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Re: EA Sports UFC 5 Gameplay and Features Trailer

Originally Posted by aholbert32
It makes me furious but I used all of my energy to fight against this in 2020 when I first heard about it.

The thought behind it (which I disagree with) is data shows most people use CAFs online or in Career mode. In career mode, you can increase attributes and move sets so this doesnt apply. Online, they think most people just want to create the cosmetics of their fighter and get online as fast as they can. They could care less if their fighter has certain moves.

They believe that people like me who use CAF to boost the roster and create real accurate fighters are a small minority so they would rather cater to the majority and force everyone to use the archetypes.
I get it, and as someone else said I know I'm preaching to the choir, but if this is their reasoning, then there is no reason why we cannot have optionality. When you're on the fourth or fifth installment of a series, you should be building on what worked. If they believe that there are players that want to create their fighters quickly and jump into the game then the archetypes should be an option for them. It does not mean that you take away a feature that plenty of people enjoyed (like you I disagree that we're some insignificant minority of players) in order to appeal to a different group. To put it another way, I truly don't believe anyone bought 4 or will buy 5 because of the archetypes. I do however believe there are people who didn't buy 4 and won't buy 5 because the way they play the game has been completely torpedoed, but what the hell do I know.

Thanks as always for your insight.
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