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Re: EA is Definitely More Serious About Franchise in Madden (Analysis)

Originally Posted by Sphinx
The NFL is very protective of their image and intellectual property. Anything that can be changed to make the NFL look bad or different from the image they want to present, they're against. I think this is a big part why we get limited features in cfm like suspensions, customized relocation, robust injuries.

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Honestly that is a complete cop out. Why would the NFL care if you relocated a team to a certain city, and got to choose your own colors and god forbid but a lion decal on your helmet. Or for that mater design a stadium.

You got ex players raping old ladies like Kellen Winslow, and or assualting people and even committing murders. Yet they are worried I might change the Tennessee titans to the Orlando wildcats?!?! I don't buy that for a second.

How is it anymore ridiclous if I could actually choose my team name and colors when relocating, but not anymore ridiclous to become a set number of pre-arranged team names like the Portland dreadnaughts for god sake? Relocation is relocation. If your that concerned that I am going to create a team called "the gay town butt pirates" and hurt your already diminishing image, Then at least give us a choice between like 30 pre determined names and logos. Because the pre-determined teams they have in the game suck and make relocation absolutely pointless. Sorry if it feels like I am ranting on you, but the whole protecting their image thing is stupid when relocation is already a part of the game
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