The Resurrection of Sonoma State

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The Resurrection of Sonoma State

*Season W/L records and records books will be updated in post #3


Hi all. My name is Scott, and this will be a thread to document my team builder dynasty, Sonoma State. I've been playing NCAA since 03, and have always loved it. I never joined a forum for gaming until recently. This forum has given me some great new ways to keep the game fun (house recruiting rules was new to me, as well as changing coach progression rate...never noticed I could lol). I hope to keep this entertaining.

Sonoma State is my alma mater. I graduated a few years ago and the college experience was amazing there, it definitely set me up for success. The downside: Football was discontinued in 1996. The D2 program that produced the great Larry Allen fell victim to title IX. The idea in this dynasty is to resurrect the dead program and make it great...but there are plenty of obstacles in the way.

Difficulty Levels
Difficulty= Heisman
Rosters= Unedited
Sliders= As of 2023: JKit's (custom until 2020, 2021-2022 on Matt10's)
Quarter Length= 9 minutes
Coach Progression= Slow

Progression Plan

I will NOT start out as Sonoma State. The reason being is that I feel it is unrealistic to start off as a head coach. I will be the OC at Idaho to start. I can go to any school that gives me an offer after that, but the one rule is that as soon as Sonoma offers me the job, I have to take it. No matter how ready or not I am!

EDIT: Hired as Sonoma State Head Coach in 2014

School Info

For full info on the school, you can find it by searching "Sonoma State" in team builder. My gamer tag is Teke302

Name: Sonoma State University
Nickname: Seawolves
Colors: Columbia Blue, Navy Blue
Rival: Fresno State
Roster: Cupcake (modified, more info later)
School attributes: Academic prestige is a B, campus atmosphere is an A. EVERYTHING ELSE is a D-, or however low it goes... its a startup program, after all.

Stadium: Lakeside Stadium (replica of Metlife). I chose Metlife for a few reasons. #1, it is large, so if or when the program does become successful, it will feel realistic to have a large stadium and large crowd. #2 is that the colors are almost exactly that of the school, so it has an overpowering HOME feel... which is hard to come by for teambuilder teams. Lakeside Stadium is a N/S oriented stadium on the north side of the campus, just north of the on campus lakes/fountains (hence the name). It is surrounded by open fields and views of the rolling hills near campus.

A couple side notes

I noticed that even with the "cupcake" roster, the game still gives you a few gems to build on. So. or Fr. players that are 70-75 overall. I don't like that. I read on here that someone made the entire roster seniors, so they had to start with mostly walk ons. I really liked that, so I stole the idea. The entire roster of 70 is a senior class. Many have been modified anyway to be MUCH worse players.

Although I will not start at Sonoma, I will follow it in this thread. With all my updates from Idaho (and wherever I am after that), I will keep you updated on the Seawolves.

Please leave comments and feedback...and enjoy the resurrection of Sonoma State!

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House Rules

House Rules Section

Recruiting Rules
These rules come into effect once I'm a head coach. They are team prestige based. Rules are subject to change to maintain challenge. They CANNOT be changed for ease, but can only become more strict.

Added 1/23/16- Total Recruits: Effective starting in the 2017 season, the total amount of scholarships may only be 3 more than graduating seniors.

Change 9/21/16- General provisions:
-Must be in preseason Top 10 of all targets
-No redshirting JUCO Transfers
-No redshirting 4* recruits. Must see field in some capacity (IE Nickel DB)
-5* recruits must start at given position as freshman
-Homegrown Rule: Must maintain 45 players from CA on roster at minimum

Prestige Based Recruiting

Players Leaving/Transfers

Transfers (Edited 9/21/16):
-Any player wishing to transfer may only be persuaded to stay if he is guaranteed to be a starter EDIT: may not convince transfer players to stay.
-Must Accept All Transfers

Pro Draft
-RS juniors may not be persuaded to stay, as it is assumed they have completed their degree
-No player rated above 90 overall may be persuaded to stay
-An underclassman may be persuaded to stay if he projected lower than a 3rd round pick. May not spend more than 200 points to convince him to stay.

