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D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

Hi all,

I have been uploading videos of gameplay using slider tweaks I made (after selecting HOF as the difficulty), and people are asking for the slider set.

Really, I only made SOME tweaks, mostly related to the player movement, to give the game a more organic feel. To help with the feel and ability to execute first steps, catch and go, moves in general, and to help fastbreaks feel more realistic.

Here are 6 gameplay videos below (game highlights) that I made. All of these are human vs human, but at the same time these are mostly player movement tweaks, so they work well playing against the CPU as well. Also, for those who love CPU vs CPU (Which those people exist), I find that the players move more realistic and it makes the experience more enjoyable.

I am the Pelicans here, my brother is the Nuggets

I am the Pelicans here, and my brother is the Warriors.

I am the Nets here, my brother is the Rockets

I am the Wizards here, my brother is the Rockets

I am the Bucks here, my brother is the Rockets.

I am the Pelicans here, my brother is the Heat.

Will these sliders be for everybody? absolutely not. Do the sliders fix the skating and being sucked in issues that are part of the games core? No, but the being sucked into other players is slightly curved by these tweaks. The bottom line is: Give them a try, and if you don't like them, they are just not for you.

No perfect slider set exists, and not all users are the same (Skill level, play style, etc). Find what is right for you.

So here are the tweaks, adjust for both USER and CPU and select HOF as your base.

Game speed: 50 (Default)
Dunk in traffic Frequency: 55
Dunk in traffic Success: 55
Pass Speed: 55
Body up sensitivity: 20
Driving Contact Frequency: 42
Inside Contact Frequency: 42
Layup Defense Strength (takeoff): 47
Layup Defense Strength (Release): 47
Jumpshot Defense Strength (gather): 40
Jumpshot Defense Strength (release): 40
Help Defense Strength: 45
Acceleration: 65
Speed: 55
Ball Handling: 65
Lateral Quickness: 60
OFF Reb - 35
DEF Reb - 65
Fatigue Rate: 40
Movement WITH the ball sliders - 72/47 split
Movement WITHOUT the ball sliders - 80/55 split

Note: Here are a few things to take into account:

1. I always have it on User Timing without the shot meter
2. Shooting Sliders - adjust based on your skill level. By default on HOF, most of them are at 45 while the CPU is at 55. Want an even playing field when playing the CPU? put them down to match yours or put yours up to match them. Want it to be a little more fair but for the CPU to still have a shooting advantage? Put them on 50 for you and leave the CPUs at 55.
3. HOF as a base is what I choose, but those player movement tweaks will work with any difficulty level, so do whatever you want.

I have been playing basketball video games for a very long time, and one of the things that happened with 2K19 and even 2K20, is the gameplay has player movement issues by default that make the game feel sluggish, blah, and often make the players not feel like real athletes. The goal of these sliders is mostly to loosen up the feel, and at the same time eliminate some of the "sucking in" to other players that occurs on the court.

No, I will not be updating these often. However, if the game goes through a big gameplay update (I doubt it will at this point), I will make some tweaks and post them here.


In responding to a question on the NLSC, I gave descriptive reasoning for most of my slider adjustments. This may help some of you understand why I made the changes I did, and why my gameplay looks the way it does.

One of the biggest adjustments I tried to make is to make with/without the ball movement make more sense. By default, the defense on the fastbreak can almost never catch up to the ball handler, and scrambling out to a shooter is almost impossible. I have the without ball sliders slightly higher than with, and this helps balance things out and make things more realistic, which I believe with translate well to User vs CPU gameplay. For example, in that most recent video I posted, I was able to get a chase down block with Favors from behind, as he was able to catch up when by default I dont think I would have been able to make that play.

In the gameplay videos I am showing, you will see my brother and I constantly icon switching and scrambling out to shooters, it keeps us busy constantly and fully immersed in the gameplay. With the speed adjustments I mentioned above, we don't feel completely helpless on ball swings on the perimeter, etc. (We also use Icon passing constantly, you will see a ton of that in the videos). The slight uptick I made in pass speed is to make moving the ball more realistic, and eliminate some of those slow/lobby passes that you rarely see in real life, but happen a lot by default in the game.

