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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Terry Porter Draft Profile

Overview Combo G that can shoot and defend
Draft Rank 17th
Draft Projection Mid-late 1st
Stats PPG 17.9, 3.2 REB 3.3, AST 15.8. FG% 45, 3% 40, FT% 80

He is your typical jack of all trades and master of none prospect. He doesn't have a elite skill, but can score inside, shoot and defend. He is a playmaker on defense and will be able to get steals. He is already league average at a majority of skills. Since he is 6'3 and can play either G spot and is the type of guy that fits on about any team. He is a good playmaker so he could play the backup PG.

He is a bad really athlete about as bad you will get from a G. So your not going to see him blow past anyone with his speed or jump over them. He profiles more as a backup then a starter atleast for the next few years.

Fit With Memphis
The on the court fit would be fine he can hold his on right away with defense and can score enough. It might be hard for him to get minutes even if Tyus is gone. His playmaking skills you could get by with 10-15 minutes a game while Ja rest. Melton is playing great defense, Bane is getting better every week and Allen is a better shooter then him.

Memphis likely doesn't take him if they are drafting in the top 10. Even if they strike out on the big name wing players. They likely just go for a big that can play C like Hot Rod Williams, Oakley or Manute Bol. They do have two 2nd round picks, but he will not fall to the 2nd round. You could trade up for him using some combination of Tyus Jones and the 2nd round picks. If you have drafted a big with your top 10 pick you may want a more proven player instead of him.

*grades based on scouting for different teams so they may not be final

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