When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

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Old 08-06-2011, 11:28 PM   #41
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Illinois has surprised me big time this year. Guess without the Tigers to whoop on them on opening weekend they got confident.

Thanks for following, I cannot wait to see how your dynasty turns out also.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Tigers obliterate the Bears

The Missouri Tigers walked into Waco ready for war. And for one quarter they got it, as the Baylor Bears held strong and only allowed Missouri a 53 yard FG with 23 seconds left in the first quarter. As soon as the first was over the Bears wilted, and a 10 yard option to Wide Reciever Wes Kemp put Missouri up 10-0.
The Tigers nailed a 28 yard field goal to take a 13-0 lead into the half, and while score wise it was still anyone's game anyone that was watching knew Missouri was winning this game. The Bears defense barely made stops, and it was only long time consuming drives by the Tigers that kept it from being 27-0 at the half.

The Missouri Tigers defense deserves a lot of the credit, as Jacquies Smith tied the NCAA record with 6 sacks on the day. The Bears managed only 6 first downs on the day.

J. Smith tying the NCAA record with 6 sacks on the day

A familiar sight: K. Edwards nailing another interception

Missouri scored on the ground three times, with Henry Josey, DeVion Moore, and Wes Kemp all scrambling for TDs.

Nov 5, 2011 - MU at BU
#6 Missouri (8-0)31014734
Baylor (4-3)00000
Team Stats Comparison
357Total Offense144
104Rushing Yards61
253Passing Yards83
17First Downs6
10-183rd Down Converstion0-12
Scoring Summary
0:23(MU) G. Ressel 53 yard field goal30
4:46(MU) W. Kemp 10 yard rush for a touchdown (PAT)100
0:26(MU) G. Ressel 28 yard field goal130
4:41(MU) J. Jackson 38 yard catch from D. Moore for a TD (PAT)200
1:42(MU) D. Moore 1 yard rush TD (PAT)270
3:37(MU) H. Josey 2 yard rush TD (PAT)340

Missouri POTG: J. Smith 11 tackles, 6 sacks, 1 FF
J. Franklin 20/33, 190 yards, 1 int, 0 td

Baylor POTG: R. Griffin went 9/22 for 83 yards and 1 int. He was sacked 8 times and hurried 10 more.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Around the league: Week 10

#6 Missouri destroyed the Baylor Bears 34-0
#23 Arkansas defeated #13 South Carolina 31-18
#8 Alabama overcame a 21-0 deficit in the first quarter to beat #11 LSU 46-24
#20 Texas A&M defeated #10 Oklahoma 22-21 on a TD with 0:01 left

Coaches and Media Polls
NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Nov 6, 2011
11Oregon (39)902
22Stanford (21)904
33Michigan State (1)901
44Penn State903
55Virginia Tech906
1012Oklahoma State8110

BCS Standings
NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Nov 6, 2011
22Michigan State90.994
44Penn State90.986
66Virginia Tech90.972
1012Oklahoma State81.950

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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Week 11 Preview: Put up or shut up weekend

#1 Oregon (9-0) is going to #2 Stanford (9-0) in a game that most believe will determine one half of the national championship game

#3 Michigan State (9-0) travels to Iowa (7-2) to try and lock down the Legends Division

#7 TCU (9-0) travels to #17 Boise State (6-2) to try and get revenge for their last loss, and also pretty much guarantee a perfect record for 2011. Kellen Moore will most likely be back for the Broncos though as he is currently Questionable.

Michigan (7-2) travels to #11 Illinois (7-1) to try and get into contention for the Legends Division incase Michigan State collapses down the home stretch.

#21 Texas (6-2) goes to #6 Missouri (9-0) to try and play spoiler much like they did to Nebraska back in 2010.

Matchup Preview *|* November 12, 2011
#21 Texas Longhorns
(6-2, Away)
#6 Missouri Tigers
(9-0, Home)
Game Notes
In 2009 the Missouri Tigers hosted the undefeated and #3 Texas Longhorns who routed them 41-7 enroute to a BCS National Championship Game.

In 2008 the #11 Tigers traveled to Texas and got beat down by the #1 Texas Longhorns as they traveled towards a Fiesta Bowl title.

In 2005 the Tigers hosted the #2 Texas Longhorns who destroyed them 51-20 enroute to winning the BCS National Championship.