Acceleration at 65 helps players achieve more realistic first step/Catch and go movement, and helps fastbreaks feel more organic and true to life. it also helps with movement off the ball, whether you are coming off a screen, or making a face cut, etc

Ball handling moved up to 65 is to make the players move at more realistic speed on moves, and in general. Ball handling is heavily tied into acceleration/first step/catch and go speed, which is why Aaron Gordon feels like an absolute slug by default because his ball handling is somewhat low in the game, and the ball handling slider being 50 by default doesnt help either. And anybody who has watched Aaron Gordon knows that he has a very solid first step/catch and go. Putting the ball handling up to 65 doesnt make Brook Lopez, Whiteside etc dribble like Kyrie, either. They still cant do anything with the dribble, because 65 isnt overpowering, and they have low ball handling ratings as it is.

Body up sensitivity at 25 (down from 50) helps curve the constant sucking into other players that occurs by default, but keeps the game balanced physically. From my experience, it also helps with limiting the number of body steals that occur, and long drawn out contact animations that happen a lot by default.

Lateral Quickness at 60 allows for you to not only scramble better if needed, but also balances out the defense with the increase in the other player movement sliders (acceleration, ball handling, movement with the ball, etc). Its creates a good balance where my brother and I can cut eachother off at times on drives, or atleast get in position to body up where we otherwise would not be able to. At 60, it helped eliminate some of the sluggish feel you sometimes get trying to slide your feet. It also helps with help defense, as you can better go from weak side to help side (example, offensive player gets by his man and is headed to the hoop, but you are on the opposite block, you have the ability to get to the middle of the paint or opposite block quicker to contest)

The inside and driving contact frequency sliders are lowered a bit to also help with curving the "sucking into" other players which happens so frequently by default, and it seems to help with control, as we find less canned animations exist at the hoop with these lowered. I feel this will translate well against the CPU. It also creates more realistic sequences under the hoop as well, as opposed to seeing the offensive player constantly sucked into players around him, causing him to miss 4, 5 or even 6 times in a row right in front of the hoop. It also seems to help with making rebounding feel more realistic, and makes you feel like you have more control. My brother and I enjoy having rebound battles during the season.

Offensive rebounding is overpowering with both OFF and DEF REB sliders at 50 (default), which is the reason for the 65/35 split, it seems to balance rebounding out and make it more realistic overall.

The biggest goal of these sliders is to get the feel right, to have the game feel more organic and true to life on the sticks.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

Great job on these. I had to take a second look to make sure I wasnít watching a game on TV
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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc


I did some slight edits to the sliders in the first post, mainly to improve the interior defense a bit.

Here is a game my brother and I just played, which turned out a lot like the now NBA (The way the game has played now). Mostly threes and shots at the rim, and I got absolutely destroyed by Harden and Westbrook (Harden hits 3 threes in a row in the first quarter.

I kept making mini comebacks because I was playing well with Adebayo, and shooting well with Herro.

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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

Some more game highlights.

Grizzlies vs Rockets - I'm the Grizzlies. Human vs human gameplay.

I had a few nice blocks with Jaren Jackson Jr here, and Covington blocked one off the glass. The defense really picked up in the second half.

First half both of us shot around 52% from the floor, the second half we both shot around 42%.

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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

Played a great game tonight against my brother.

Pelicans vs Raptors - I'm the Raptors - Game highlights below

At 4:09 you will see a chase down block, followed by another block, and at 4:47 you will see a chase down by Ibaka. Some other solid highlights in here as well. But that was one of the goals with these sliders, to adjust with/without ball sliders so the fastbreaks werent so unrealistic (Where the player with the ball was running the same speed or faster than without). We couldn't catch eachother at all on the break with the default sliders.

But again, it was a good game (And we had fun). Which is the goal.

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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

What is your on ball defense slider?
True bout my business, Mane!
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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

Originally Posted by keshunleon
What is your on ball defense slider?

I select hall of fame as the difficulty followed by making the slider tweaks I showed in the first post.
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Re: D43 - Slider Tweaks - Player Movement, etc

I have to say Iíve been looking for the best slider set for a long time and this is the best by far I Used HOF CPU SLIDERS FOR Both shooting sliders and used some of Shady Mikes Tendencies sliders and I played One game it was by far the most fun game Iíve played yet
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