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Re: OS Nogster Roster Vol. 1 (for PS3) ...

Originally Posted by TheWalrus
Where you still wanting me to do cap work and help out with player tweeks or are you guys just wanting to have this be the last update you do? I have the roster and am looking it over, but I want to start my association if you guys are done.
This is strictly a Nogster Roster so we are done as far as there is no other spreadsheet with an update for it ... on the other hand, you can do it with the roster I will release "Vol. 5" between today and tomorow thus, if possible, I would like you to work hand in hand with seanbarkley (original cap creator) ...

On the other hand, there is no restriction to what you can do with any of the rosters on 2k share ... you can do it and post it so people get to know your work ... we (and I specially) consider as a valuable thing any collaboration we receive from our friends on the community ...
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