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Old 08-21-2019, 11:11 PM   #1
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NBA 2K20 - Attention to detail Roster (PS4)

The 2K20 Attention to detail roster is officially out!

For a more detailed breakdown of what has been edited read the official ATD20 Blog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U9x...ew?usp=sharing

For draft classes, gameplay sliders, MyLeague sliders and donations check the second post of the thread.

Here's a quick recap of the roster:

- All badges redone
- All attributes and tendencies reworked in order to provide more realism, the goal is to see the players playing like themselves
- Durability attributes updated for all the players based on real-life injuries
- Over 200 plays added to various league playbooks
- Play-types updated for all the players
- Real staff, coaching playstyles and POEs
- Positions were corrected for around 80 players, favoring the creation of real-life small-ball lineups.
- Hot zones updated for 350 players that attempted at least 300 shots
- All rotations are updated. Quick note: In 2k the players who start the game are also the same players who finish it. So the concept of fake starter cannot exist (even using advanced rotations at the first injury in MyLeague the cpu would reset them). So Harrell is the starting C for the Clippers, because IRL he plays 30 minutes per game while Zubac only 10.
- All heights are updated with the new measurements from nba.com (I've added 1 inch to everyone because of the shoes)
- Peak start/end (+ Play for win, financial security and loyalty) update for all the players with more realistic numbers based on the type of player
- Over 100 contracts errors corrected
- All injuries and transactions updated based on the opening night injury report
- Potentials corrections in order to give more MyLeagu's stability and have a balanced number of 80+ players during the years
- Accurate sim stats
- Accurate sliders for realistic contracts
- Accessories are updated for 60 players (a lot more players will be updated in the next version).
- All generic 2K faces replaced with high-quality CAPs (credit to javov, cdk10, Da-Infamous NY and Clutch0z).

Name of the file: ATD Roster 2K20
File without injuries: ATD Roster w/o injuries
PSN: CelticLG34

Big thanks to everybody that helped me with this project!

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NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

Draft classes: My roster doesn't match all the available draft classes because of the different ways of managing attributes, tendencies and more.
That's why I'm starting to edit the best draft classes available on PS4 to fit this roster.
The first to come out will be the real draft class of Da-Infamous NY, then it will be the turn of the fictional draft classes of jeb4056 and Jeffruel. By the end of next week the first two Dcs should be out.

Gameplay sliders: I didn't play much because I spent most of my time editing. My advice: try different types of sliders and choose which you like best. The roster seems to fit both with the Schnaidt's sliders (you only have lower the go for on-ball steal tendency of the CPU, this is its thread: https://forums.operationsports.com/f...-new-post.html), both with the default sliders with difficulty on all-star, superstar and HOF.
I'm waiting to listen to various opinions and maybe in the next few days I'll have a clearer idea of which slider set to recommend.

MyLeague sliders: For progression/regression I'm using Schnaidt's sliders, for the trade sliders I'm using Comduklakis sliders, and for contracts and sim stats I'm using my own set. You can find them all together under my PSN CelticLG34, the name of the file is ATD20 MyLeague.

Donations: If you are enjoying the roster and you’re considering donating something, all the donations will go to a dog rescue association in my hometown. Anything*will be greatly
appreciated, the link for donating at the end of the last page of the ATD20 Blog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U9x...ew?usp=sharing


For XBox/PC/Switch roster that wanted to import something of this roster onto another platform in the 24-48 hours, I'll start releasing videos where I show my full edits. Keep an eye on this post if you're interested

Sig Shots: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...SKDn7-Z4LYkC2P

Badges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og40yFnUHCk

Playbooks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q31W_AsBS0o&t=35s

Tendencies: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHG...ew?usp=sharing

Staff edits: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...4Pif6uSW4KnXWo

For non-OS users that have suggestions or want to send me a message you can found me on twitter (@CelticLG) or Instagram (leonardo_genta)

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Re: NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

Great to hear! I think i'm gonna hold off buying the game until i see people's impressions, was a little disappointed how little love MyLeague got this year, but if i do buy it i will contribute where i can
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Re: NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

this is going to be dope, look forward to it.
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Re: NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

Very excited for this - Your roster for 2K19 was revolutionary!
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Re: NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

Man, imagine if the people making the game actually gave a **** like this!?

