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Re: UFC 5 closed beta

Originally Posted by Raiseup
Got the beta code and played yesterday and today. Deleted the beta already. Reasons why:

- Online play is insufferably laggy, inputs take ages to happen.
- Spamming is still the most effective method as a single punch essentially freezes you in place, so it's a game of whoever throws a punch first wins.
- The input lag makes it impossible to react to a strike, you always have to predict.
- The doctors stoppage thing is overdone. Any cut and half a round of extra punches and the fight's called off.
- Online career is a drag and a half, far too slow to allow you to upgrade your stats, even with the 2XP boost. At regular speed you'd probably have to fight about 15 times before you can upgrade your character.
- You also can't train in online career so it's essentially just the same as UFC4 online reskinned.
- The addition of those silly outfits mean your opponent can wear a mask and obscure exactly where you've cut someone. This is basically cheating imo, as you have to guess where the cut is.
- Beta specific: the lack of fight now is dumb. I hate fighting online (for all the reasons above) and I can't just go in and pick someone offline to fight. Yes there are those challenges but I don't just want to repeat challenges to play offline.
- There's no tutorial for some reason
- Overall, the game is far too close to UFC 4 for my liking.
I didn't get a code and this feels like being hungry and watching someone throw away a bunch of food.
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