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Re: Madden 19 2006 Season Roster (PS4)

Originally Posted by soxfan98
I am doing my best to get player ages correct, my original roster I used is a legends roster I downloaded from PS4 share. I am making this as more of a franchise roster, so I will be changing the ages that need to be changed once I start a franchise with it, but Iíd say 80% of the ages will be correct without changing any in franchise. Unfortunately, we are unable to edit age/years experience in the main menu roster editor, but I am still working hard to create the best roster possible for the 2006 season.

As for draft classes, I have begun some work on a 2007 draft class that would match up with my roster, but I donít plan on working on that much until I have finished the roster as it is taking up much of my spare time. As a college student it is hard to find time between class/projects/work/social life sometimes to work on this, but I do find some time each night to get some players edited. [emoji16]

For injured reserve players, I have been editing them into an actual player from 2006, and when you start franchise you can just turn off pre-existing injuries and everyone will be healthy. I figured this would be a better option than having a 12 overall player on the roster that you canít release in the main menu.

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Does your roster have IMacs traits edits?
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