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Re: My slider set

Originally Posted by Playmakers
Yes utilize the coach settings for extra realism in gameplay....

I mentioned this in the slider demo thread tight defense is something we should be using especially on the perimeter combine this with the foul slider being high and off ball sliders will give you some nice perimeter action in the game

This guy Tonyattia appears to have a very keen eye for how the sliders + coaching options used together makes this game really good despite some warps.

I also believe tweaking some playbooks will also be beneficial to gameplay but I totally understand that's a lot of work which some guys just might not have the time to do.....

On a side note I disagree with some of the thought process of many here that this game is arcadey and not a SIM game.....

If tweaked right this game can render some SIM results depending on what your looking for this year.

People just have to be willing to roll up their sleeves and dive into the sliders just like those guys do over at the NBA 2K boards.
I've looked everywhere and I was under the impression you can't tweak or edit play books for every team?
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