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Re: Kudos to EA: Madden NFL 24 sets new sales records!

Originally Posted by reverend_heat
I have zero reason to pump EA up, God knows I've been critical in the past, but for me
24 is the best football videogame I've ever played. I know 2k had better presentation, I know there are still warts present, but I am having a blast and the gameplay is finally dynamic enough that it doesnt have that old stuck in a rut repetetive feel to it. Doesn't hurt I also am on PC and have a bunch of amazing mods too.
Sorry to derail: Was digging into the PC version of the game as I have it on PS5. Is there a community like the CFBR discord that is for modders / content creators? I'm only aware of the OS Madden discord here: but I'm not sure how active it is.
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