Joining Conferences

In 2015, I joined the C-USA. I look at the C-USA as a lower level conference, good for programs that need to build success. I plan to join the MWC conference one I reach "mid major" status, and from their either PAC-12 or Big 12. The rules to progress conferences are as follows:

Edit: Scrapped the rules for reaching conferences in order to maintain a challenge. Moved to Big 12 in 2019.

Prior Conference Movement Rules

Reaching Power Five
EDIT: Moved to Big 12 for 2019 season

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Season Recap Section

Yearly Update Section

Updated 11/13/18

Program Info
Program Overall Record: 114-35
Conference Championships: 8 (2022)
National Championships: 2 (2022)
Longest Win Streak: 43 (2020 game 2 - 2023 game 3)
Longest Losing Streak: 12
Longest HOME Win Streak: 35 (current)
Top 25 Finishes: 8
First Ranking: November 21, 2016 (Week 14) | debut at #25
First Victory Over Ranked Opponent: November 12, 2016 (Week 13) | Defeated #17 LTU 49-10

Coach Info

Seasons: 10
Coach Career Record: 114-23
Winning Seasons: 9
Longest Winning Streak: 43
Record Vs. Rivals:
5-2 (Vs. Fresno)
4-0 (Vs. San Diego State)
Vs. Top 25: 31-11
Bowl Record: 8-1
Top 25 Finishes: 8:

Coach of the Year Awards: 6 (most recent: 2022)

Season W/L Records

Idaho (Offensive Coordinator):
2013: 6-6, no bowl game

Sonoma State (Head Coach):










Bowl Games

Conference Championships


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All Americans/All Conference

Award Winners
Updated 6/29/18

All Americans


Heisman Winners


Draft Classes


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Records/ Honorary and Retired Numbers

Retired Numbers
A number is eligible for retirement if the student athlete displays excellent sportsmanship, athletic skill, and scholastic achievement. To be eligible, they must have been an integral part of the football program during their time at Sonoma State. Transfers are not eligible to have numbers retired.


#3 - QB Brian Givens 2014-2017 (Retired 9/14/19)
Givens came to Sonoma State as a 3* recruit in 2014. He chose the Seawolves program over several more successful and storied programs. He was the first recruit head coach Scott Wright landed during his tenure. Givens proceeded to start every game for the Seawolves from 2014-2017. He took over a winless program, and over the years lead them to a 13-1 season and #3 ranking as a senior. Givens holds every passing record for the Seawolves, and ran for nearly 2000 yards in his career. He was integral in making Sonoma State a household name, and forced opponents to give extra game planning for his skillset. He was a captain all four years during his tenure. The retirement not only honors his success on the field, but his drive to turn Sonoma State into a competitive program.

Record Books
I replaced San Jose State- As such, I inherited their school records. In this storyline, my school records are carried over from when Sonoma was a D2 program

Passing Records
Passing TD (Career): Brian Givens (2017) - 148
Passing TD (Game): Brian Givens (2017) - 7
Passing TD (Season): Brian Givens (2017) - 51
Passing Yards (Career): Brian Givens (2017) - 15874
Passing Yards (Game):
#1) Mike Jennings (2022) - 528 (Vs Baylor)
#2) (Tied) Brandon Jefferson (2021) - 516 (Vs Oklahoma) | Mike Jennings (2022, Vs TCU)
#3) Brandon Jefferson (2021) - 501 (Vs Boise State)
#4) Mike Jennings (2022) - 492 (Vs Oklahoma State)
#5) Brian Givens (2014) - 484
Passing Yards (Season):
#1) Mike Jennings (2022) - 5615
#2) Brandon Jefferson (2021) - 4936
#3) Brian Givens (2017) - 4899

