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PS2/PSP Modding
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[Guide] Modding, Editing, and Porting PSP & PS2 NCAA


I'll be posting some files and guides on how to mod PS2 and PSP NCAA series over time in this thread.

My idea of guides will include:
1) Opening rosters and making small changes
2) Porting PS2 <--> PSP
3) Knowledge Transfer of Key things for modding/editing
4) Porting PS3 --> PS2 + PSP
5) Other Mods

Some Basic Tools Required:

Tool depending on console format
  • PS2 Save using ActionReplay/GameShark etc. (PS2 only)
  • PSP or Vita with custom firmware and savedeemer plugin (deemerh.prx) (PSP only)
  • MyMC for PCSX2
  • ENCRYPT SAVE flagged to FALSE for PPSSPP
Madden XTremeDB Editor or prior versions (recommend newest one!)
Excel or another spreadsheet editor

PSP Info: The deemerh plugin creates the SAVEPLAIN folder and within the folder, an unencrypted copy of your save. This allows it to be edited. You can then edit these files (SDDATA.BIN). When you load a save within a game, and the plugin active, the game will look for matching files in saveplain first, before going to the standard SAVEDATA folder, so you only need to edit off of saveplain (as long as files of any date are present in savedata)

Alternatively, if you use PPSSPP, you can disable encrypt saves in the ppsspp.ini file. This will generate a data.bin that's not encrypted for editing. If you want to share the file later, you need to enable the flag again and save.

Some of these files can be found by google search, or on my website linked below.

OperationSports,, Football Freaks (
Users who've contributed, tested, idea generated, discussed, supported etc:
Reeshmd23, h4wduk3n, vikesfan059, Harry97, Volwalker, Brock, LuckySeven, jet5915wvu, jdhalfrack, and more!

NCAA Football 06 NEXT Mod

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