So excited for this, thank you for your hard work. 2k straight up should hire you.
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Re: NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

Was going to stick to 2K19 but MyCareer looks good enough to pick up 2K20 and run a MyLeague with this instead. The project looks like it'll be a real winner this year!
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NBA 2k20 - Attention to detail (PS4)

Originally Posted by CelticLG

What's up OS Comunity? For those who didn't know me I'm long-time roster editor that plays a lot of MyLeague and loves realism. Last year I released my first ever edited roster (https://forums.operationsports.com/f...oster-ps4.html) and it has exceeded all my expectations: all versions of the roster have accumulated over 3000 downloads, the project was afterward imported to PC and Nintendo Switch (shoutout to michdb8, ohhmyjoshhh, jenksalot and col2k3 who made this possible) and the PS4 version went ultimately updated this offseason by Jumpman23 (he did a terrific job).

So, on the heels of a very good NBA 2K19 campaign I just want to announce that the project is coming back for NBA 2K20, and it's gonna be better than ever. I worked on a lot of new things, while I tried to improve all of the parts of last year roster. So I'm ready to talk about what's coming next (and, as you probably understood, english is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any errors on my part).

Signature shots

As you know signature shots are a very important part of the game if you want to have a game as realistic as possible. This year over 450 players will have their sig shot, I tried to resume in a single spreadsheet all the league jump shots ( plus the majority of the free agents) and a lot of players will receive a full update on their animations (including fadeaway, hooks, layups, dunk packages, triple threat moves and more). All the credit goes to the guys of the Sig Shots thread (woody, ZayTrece, DellyTrelly, BluFu, fc155, Miggyman, and sorry I forgot someone). Their work is pretty solid every single year, so major shoutout to them.

Real Life coaching staff and Front Office

All the 30 teams will have their real-life assistant coaches, GM and for the first time even CFO, trainer and scout. I'll make sure that all 150 of them will have their correct name and the best fitting face that the game allow me to assign to them. Also, based the SimWorld doc from their 2k19 project (https://forums.operationsports.com/f...rience-x1.html), all the staff will have their very own grades, potential and badges in order to replicate the real style of the people who work in their respective NBA team.

Coaches playstyle

Another thing based on the SimWorld Doc will be the coaching styles for the 30 HC plus the 30 assistant coaches (and even some free agent HC). Their style, badges and the preferred system (plus their defensive gameplan settings) will be updated to match their real-life counterparts.

Play for win, financial security, loyalty, peak start/end

Taking inspiration from Barncore's job from last year (big thanks to him for the way he contributed to the original project) I decided to edit every single player of the player in those categories.

Play for win, financial security and loyalty affect players decisions in free agency so i had to make sure the everyone has the right values. Guys like Giannis or Mitchell will be fully committed to their original team with a 100 loyalty attribute while someone like Marcus Morris or CJ Miles will sign for whatever team that will give them the best deal in terms of money 'cause the have a 100 financial security attribute. Veterans like Tyson Chandler or Andre Iguodala will search for a minimum deal in a contender team, influenced by their 100 play for win attribute plus 0 financial security.

Also peak start/end for every player have been revised in order to replicate real-life progression and regression. Athletic bigs like Mitchell Robinson or Bam Adebayo will regress faster when the hit their 30s than shooters like Tyler Herro or Landry Shamet.

Real body parts durabilty

In order to have a better injury sistem I decided to track all of the NBA injuries from 2011 to 2019 (for player with at least 2 years of NBA experience) and calculate what parts of a player body are more at risk of an injury.

