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Re: Halo: Reach

Originally Posted by Flawless
We will see when the multiplayer beta arrives, but I don't expect to be wowed, especially not on the level of Uncharted. It's all about trade offs, and you can't possibly push those kind of visuals with the scale of encoutners in Halo, and if anything, I see Reach pushing scale even further. I guess they could always start heavely scripting things like Call of Duty, but would people really rather have that over Halo's large spaces and dynamism encounters?

Bungie has said, "Reach offers a lot of creative opportunities and a fresh approach to a universe we are all still very fond of.", and hinted at in both weekly updates and podcasts that while somethings may be familiar other things are going to be different, so maybe the Reach campaign will be more of a tight, scripted, cinematic experience.
I'm not looking for scripted necessarily, I think their "fresh approach" will be what I need....Halo 3 was obviously just more Halo for people, which I don't blame, just looking for more expansion than "Wow, Halo multiplayer on 360".
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