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Tuesday, May 2, 2017
11:26 AM - May 2, 2017. Written by SBartlett
Open Source Campaign Proposal for 2K Sports
An Open-Source Campaign can Drive Passion, Ingenuity, and Interest for 2K Sports and the Community.

Preface: At Converse, I had the chance to work with Accenture software engineers to upgrade our company’s CRM. After many months of QA testing, it was quite clear that Accenture software engineers teamed up with business managers formed very powerful teams. The new CRM system was designed with the interests of the users (as best as ... Read More
Sunday, April 30, 2017
04:39 PM - April 30, 2017. Written by peter1000
I am thinking of doing a college baseball roster for MLB 17 the Show. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or if someone has already or currently working on this. It is going to be a big task and will take hours on hours to complete if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
05:56 PM - April 26, 2017. Written by kpeltz96
Detroit Tigers Depth Chart - 2017CatcherJames McCannAlex AvilaFirst BaseMiguel CabreraVictor MartinezSecond BaseIan KinslerThird BaseNick CastellanosShortstopJose IglesiasAndrew RomineLeft FieldJustin UptonCenter FieldTyler CollinsJaCoby JonesMikie MahtookRight FieldJ.D. MartinezStarting PitcherJustin VerlanderJordan ZimmermannMichael FulmerDaniel NorrisCory RiordanRelief PitcherJustin WilsonBruce RondonAlex WilsonAnibal SanchezBlaine HardyShane GreeneCloserFrancisco RodriguezDesignated HitterVictor ... Read More
07:40 AM - April 26, 2017. Written by monkz69
Season 1 has been done & dusted ... The Superbowl seen AFC - Australia Champions Darwin Crocodiles taking on NFC - Asia Pacific Champions Jakarta Red Devils. The teams travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to battle in front of an enthusiastic crowd.
The winner 14-6 and first ever APNFL Superbowl Champions are JAKARTA RED DEVILS !
... Read More
Monday, April 24, 2017
10:28 PM - April 24, 2017. Written by sturdyKSU
Kansas City Royals Depth Chart - 2017CatcherS. PerezD. ButeraFirst BaseE. HosmerB. MossSecond BaseR. MondesiThird BaseM. MoustakasC. CuthbertShortstopA. EscobarLeft FieldA. GordonB.MossT. GoreCenter FieldL. CainT. GoreRight FieldP. OrlandoB. MossT. GoreStarting PitcherD. DuffyI. KennedyJ. HammelJ. VargasN. KarnsRelief PitcherJ. SoriaM. MinorT. WoodsM. StrahmC. YoungP. MoylanCloserK. HerreraDesignated HitterB. MossC. CuthbertDisabled ListJ. Soler- 30 day DL
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
06:44 PM - April 18, 2017. Written by dgarrett92
Through out my time playing NCAA Football 14, I have made quite a few playbooks. Most times out of boredom, I would just randomly put formations together with similar plays but no real philosophy behind these formations. Then I started to tinker with flexbone sets presented in the game. Being a man who loves the option , both the spread and traditional under - center varieties, I began to employ these sets in their entirety, some I liked more than others. Once I found the sets ... Read More
I finally did it a few weeks ago ha. Record 82-15 with the Knicks.. got that trophy! Any challenge will be accepted. Like,Comment,Share the video and join https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnlineNationGaming and follow my https://www.twitch.tv/NYCDaFuture