Receiving Records
Receiving TD (Career):
#1) Ryan Newhall (2019 - 2022) - 51
#2) Chase Browne (2015 - 2018) - 34
Receiving TD (Game): TE #44 (2016) - 4
Receiving TD (Season):
#1) Ryan Newhall (2021) - 18
#2) Chase Browne (2017) - 15
Receiving Yards (Career):
#1) Ryan Newhall (2019 - 2022) - 5694
#2) Chase Browne (2015 - 2018) - 4027
Receiving Yards (Game): WR #87 (2014) - 301
Receiving Yards (Season):
#1) Ryan Newhall (2022) - 1831
#2) Ryan Newhall (2021) - 1628
#3) Chase Browne (2017) - 1554
Receptions (Career):
#1) Ryan Newhall (2019-2022) - 372
#2) Chase Browne (2015-2018) - 268
Receptions (Game): WR #87 (2014, Vs. Rice)/ Anthony Lester (2019, Vs. South Carolina) - 17
Receptions (Season):
#1) Ryan Newhall (2021) - 119
#2) Ryan Newhall (2022) - 115
#3) Chase Browne (2017) - 103

Rushing Records
Rushing TD (Career): HB #33 (2017) - 64
Rushing TD (Game): HB #33 (2016) - 5
Rushing TD (Season): HB #33 (2016) - 32
Rushing Yards (Career): HB #33 (2017) - 4224
Rushing Yards (Game): 1990 HB - 293
Rushing Yards (Season): Jeremy Thomas (2018) - 1801

Defensive Records
Interceptions (Career): Marcus Franklin (2017) - 18
Interceptions (Game): Marcus Franklin (2017) - 4
Interceptions (Season):
Tied #1) John Lloyd (2022) | 1984 DB - 9
Sacks (Career):
#1) Maurice Godfrey (2021)- 44.0
#2) Deandre Cade (2017) - 40.0
Sacks (Game):
#1) Howard Wyatt (2022) -5.0 (Vs. Oklahoma)
#2) Nick Chambers (2014) / Maurice Godfrey (2021) - 4.0
Sacks (Season): Tyler Alexander (2018) - 19.0

NCAA Records Set By Sonoma State

Longest Kick Return: Kyle Webb, 103 yards (2020)
Career Receiving yards: Ryan Newhall, 5694 yards (2019-2022)
Career Receptions: Ryan Newhall, 372 (2019-2022)

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Games 4-6

This post has been used to archive the first half of my 2013 season with Idaho. This was done to free up room in the early posts for rules, yearly updates, etc. As such, this is now a really long post, including half the season, along with the preseason headlines.

Idaho Announces New Offensive Coordinator

Moscow, ID. -- In a desperate move to become relevant, Idaho has taken a major risk. They have hired 24 year old Scott Wright as their Offensive Coordinator for the 2013 season. In a move the athletic director described as "pioneering," Wright will have an opportunity most people his age could only dream of. Many have criticized the move, stating Wright has NO collegiate football playing experience to even build on.

Wright, an assistant coach from Desert Canyon High School, drew the attention of Coach Paul Petrino with his high powered offense. Petrino decided to take a risk and see how it would work at the college level.

During the press conference, Wright gave a bit of insight into the offensive scheme. "Expect a lot of plays out of the gun, and expect 3 WR and single back sets often." When asked if that meant it would be a pass heavy offense, Wright only smirked and stated "I guess you'll have to see...you can do a lot out of just a few basic formations."

Although game tape is limited, maxpreps does show a very balanced trend in statistics from Desert Canyon. Wright, who called the offense for only 2 years, showed almost a precise 50/50 balance between the run and the pass.

How will this translate to the collegiate level? Only time will tell. If it goes up in smoke, we can not only expect to see Wright run out of town...but Petrino to go with him.

Football is Back at Sonoma State

Rohnert Park, CA -- The much awaited return of football to Sonoma State is over. After nearly a 2 decade hiatus, Sonoma will field their first team since 1996. "The school is buzzing with excitement, this is big for SSU" said school president Roy Arminta.