This is the 4th meeting in a row where at least one team has a shot at going to the national championship. Texas is in the unusual role of spoiler, and will try to shut down James Franklin and get Garrett Gilbert going to take advantage of Missouri's weak secondary.

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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Texas Longhorns almost pull the upset

In a game filled with a lot of history, and the shoe on the other foot as the Texas Longhorns were trying to play spoiler against undefeated Missouri, the Texas Longhorns were one hit away from ending the Tigers perfect season.

MU struck first, opening up a 3-0 lead thanks to reliable G. Ressel's 21 yard field goal. The Horns responded in the second quarter thanks to Garrett Gilbert and his 68 yard TD pass to M. Davis, putting Texas up 7-3.

Missouri went 3 and out, and Gilbert wasted no time hitting M. Williams with a 50 yard TD pass, giving UT a 14-3 lead. Missouri responded with a 31 yard strike to R. Woodland to cut the game to 14-10. Garrett Gilbert drove Texas down to the 25, but when he went for a pass on 1st and 10 Will Ebner hit him hard on a blitz and ended Gilbert's game with a concussion. The loss of Gilbert as Texas's offensive leader showed immediately, as Texas struggled to get back into their rhythm.

M. Davis hauls in a catch that ends up being a 50 yard TD strike to give Texas a 14-3 lead

Missouri started a drive with 4:45 left in the third and D. Moore had an amazing 89 yard rush for a TD but it was called back due to offensive holding and went 3 and out.
Missouri got a decent drive going later in the third but choked and relied on G. Ressel to nail a 42 yard field goal to make it 14-13 with 2:04 left in the 3rd quarter. The Texas offense kept going 3 and out with Case McCoy not being able to get anything going.

McCoy snapped out of it and drove the Longhorns down to striking distance, and threw a perfect pass, only K. Jackson from Missouri got in the way and gobbled it up. Missouri went 3 and out again but they had stopped the Horns from gaining a larger lead that would have been almost impossible to overcome.

K. Edwards interception stops the Longhorn's attempt at a TD

The Tiger defense held, and with 2:45 left in the fourth quarter Z. Gooden made the biggest catch of his life, an interception deep in Texas territory to set up the Tiger offense with their best field position of all day. The offense faltered again but G. Ressel nailed a 25 yard chip shot to put the Tigers up 16-14, their first lead since the game was 3-0.

Z. Gooden nails an interception and returns it to give Missouri an easy scoring opportunity

Texas went 4 and out, and Missouri was running out the clock when D. Moore broke a 37 yard rush on third down to give Missouri a 23-14 lead with 21 seconds left.
C. McCoy was determined to not lose, and nailed D. Hales with a 81 yard TD strike with 0:02 left. Texas recovered the onside kick, but the final hail mary attempt fell incomplete as time ran out and Missouri prevailed 23-21 over Texas.

Missouri POTG: James Franklin went 24/41 with 294 yards and 1 TD
D. Moore had 14 rushes for 87 yards and 1 TD

Texas POTG: G. Gilbert went 9/13 for 138 yards and 2 TD

Nov 12, 2011 - TX at MU
#21 Texas (6-2)0140721
#6 Missouri (9-0)3731023
Team Stats Comparison
235Total Offense416
37Rushing Yards98
208Passing Yards318
13First Downs19
Scoring Summary
3:44(MU) G. Ressel 21 yard FG03
5:01(TX) Davis 68 yard catch TD from G. Gilbert (PAT)73
3:23(TX) M. Williams 50 yard catch TD from G. Gilbert (PAT)143
1:33(MU) R. Woodland 31 yard catch from J. Franklin (PAT)1410
2:04(MU) G. Ressel 42 yard FG1413
1:49(MU) G. Ressel 25 yard FG1416
0:21(MU) D. Moore 37 yard rush TD (PAT)1423
0:02(TX) D. Hales 80 yard catch TD from C. McCoy (PAT)2123

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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

After "Put Up and Shut Up" weekend things clear up

Games to watch results
#1 Oregon defeated #2 Stanford in what some are calling "Game of the Century". Oregon scored a FG early, and that was the difference, as in a back and forth battle Oregon slipped past Stanford 38-35 despite Andrew Luck throwing for 5 TD's and over 400 yards.

