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Re: EA Sports UFC 5 Gameplay and Features Trailer

Hard blow the saber that in the CAF the archetypes continue as the only option to create a fighter.

It has no logic, much less offline, it has to leave freedom to create fighters, all of this saddens me.

Now all they need is for them to have removed the standing fight as a playable option I dead 😩

I had been encouraged by the idea of ​​having more space to store my created fighters, with numbers between 80 to 100 spaces, even many more would be wonderful for me, now shoot telling me that from 22 we went from to 30 😭.

But of course, with the archetypes, no matter how many slots they give us, we will be cloning a series of fighters with different aspects but in the end with the same fighting styles and very few variants in terms of their attributes, it is disappointing.

Maintaining the archetypes seems good to me as an option, what's more they could put a random option where a fighter is randomly created with its attributes, so that whoever wants to create a fighter more quickly, but never removing this option to completely create a fighter those of us who like to do it, at least those of us who play offline
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