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Re: Kudos to EA: Madden NFL 24 sets new sales records!

Originally Posted by JayD
I will have to disagree with you on this one. This will be the 2nd year in a row where I'll either not buy Madden or wait until it's 50% off. There are still far too many legacy bugs in the game. Penalty sliders don't work. Auto subs dont' work. Draft classes are bugged. Progressive lighting does not work. West coast game times are coded as east coast, etc. So many stupid small bugs which there is ZERO reason to not have been addressed.
Same boat. Love the onfield gameplay and graphics. Lots of cool contextual animations have really taken the action to the next level.

But off-the field (presentation, sliders, cfm ,etc)? Feels more like Im playing Madden 23.5 and I refuse to pay full price for half an upgrade that doesn't work as it should. Like you, I will either wait until it's 50% off (or more) or wait until it hits gamepass. Depends on how/when/if they address the broken aspects of the game
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