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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Beal Finally Traded

In what has been rumored for about 5 years now Bradley Beal has finally been traded at the age of 29. The West has been getting a lot of press for how stacked it is well the East just got a new powerhouse. The 76ers had long been trying to get Beal, but since they are somehow one of the worst teams in the league once again. They couldn't trade for him since they are down 2 future 1st round picks.

Hawks Thoughts (29-17
They are the current 3 seed and just made a major win now move. They now have a unbelievable offensive backcourt and will team Beal up with Trae Young. They keep both Hunter and Reddish so that should be enough wing defense ( B+) to get them by. They are losing two key young pieces and draft picks while its not all the chips in the table its a lot of them. Beal is owed major $ the next 2 years.

Wizards Thoughts (18-28)
Looking back they probably waited to long to trade him and maybe didn't get as much as they could have in years past. Beal is 29 and they aren't close to winning anything with him. Their 1st round pick this year is lottery protected (westbrook trade) so this confirms they will be able to hang on to that pick. They will also be buying out Westbrook. They do get 2 quality young players both with some potential. Lineman is a 19 year old athletic 6'9 240 pound 3/4 offense prospect. Yi is a shutdown defender the best young defense player in the game (A grade) that has yet to get a lot of playing time. He struggles on offense, but could easily become the next Thybulle. The Pistons 1st round pick could end up in the late teens/ early 20's. The other 1st they get is unprotected so anything could happen with it. They also pick up three 2nd round picks with 2 of them being in this draft. They will also be armed with ton of cap space now as Beal was making about 40 million next year and this is the final year for Westbrook's contract.

Lakers Thoughts (36-11)
They had a 12 million trade exception and used that to improve the roster without having to give up anything of note. The starting C is hurt for LA the next 6 weeks so they have AD at the 5 and Lebron at the 4. Bogdan will start at the 3 and this is the final year of his contract. They can now also trade KCP to get another big. Willy was legit needed with the injury at C and will battle it out for playing with Cousins and Ibaka.

Editors note - Willy H was suppose to go to the Lakers so i fixed it after the trade was made. Instead of including the dead salary of Eric Gordon I just used that spot for a 2nd round pick and did a homemade fix.

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