#3 Michigan State held off Iowa 21-19
#17 Boise State defeated #7 TCU 42-28 thanks to Kellen Moore returning and going 29/41 for 417 yards and 5 TDs.

#11 Illinois continued their dream season with a 30-24 victory over Michigan

Coaches and Media poll rankings
NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Nov 13, 2011
11Oregon (36)1001
23Michigan State (24)1002
34Penn State (1)1003
45Virginia Tech1005
910Oklahoma State919
21--Southern Miss10019

BCS Rankings
NCAA Football Rankings - BCS Rankings - Updated: Nov 13, 2011
11Oregon 1001.000
22Michigan State100.994
34Penn State 100.989
56Virginia Tech100.981
910Oklahoma State91.956
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Rankings and Season Analysis

There has been a lot of debate over teams their worthiness this year. One half of the National Title Picture looks clear as of right now, if Oregon can win out over USC and Oregon State and the Pac 12 title game they are in the national title. But Utah is looking good in the Pac 12 south right now, and wins over USC and Oregon State never come easy. It will be a long road to finish undefeated.

Meanwhile, if Michigan State and Penn State win out whoever wins the Big 10 title game will also go to the national title game. Penn State has to defeat Ohio State and Wisconsin to get there, while Michigan State has an easier road with Indiana and Northwestern.

The ACC front runner Virginia Tech and Big 12 leader Missouri both are hoping for two of the top teams to slip up, ideally Oregon and whoever loses the Big 10 title game. A 1 loss Big 10 champion, especially Penn State, could claim a legit shot at the title over an undefeated ACC and Big 12 champion with a big win over the #2 team in the nation in the last week of the season.

Virginia Tech has UNC and Virginia and the ACC title game to finish the season, and none of those games look to challenging. They should easily finish 13-0.

Missouri has played an amazing season, and nobody expected them to go 8-2 to start 2011 let alone 10-0. They only have to defeat Texas Tech and Kansas. Texas Tech looks like a snoozer, but never under estimate the Jayhawks in the Border War and their No Huddle spread offense with is averaging nearly 300 yards a game in passing will be hard for the Tigers to contain.

Alabama is the clear 1 loss favorite to make the leap to the NT game if it becomes available. Their only loss is to Penn State, in the opening game of the season, and the Nittany Lions are currently 10-0 and controlling their own destiny for the national title game. The Tide fans are hoping for a chance at revenge in the national championship. But the Tide need Oregon, Virginia Tech, Missouri, and Michigan State to lose to get there.

Stanford, Illinois and Oklahoma State all have back door chances at the title game. With neither one having to play in a title game, if 3 or more of the top 5 teams slip up then either one could play for the national title.

Undefeated Southern Miss (10-0) has no shot at playing for the national title unless huge upsets happen. Despite being the only undefeated non AQ, TCU and Boise State are the likely candidates to receive BCS bids, while Southern Miss will have to be satisfied with 13-0 if they win out.

Current prediction: With Oregon having such a rough road left and Michigan State wanting to disprove all the doubters, ESPN predicts a Michigan State vs Virginia Tech title game.

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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Week 12 Games to Watch

#3 Penn State (10-0) at #19 Ohio State (7-3): Penn State needs to win to keep their NT hopes alive

#8 Wisconsin (9-1) at #10 Illinois (8-1): If Wisconsin wins and defeats Penn State they are going to the Big 10 title game

#17 LSU (7-3) at #16 Ole Miss (9-1)

Matchup Preview *|* November 19, 2011
Texas Tech Red Raiders
(4-6, Away)
#5 Missouri Tigers
(10-0, Home)
Game Notes
Texas Tech enters the year attempting to spoil Missouri's magical season. Missouri cannot afford any slip ups if they wish to go to the national championship. A loss won't hurt the Tigers BCS chances, as they only need to go 1-1 to be guaranteed to make the 2012 Fiesta Bowl.

The Red Raiders must win if they wish to have any chance of going to a bowl game this year. They must win out, defeating Missouri and Baylor.

Missouri is not as large a favorite as one might think, as the Red Raiders run a prolific offense that preys on the Tigers weak spot, the passing game. Although as time has shown, the Tigers may give up lots of passing yards but they manage to hold on and shut down the pass when it's most important.
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