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Re: >>> cabrillo24's NBA Live 2010 Gameplay Sliders <<<

Originally Posted by left4dead

Hey man. Did you know that by INCREASING the user FT shooting ability (as you did in your settings) actually makes it EASIER to make FTs?

Just thought I'd point that out because Fts were already very easy with the default/50 setting and by increasing it 10 becomes even easier.

I think you meant to make it a little harder, which would be decreasing it by -10.

I see your point, but by default on All Star I found that free throws are a good challenge for shooters who shoot 80% or above; however your 60-79% shooters become horendous. Obviously the more you play the easier it will get and you can adjust that rating as needed to suit your needs. Personally I believe where Live is flawed, I miss their right analog stick free throw mechanic, but 2Ks is by far the best when it comes to free throw mechanics.
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