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Regular season games added following the end of group play in MyERA

So I noticed earlier this morning that the NBA has released the rest of the regular season games that weren't released when the schedule was finally given out back in August. The first week of December was left completely blank because that week is of course the knockout round and semifinals and finals of the in-season tournament. After you finish the group play games in your MyEra file you will see that particular week filled up with games ... HOWEVER I did notice that for the other 22 teams that don't make the knockout round for the tournament the games they play during that week DO NOT match the actual NBA schedule. For example:

The Orlando Magic are now scheduled to play Washington on Dec 6th on the road and the Philadelphia 76ers on Dec 8th on the road. According to the NBA schedule the Magic are scheduled for a road game on the December 6th at Cleveland and then host Detroit at home on December 8th.

Here's another small issue. In MyEra file the Miami Heat play at home against Charlotte on December 6th and then play at home on December 8th against Denver. Now Denver is in the Western Conference and as I scrolled down the Heat schedule guess what I find. The two games against the Nuggets that they would play like every season (Feb. 29 @ Denver; Mar. 13 vs. Denver) ... so I have a Western Conference team and Eastern Conference team that will play each other 3 times instead of 2 times during the season.

Going through the other teams I noticed that some teams either will be on the road for both games, some are home for both games and some have 1 away and 1 home.

I'm not saying this ruins the game for me but it does somewhat irritate me that something like this comes up. I can't remember the last time I was able to just play my franchise without having to do workarounds to things that shouldn't be issues.

Anyways, just giving everyone a heads up. Feel free to share any odd schedule making post tournament group play that you notice in your MyEra

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