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Re: EA Sports UFC 5 Gameplay and Features Trailer

Originally Posted by aholbert32
The thought behind it (which I disagree with) is data shows most people use CAFs online or in Career mode. In career mode, you can increase attributes and move sets so this doesnt apply. Online, they think most people just want to create the cosmetics of their fighter and get online as fast as they can. They could care less if their fighter has certain moves.

Can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with them on this. CAF mode largely sucks so I only use it in career because I have to. Casuals probably won't fiddle with the stats to save time. Wonder how they've measured this data. Can they actually isolate time spend in each menu screen? Also, they forgot to mention it leads to min-maxing, which would just kill online even more.

Oh well... Between the crappy clinch not changing and CAF mode probably still lackluster, there's still a chance I end up buying the game. Depends on how 'present' the clinch will be. Will most likely take EA Play for a month and try the 10h demo first to see if career is more fun. If it's not, I simply won't buy. Apart from the presentation and the promising submission changes I don't see any reason to.
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