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CPU Generated players

Is it just me or after playing for a few years, the CPU generated players start to not look like baseball players.

I swear, everyone is either from International location, or has a goatee.
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Re: CPU Generated players

I could be wrong, but I think facial hair is random and not weighted towards the more common beards/lack of facial hair. So you've got a 1/20 chance of being clean shaven, whereas in reality most people are even clean shaven or have one of about 3 generic stubble beards.

Perhaps it is weighted, I don't fully know, but if it is weighted then it's not got the right balance
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Welcome back baseball
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Re: CPU Generated players

Yeah you definitely get some interesting characters as you progress.

But my counter is that I edit draft picks to match real life current draft picks and future. I don't always do all of them as some only last maybe a year in the game before being replaced, but I do the higher rated prospects.
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I miss the old OS

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Re: CPU Generated players

It may just be me, but I cant remember the last time I saw a futures player or any player have the "Rollie Fingers" stache. LOL
It's a video game! It can't portray real life elements, chemistry or emotions. It doesnt see changing eye levels, today's baseball, strategies. It sees programming. Just have fun and play :)
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Re: CPU Generated players

Yeah I mostly stick with guys who have face scans. It’s like the difference between regular cars and premium cars in GT6 if anyone remembers that. Give me 28-year-old, face-scanned, 58 OVR Max Moroff as a system-depth infielder over some plastic-looking 21-year-old with A-potential any day, even though that makes no sense.

But like cb said, just jump in that editor and give a guy some real love and suddenly he’s one of your favorite players because you put that work in on him. I’ve made several of those over the years, and do similar with most of the Tigers current prospects. Getting player-likeness as close to real-life as possible does wonders imo, including having an effect on how you perform with those players.

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