The school announced the return last year, and many expected it to be 3-4 years until the plans would come to fruition. Large alumni donations and a strong walk-on interest from current students fast forwarded the plans. For the time being, home games will be played at Santa Rosa Junior College. Lakeside stadium, the stadium being built on the north side of the campus, is expected to be fast tracked and completed in time for the 2014 season. The stadium was originally going to be a major structure to support multiple sports, but due to the accelerated upstart of a football program the plans have changed. The stadium plans now consist primarily of grandstands behind each sideline. The original plans called for a 30,000 seat stadium, but the new plans will seat approximately 20,000. "The important thing is to get our facility up and running. the design will now allow for growth through expansions and renovations" said Arminta.

Sonoma State will play a hybrid schedule, with 6 FCS opponents and 6 FBS opponents this season. They will slowly play more FBS opponents in the coming years until they are a full FBS participant in 2015.

Sonoma, which last played in division II, decided to take a leap of faith and make a run at FBS. "We expect a rough start, as any start up program would, but we decided if we were going to take on football we needed to go all out in order to be successful. Nothing says that like going into the FBS level" said Arminta.

Critics says Sonoma should have stuck in FCS and worked their way up. Time will tell how this grand experiment works out.

Week 1: Idaho at North Texas

Idaho 28(1-0) -- North Texas 26(0-1)

Idaho Offensive Stats
Total Offense: 478 yards
Rushes/Yards/TD: 40/193/3
Passes/Yards/TD: 25/285/1
3rd downs: 2/8 (25%)
4th downs: 1/1 (100%)
Redzone: 7 attempts, 4 TD, 0 FG (57%)
Turnovers: 3

Passing Leader:
QB #12: 20/25, 285 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT. Rating: 164.9

Rushing Leader:
HB #7: 17 carries, 118 yards, 6.9 AVG, 1 TD

Receving Leader:
TE #86: 4 rec, 68 yards, 17.0 AVG

Game Summary: QB #12 started hot, 7/7 for 90 yards. It turned ugly quick after 2 straight interceptions. 3 first half turnovers, including a pick 6 from the NT 1 yard line, kept North Texas in the game. Idaho lead 7-6 at the half. The second half saw the Idaho offense tear open, with 5 20+ yard plays. Missed field goals (0/2) kept the game close till the end. Coach Petrino demands better production in the redzone and on 3rd down, as well as less turnovers. Overall, a sloppy win.

Week 2: Idaho Vs. Rice

Idaho 42 (2-0)-- Rice 28 (0-2)

Idaho Offensive Stats
Total Offense: 573 yards
Rushes/Yards/TD: 40/245/4
Passes/Yards/TD: 29/328/2
3rd downs: 8-12 (66%)
Redzone: 6 attempts, 4 TD, 0 FG (66%)
Turnovers: 3

Passing Leader:
QB #12: 21/29, 328 yards, 2 TD, 3 INT. Rating: 169.4

Rushing Leader:
HB #7: 20 carries, 184 yards, 9.2 AVG, 2 TD

Receving Leader:
WR #87: 5 rec, 106 yards, 21.2 AVG, 1 TD

Game Summary: Idaho had a very quick start, and rode it through the game. After jumping out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, they carried momentum into the 2nd, with #7 taking a handoff for 84 yards and a TD to build a 21-7 lead. The Vandals went into the half up 28-7, and continued to roll through the third. QB #12 hit #87 for a 64 yard touchdown, in an offensive effort that saw Idaho rack up 9 plays of over 20 yards. Despite all the big plays, they still managed 26 first downs in the game. There were mistakes though. QB #12 had another 3 INT performance, 2 of which came in the red zone. Idaho abandoned the no huddle offense in the 4th quarter, in an effort to drain the clock and leave without injuries. Overall, the win was impressive, and things are looking promising in Moscow.

