.

Here's my PayPal link if anyone wants to make a donation: https://www.paypal.me/celticlg
Half of the donations will go to a local association here in Italy that rescue dogs or any animal in need, provide them with medical attention, rehabilitation, and provide a temporary loving environment until they find a permanent home through adoption.

Thanks again everybody.

Enough talk, let's play!

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Re: NBA 2Kk19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)

For PC, XBox and Switch users here's everything you need to import what you want

Final spreadsheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15J-...ew?usp=sharing

Peak start/end by Barncore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlO8Ygw7KCI

Play-types, injuries, play-initiator update: https://youtu.be/hlc-3dGBMjg

Vann's tendencies: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0h...able_polymer=1

Coaching sliders and POEs: https://youtu.be/E8rQI9sd4Ew


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Re: NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)

I can't wait to see this done. I was waiting for a good modern day roster to start my long term MyLeague.

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Re: NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)

Looking forward to it .

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Re: NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)

Sounds like my kind of roster. Are you touching tendencies/ratings at all? If the sim stats are looking good already, you probably don't have to much, but just wondering.
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Re: NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)

Wow, thanks for your work and dedication....im waiting for your roster.
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Re: NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)

Originally Posted by MavsManiac4Life
Sounds like my kind of roster. Are you touching tendencies/ratings at all? If the sim stats are looking good already, you probably don't have to much, but just wondering.
I've not touched attributes or tendencies for now (the only exception is the intangibile rating that i edited during the position changes in order to the roster the previous overall) beacause Sim Stats looks good.

I'll post some screenshots today to gave you a look

I'll maybe edit the durability for some players because this thing doesn't sounds good https://twitter.com/Real2KInsider/st...546240000?s=19

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Re: NBA 2K19 - Attention to detail roster (PS4)


Added full woody's edits for Eric Bledsoe, Zach LaVine, Jabari Parker, Lauri Markkanen, Harrison Barnes, Dirk Nowitzki, Julius Randle, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. More to come

And new CAP for Brad Wanamaker (Celtics), credit to javov10:

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