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Re: Regular season games added following the end of group play in MyERA

Originally Posted by PhlliesPhan6
I'm not sure the exact methodology used by the NBA for the schedule here, but it makes sense that in MyNBA the schedule won't match exaclty that week since in your season different teams will advance to the quarterfinals. The remaining schedule is made from teams that did not advance.
Just from a quick look around at articles, the Miami Herald was the only outlet I found that mentioned any kind of methodology:

In scheduling the missing two games for the 22 teams that did not make the quarterfinals of the tournament, the NBA attempted to match up two teams from the same conference that were initially scheduled to face each other only three times instead of four.
So...I guess 2K could make sure their game logic prioritizes opponents from the same conference for creating those two games, but I can't say it's something that I'd ever notice or would bother me. It's never going to match the actual NBA so I'm fine with those two games being random opponents too.
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