Week 3: Idaho Vs. #25 Northern Illinois

Idaho 17 (2-1) -- #25 Northern Illinois 21 (2-0)

Idaho Offensive Stats
Total Offense: 347 yards
Rushes/Yards/TD: 28/130/1
Passes/Yards/TD: 27/217/1
3rd downs: 4-10 (40%)
Redzone: 6 attempts, 2 TD, 0 FG (33%)
Turnovers: 3

Passing Leader:
QB #12: 16/27, 217 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT. Rating: 116.7

Rushing Leader:
HB #7: 12 carries, 103 yards, 8.5 AVG, 1 TD

Receving Leader:
TE #86: 5 rec, 76 yards, 15.2 AVG, 0 TD

Game Summary: In the only home game against a ranked opponent, Idaho came out strong. Struggles in the run drove the Vandals to rely on the pass in the first half, and allowed them to jump out to a 17-0 lead at the half. The Huskies looked confused offensively, as they struggled to pass midfield. The second half, however, took an ugly turn. The Huskies depth began to show, as they rallied back to take a 21-17 lead, including a pick 6. The Vandals drove downfield twice, once reaching the Huskies 2 yard line. Two late redzone interceptions sealed the Vandals fate.

Idaho Shows a Strong Start

After snagging two wins in their first two games, The Vandals managed to drop one at home to the Huskies of NIU. The loss did show a strong effort, as the Vandals were up 17-0 at the half against the #25 ranked team in the nation. Turnovers proved to be their downfall, with three second half interceptions.

Turnovers have been commonplace for Idaho this year, as QB #12 has thrown three in every game. Many of those interceptions have come in the red zone. Coach Petrino has said there is sticking by his senior QB. "Its been a rough start, but these kids are also getting accustomed to a new offense. The turnovers are frustrating, but I think they're learning and showing a lot of progress" said Petrino. "A new system is always hard. I think they're getting the hang of it. We stuck in the game against a ranked opponent. I'd prefer a win, of course, but I think that shows progress for this program" he added. Petrino also stated he was excited about how well the team has played, and that they're staying healthy. "We've had a few dings during the games, but no one is out. We've got everyone suiting up for every game, hopefully we can keep it that way."

Petrino's offensive side has been impressive. So far the Vandals are averaging 466 yards of offense, good enough to rank #13 in the nation. They also boast the #17 passing offense, with 276 yards per game. These are vast improvements from the offense of 2012. Thats thanks to the new offensive scheme brought in by Scott Wright, the 24 year old offensive coordinator. "He's got a lot to learn about the game, and he's doing it quickly. He's a hard worker who is driven to succeed, he's got a lot of potential" Petrino said of Wright.

Wright fielded some questions of his own at the press conference this week, and didn't shy away from responsibility. "We should have won against NIU. I should have stuck with the run once it opened up in the 3rd, but I didn't. I feel like a lot of its on me" Wright said. He also addressed the turnovers, "Its frustrating. I know I came in here late, so we haven't had as much time to install this offense as we would like." Wright was brought in after spring ball, and only had the summer to work with the offense. As impressive as it has been, Wright says theres a lot of work to be done. "We're only running about 70% of our plays, and 50% of our formations. Once were at 100%... oh man... I guarantee this will be a fun team to watch" he said. With the stats as they are, its already fun to watch.


Injuries: none

Recruiting news: none to report

Team Stats
Record: 2-1
Points per game: 29 (#42)
Total Offense per game: 466 yards (#13)
Rushing Avg: 189.3 (#24)
Passing Average: 276.7 (#17)
Total Defense: 328 (#48)
Rush Defense: 104 (#19)
Pass Defense: 224 (#85)
Turnover margin: -5

Passing Leader:
QB #12: 57/81, 830 yards, 4 TD, 9 INT

Rushing Leader:
HB #7: 49 att, 405 yards, 8.3 avg, 4 TD, 135 YPG

Receiving Leader:
WR #87: 13 rec, 208 yards, 16.0 avg, 2 TD, 69 YPG

Sonoma State Record: 0-3

Note: Oddly enough, I'm competing with Sonoma for many of my recruits I assume they are drawn in by the playing time.