Sunday, April 16, 2017
12:32 AM - April 16, 2017. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Twins at Chicago White SoxApr 7, 2017123456789RHEMinnesota (3-1)00010212511140Chicago (1-3)000000010140W: H. Santiago (1-0) L: D. Holland (0-1)Scoring SummarySCORING DETAILSMINCHWMIN4Vargas sac fly to center. Dozier scores.10MIN6Sano homered to left. Dozier scores.30MIN7Castro singled to center. Santana scores.40MIN8Rosario homered to center.50MIN8Grossman doubled to left. Dozier scores.60CHW8May tripled to center. Saladino scores.61MIN9Castro singled to left. Mauer scores.71MIN9Sano homered ... Read More
Sunday, April 9, 2017
12:37 PM - April 9, 2017. Written by Baebae32
Philadelphia 76ers (33-33) at Los Angeles Lakers (48-18)Mar 12, 20171234FinalPhiladelphia24282326101Los Angeles33222435114Top PerformersPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersTeam Stats ComparisonPHILALFG Made-Att42-8243-823PT Made-Att5-208-23FT Made-Att12-1620-30Rebounds4350Assists2521Turnovers139Steals712Bloc ks14Philadelphia 76ersSTARTERSMINFG3PTFTREBASTSTLBLKTOPTSL. Wilkins315-121-60-00800411B. Sloan3813-272-74-49820632B. Carr356-120-20-04300212D. Newman385-70-13-49200013R. Flores386-80-01-111151113BENCHMINFG3PTFTREBASTSTLBLKTOPTSA. ... Read More
Saturday, April 8, 2017
04:17 AM - April 8, 2017. Written by adembroski
Ok, so, I'm an old dad, so I don't have the kinda time some of you youngans do to play Madden, but I love franchise mode, love team building, so I created a system that allows me to make quick progress without spending inordinate hours in front of the TV.

Another reason is a split between direct play and sim results in more realistic injuries.

Now, let me start with this; I love Play the Moments. Fantastic feature. But it skips too much. I've developed my own system ... Read More
Friday, April 7, 2017
The grass in the new atlanta braves stadium is a neon green but ti WAY to overpowering on the yellow side.

Almost every other otehr stadium gras IS perfect MINUS The Phillies stadium which look GREAT last year but not this year.

For some reason the grass in atlanta stadiums shade of green is TOO yellow and neon looking


Any suggestion on how to get this across to SCEA quickly
Thursday, April 6, 2017
09:08 PM - April 6, 2017. Written by Baebae32
Houston Rockets (40-19) at New Orleans Pelicans (35-23)Feb 23, 20171234FinalHouston33202443120New Orleans23252641115Top PerformersHouston RocketsWayne Cheaney- 33 PTS, 6 AST, 5-6 3PNew Orleans PelicansJalen Buchanan- 43 PTS, 9 REB, 3 AST, 2 STLTeam Stats ComparisonHOUNORFG Made-Att42-6744-803PT Made-Att13-195-18FT Made-Att23-3322-29Rebounds4335Assists2829Turnovers126Steals611Bloc ks00Houston RocketsSTARTERSMINFG3PTFTREBASTSTLBLKTOPTSWayne Cheaney3412-195-64-40610333Louie Hailey332-40-15-8321039Curtis ... Read More
02:23 PM - April 6, 2017. Written by VAWereWolf65
What's up everyone. This is my first time really dedicating my time to fictional draft classes in 2k. I've messed around with them before but this year I really dedicated my time to making these good quality classes for you guys to use in your MyLeague and MyGM experciences. This will be a 3 part class (3 different years). Each class has 75-80 fully custom players (Attributes, Faces, Tendencies, Animations, etc.) plus a few buffer players for those of you who use the League Expansion feature and ... Read More
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
"Well, this is where it begins".

Hello OS Community, and welcome back to back to Brand Warfare! Where we last left off (admittedly, a very long time ago in real life, sorry for that), we were at the WWE World Title Match at Wrestlemania 32. Max and RAW had picked a contender, and I and SmackDown! had picked a contender, and those two were going to duke it out for the "Richest Prize in the Game". But I think it's high time to reveal just who those contenders are.
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Monday, April 3, 2017
07:13 PM - April 3, 2017. Written by Tomba
Hey guys good ol' Tomba here. Back with another one for everyone to try out and hopefully enjoy as much as I do. This years MLB The Show is REALLY a game changer. This year more than ever hit variety and fielding actually MATTER. The base game is good enough on it's own but I saw a few things I wanted to adjust so that it a game unfolded a little bit better.

Also Now Available on The Vault.

Use ANY Difficulty you like!

Dynamic Difficulty
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