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MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

I see there is a uniform wishlist, but no general wishlist for 21.

Seeing as it will be next gen, hopefully a lot of things can be added that were not possible during this generation due to memory allocation or hardware limitations.

Just a few things on top of my head.

1. Improvements to franchise, including expansion teams instead of just replacement, and relocation options after each year. Similar to NBA 2k's franchise mode.

2. Added vault slot for created teams, for sharing and downloading. An area outside of any mode to create teams and save them would be nice to, instead of having to enter franchise mode.

3. More slider options to tweak gameplay. With more increments, 20 instead of the current 10 for example.

4. Larger uniform selection for each team. Including time period specific uniforms, longer sleeved baggy uniforms from the 1910's for example. That can be matched with legend player and old school rosters from the vault.

5. Improvements to the gameplay against CPU. Including hitting and run production without them being impossible to strikeout. (Maybe new slider options will be able to remedied this issue if not default)

6. Season mode or at the very least the option to change franchise season length and playoff series lengths.

7. Playoff mode expanded upon, with the ability to change the format or add more teams. 8 from each league for example.

8. With the game going multiplatform, I hope to see it come to the PC. For the mods alone this would be amazing.

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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

I want Diamond Dynasty to retire and ride off into the sunset like a good little cowboy.
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

Originally Posted by Caulfield
I want Diamond Dynasty to retire and ride off into the sunset like a good little cowboy.

WISHFUL thinking. lol
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

Baggy uniforms...

Create a uniform shouldn't cancel uniforms offered...
Sometimes I don't want to make a uniform some of the uniforms that are offered are beautiful make it so we can readlocate without making a uniform

Ability to add any player from roster to franchise anytime during season...

Bring back Basic Helmet no flaps...

Sometimes short players just don't look proportionately correct and their helmets look way too wide and big.
Would like to be able to adjust the size of a players head.
Smaller guys Heads are too big for their bodies

Fix cut sleeves on created uniform they need to be cut higher like these Reds uniforms...

When you relocate a team Let's say the Milwaukee braves please say both Names don't just say braves don't only say Milwaukee...
Please say Milwaukee Braves. Brooklyn Dodgers throughout the game etc.
The city and team name said together is just more rewarding.

If new audio names could be added maybe take a quick look at a Historic MLB name database.

I noticed that some of the legends didn't have numbers.
I thought that was really cool.
I would love to have that option for created players no number.

Editable career stats.

Sometimes numbers are reused by other players. For instance I would like to be able to use number 9 for Roger Marris and Hank Bauer Simultaneously.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank the staff for added nicknames like Stan The Man Musial... Shoeless Joe Jackson etc.
This is the most incredible baseball game. It just keeps getting better and better.

Looking forward to next year's game on playstation 5.
Thank you for this beautiful game.


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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

1. Franchise improvement, more depth, etc.
2. Revamped body models. These have been the same since ps3.
3. Uniform physics.
4. Better commentary/revamped presentation. Updated cutscenes, especially after victories.
5. Managers only wearing jackets if weather permits.
6. Better framerate. Still don't understand how a PS exclusive (until next year) has such a ****ty framerate.

Unfortunately, DD will get a huge boost with multiplatform next year, that will be that much more money SDS will make from this crap obession with a Card game.
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

posted this in franchise discussion, but think it might belong here more:
I absolutely love the game and play exclusively franchise every year 162 games on quick pitch for years. One thing I'd like to try and have somehow, would be to incorporate the feature of "live rosters" for each actual game, into that corresponding game in franchise mode. Maybe it could be done in monthly increments? i.e. after April ends in MLB, the daily rosters and lineups could be downloaded to use in April franchise games. After April games in franchise are played, you have the option of continuing on from there, doing everything manually, or waiting for the next months download, then continuing on. This could even be a premium feature. I would gladly pay like 20-$25 for a year subscription. No more having to tinker with rosters and lineups and rotations etc to get realism. Not sure if this is possible, or been suggested before, would be pretty cool IMO.
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

As far as gameplay;

The only think I'd really like to see is a tweak to hitter power.

Edgar Martinez as my example; he may not have had elite HR power.. but name a player that had better gap power? The list is pretty short. I'd like to see that reflected in the game.

As far as franchise;

Player stats editor
Ability to edit player options
Ability to turn the retired number system off (simply has to happen!!)
Morale should only apply to players once they hit arbitration, IMO
Contracts have to be redone. There has to be a dividing line for major and minor leaguers.

Ideally, I'd love to see MLBtS Franchise to mirror OOTP. I don't think that's realistic or possible. The 5 things above would shut me up for a VERY long while. 2 of the 5 probably would, LOL.

I hope the game gets a PC release as well. But I won't hold my breath on that one.

... really tip my hat to SDS for a fantastic release at the end of this console gen. I think this is the strongest version I've ever played, hands down. Thank you for that.

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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

As a first time player of this game because of the pandemic I must say initially it was great. But now that I’m entering August in my franchise I realize how awful the stats being recorded are. They arent accurate, they don’t score things properly like Sac Flies. End of month awards are an absolute joke. They just add together the previous months stats. Very disappointing. How is it possible for Kenley Jansen to appear in 39 games in the month of July!! They should have an edit option that lets the user go in an Manuel change whatever they want!
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