Week 4: Idaho at Washington State (Simmed)

Idaho 16 (2-2) -- Washington State 38 21 (3-1)

Idaho Offensive Stats
Total Offense: 439 yards
Rushes/Yards/TD: 35/137/0
Passes/Yards/TD: 38/302/1
3rd downs: 9-18 (50%)
Redzone: 3 attempts, 0 TD, 2 FG (66%)
Turnovers: 2

Game Summary: The Vandals were in it till the end. Through 3, they trailed 17-16, until the Cougars rattled of 21 unanswered in the 4th to seal the win. More red zone issues and turnovers for the Vandals dropped their record to .500 on the year. The frustration is becoming apparent for players and coaches alike, and something needs to be change before it costs them a season (and the coaches their jobs).

Passing Leader:
QB #12: 19/38, 302 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT. Rating: 114.9

Rushing Leader:
HB #21: 11 carries, 65 yards, 5.9 AVG, 0 TD

Receving Leader:
WR #19: 9 rec, 151 yards, 16.7 AVG, 0 TD

Week 5: Idaho Vs. Temple (Simmed)

Idaho 17 (2-3) -- Temple 24 21 (3-1)

Idaho Offensive Stats
Total Offense: 354 yards
Rushes/Yards/TD: 31/94/1
Passes/Yards/TD: 35/260/1
3rd downs: 5-13(38%)
Redzone: 4 attempts, 2 TD, 1 FG (75%)
Turnovers: 2

Passing Leader:
QB #12: 18/35, 260 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. Rating: 117.5

Rushing Leader:
HB #7: 16 carries, 78 yards, 4.8 AVG, 0 TD

Receving Leader:
WR #2: 8 rec, 128 yards, 16.0 AVG, 0 TD

Game Summary: After staying even at 14-14 through the first two quarters, Idaho could only muster a field goal through the second half and dropped their third straight. The once impressive offense sputtered and QB #12 barely managed to complete 50% of his passes. The big plays have eluded the Vandals lately. In their first 3 games, they had 16 plays of over 20 yards. This week they managed just one. Petrino stated he is stepping in and giving QB #11 the start for the next week, citing a need for more mobility.

Week 6: Idaho at Arkansas State

Idaho 56 (3-3) -- Arkansas State 24 21 (2-4)

Idaho Offensive Stats
Total Offense: 614 yards
Rushes/Yards/TD: 35/289/5
Passes/Yards/TD: 21/325/3
3rd downs: 4-5 (80%)
Redzone: 6 attempts, 6 TD, 0 FG (100%)
Turnovers: 0

Passing Leader:
QB #11: 16/21, 325 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT Rating: 253.3

Rushing Leader:
QB #11: 18 carries, 145 yards, 8.0 AVG, 1 TD

Receving Leader:
WR #87: 5 rec, 106 yards, 21.2 AVG, 0 TD

Game Summary: In a downpour, Idaho found their missing link. It appears all they needed was #11, as he alone accounted for over 450 yards of offense. Idaho scored 21 in the first quarter to start off the route. An option running game combined with deep passing provided plenty of big plays. The Vandals averaged just north of 20 yards per completion when passing, and for the first time this season avoided committing any turnovers. After 3 rough losses, Idaho boasted their best offensive attack of the season, with over 600 total yards. The win puts them back at .500.

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Re: Games 4-6

Solid start for you as OC. I'm digging the playbook you described. I was messing around with the playbook the other night because I wanted a 3 WR 1 TE base package off the spread formations. So far its worked pretty well. It kind of reminds me of the New England Patriots and how they move Gronk all over the field for mismatches.
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Re: The Resurrection of Sonoma State

Looks good so far. I like the idea of not coaching at Sonoma State right away. Curious to see how long it will be until you get an offer from them. Also should be interesting to see what kind of recruiting class they can pull in with all seniors.
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