The results are more precise all-around durability attributes that will provide more realistic injuries. (Quick note: unfortunately 2K doesn't have some sort of hands durability attribute so all the fingers/wrists injuries will be listed as miscellaneous).

Badges overhaul

Another big innovation from last year. All the 2K19 badges have been overhauled based on advanced stats from the 2018-2019, and all the new 2K20 badges will be covered once the game will be released.

Badges-per-player will be also drastically reduced in order to create better separation from specialist to other players. In 2K19 171 players have the putback king badge, 140 have the catch-and-shoot one, 106 have corner specialist and the list goes on (plus some crazy stuff like Trevor Booker with fast-break starter).

In my roster some badges will be assigned to a maximum of 20-30 players, and the rarest ones (like limitless range or chase down artist) will reach around 10-12 players.

And, yes, all the personality badges have been edited in order to reflect the real personalities of the players (no more legendary work ethic for Andrew Wiggins).

Hot-zones update

This is a big "if" cause if 2K will update all the hot zones based of nba.com data I will have one less thing to do. But, if not, I have downloaded all last-year shot charts and I'm ready to update all the players if necessary.

Tendency edits

Dribble moves and setup tendencies will be tuned in order to have better flow and ball movement.
Stepback/eurostep/spin moves are going to replicate the real offensive style of the players.
Shot, touch, steal and block will all be updated using personal formulas similar to the 2K scales.
Iso tendencies will also be updated based on isolation stats from the past year.

I'm actually studying RyanFitzmagic's drive and dish tendencies based on his spreadsheet https://forums.operationsports.com/f...-feedback.html in order to see if I can implement them.

Other tendencies will be controlled and edited if necessary to give a better gameplay experience.

Attributes changes

I think that 2K does a good job regarding attributes but I really don't like the formulas used for things like post control/fade/hook or off/def consistency cause often they don't' reflect the real ability of a player. Expect a league-wide correction on those 5 attributes plus some changes regarding defensive and athletic attributes.

The stamina attribute will be fixed for the majority of the guards/small forwards in order to permit them to finish a game without running out of fuel in the third quarter (for example last year the stamina attribute of Victor Oladipo was below 80).

Potential revision

2K usually is pretty loosey-goosey with potentials. The result? After 3-4 years of simulation the league will be fulled of 80 overall players (at least 3-4 per-team) and (even worst) 8-10 players per-team with 75+ OVR.
I'll personally take a look of every under-27 player and decrease some potential in order to maintain a steady number of 75-80 players after a lot of years of simulation.

Other things

- All transaction will be updated till the Opening Night
- Points of emphasis will be updated in order to reflect better sim stats
- All the contracts, jersey numbers and positions around the league will be checked and corrected if necessary
- Play-types and play-initiator will be corrected around the league. All PGs will have play-initatior turned on
- Heights will be updated for players like Tatum (6'9 right now), Durant (6'11), Embiid (7'1) and others
- Shoes and accessories will be updated after preseason games
- Players who don't have a face scan will have an accurate CAP created face
- Draft classes (real and fictional) will be released after the roster. They will be other creators DCs but with my tendencies edits in order to fit the roster
- A "ATD MyLeague guide" will be released with specific instructions for a better MyLeague experience


Final toughts

Guys, I hope you will appreciate the roster! A lot of work has been made through 2019 and I can't wait to start editing the file. MyLeague is a very complete mode and I'm realy hoping that they've fixed all the annoying bugs from last year game.

I don't' have an ETA. As you can see I have a lot of work to do, so I can't give any date for the release but I can assure that I will do the best in order to have everything finished for the first days/weeks of the regular season.

If you want to join the #ATDnation let me know, if someone is willing to help it will be really appreciated, so we can speed up things and remove some works off my shoulders.

I really enjoyed your roster this year and would love to contribute in some way. I usually end up taking some of these larger projects and spending additional time on appearances for my own personal use (faces, body types, and accessories etc.). Id love to put some of that obsessiveness to use. Feel free to shoot me a message if you need help.

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