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Post Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

Post any of your feature requests for MyGM, MyLEAGUE, or MyLEAGUE Online (basically, the franchise modes) for NBA 2K19 here.

Please no questions, as I won't likely have time to respond and don't want to have to weed through a bunch of Q & A to get to the new feature ideas.
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Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

Well for starters I'd like to see a better CAP system therefore MyLeague can actually be playable again
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

- Playable G-League games

- Remove the story for MyGM

- Export to Options Menu Edit Roster the ability within MyGM/MyLeague to add/remove headbands to players

- Realistic rookie classes that don't progress too quickly

- Improved trade logic

- Remove some rule change suggestions (Removal of foul outs, removal of backcourt violations)

- Have player complaints actually be realistic because, as big as the possibility that Patrick McCaw develops into a starter level player, he doesn't deserve to start over Klay Thompson by March 2018.

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Speak it into existence
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

Nice... I've been waiting on this. I'm going to do my annual Top 10 list (in no particular order).

1) Improved CAP - Bring back sculpting, more head presets, let us change skin tones of the presets, add tattoos, etc. Also, give us the option to choose no nickname for a CAP.

2) Copy Player - Let us copy or own or even others CAPs freely. Whether you want to add a 2K player to a roster you've already edited or a Draft Class or move one of your CAP's you created inside of one Draft Class to another or even copy a player that someone else created. Let us just copy them without having to create them ourselves.

3) Copy a player's Appearance/Ratings,etc. to your MyLeague - I think that NBA 2K18ís import a CAP to MyLeague is a really nice feature, however I'd love to see it taken a step future with more options added. First, let us import a player non-CAP mid-MyLeague players that have updated from 2K whether it's their appearance or ratings, tendencies, etc. you just choose the player add them to your CAP, then add them to your MyLeague. From there you can and copy whatever you choose over an existing player. This way youíre able to maintain a player in your current MyLeagueís stats while updating them in other areas.

For example: Assuming that someone like Aaron Baynes' appearance is eventually updated in 2K18, then I'll be able to copy his new appearance and upload it to an ongoing MyLeague while keeping whatever stats he's put up to that point.

4) Past prospect rookie ratings templates for creating new prospects - What I would like is for past templates for past rookies (as many as possible). So if I wanted to create a rookie Michael Jordan, then his template is already in the game and all I have to do is select it. Or if I want to start with a Jordan base and change certain things, then I could edit whatever I wanted. Example: If I wanted to make Harry Giles with the same attributes as a rookie Chris Webber, but Giles isn't as good of a passer as Webber was, then I would create Giles, select Webber and lower his passing and adjust whatever I wanted to adjust.

5) Create-A-Staff (Head Coach, Assistants, GMís) with Full Coach History - A full editor. So you can edit everything from a coach's name, appearace (from the new and improved CAP that I mentioned in #1 ). Coach History - Records, teams worked for, hired/fired, etc.

6) Carry-over saves and carry-over Draft Classes -
Carry over saves would be super cool, especially if it is accompanied by the ability to copy players appearances that I mentioned in #3. For draft classes, obviously, there may be some new CAP improvements/ratings/tendencies in 2K19, however if we can import a draft class from one game to the next that would save a lot of time. Even if it was mainly just vitals, and any ratings/tendencies shared between the two games would be awesome. Even if the carry over caps aren't exactly the same appearance wise, just giving the same vitals, body size, hair/eye, color would give us a nice head start.

7) More Free Agent preferences for both Players and Coaches -
For Players I know the game already has Loyalty, Player of a Winner, and Financial Security, but adding things like Location and Coach Scheme Preference would be nice additions. Iíd love to see Promised Roles (star, starter, 6th-man, rotation player, bench) return, as well. For coaches things like current roster, long term outlook (considering young players, future draft picks), Financial Security and location would be ideal. Maybe even factor in working for certain GMís but maybe thatís asking a little too much.

8) GM Goals for MyLeague - I know this is kind of a MyGm thing but Iíd like to see it return in MyLeague with it being just text based with the options to accept or refuse kind of like the League Rules. Goals could be things like Make the Playoffs, add a 1st Round Draft Picks, Cut Salary, stay under the Luxury Tax, things of that nature. Also, have a like a job safety rating for each coach and if it gets too low, then they get fired. Of course, since itís MyLeague then you can have the option to not accept the firing.

9) A NBA2K All Day Everyday experience - Bring 2K with with you anywhere whether youíre an offline or online user. Your can upload your MyLeague to a computer and view stats/standings/awards, edit rosters/draft classes or even sim games, train or scout players/teams. Basically anything you can do on your console outside of playing the game, we can now do on our computers, tablets and cell phones.

10) A Full MyLeague Online- Make MLO the same as offline. I'm not even an online player but I think it's time for the two modes to match up 1 for 1. I think the MLO guys deserve it for being loyal all of these years.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

During the Free Agent moratorium stage, players should be able to verbally agree in contract with teams that don't have the cap space to sign them yet with the expectation that they can clear cap to get them. This is important because I don't want to clear all my cap just to even make an offer only for the player to agree to sign elsewhere. For example, this happened with Gordon Hayward this past off-season. Celtics agreed to sign him and THEN they cleared space. This leads to my second suggestion

Improved AI. I know that is always the goal but trade and signing logic isn't good. LOTS of improvement from the past though. Great job so far.

I agree with rwtrl. Players have to have legit gripes. At a certain point in players' they want to win and will become completely unhappy with their team if they can't. They force trades or let them know in advance that they're leaving in Free Agency which also forces trade. The CPU never seems to do this. Again, great strides in this area so far.

I don't know exactly how to phrase this last one but let me just give an example:
If I'm playing MyGM with the Cavs on the first day 2K came out, what do I do when in 2 weeks in real life Kyrie is traded and D Wade is signed? MyGM won't reflect that once I started and if I want that real feeling I have to start over and waste my VC (same thing in MyCareer too). I don't know what can be done about that but it is one of the reasons I don't play MyGM. It's uncustomizable and is always susceptible to something like I mentioned happening.

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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

Worth a try requesting this again. The ability (only in MyLeague) to have us be able to control player awards as well. Meaning we get to choose all-stars, all-nba players and all end of season awards. Too many times I've seen a player avg 22, 5, and 6 for example, on a 15th seed team make the all-star game, and/or all-nba over a a guy avg 20, 3, and 3 on a dominant playoff team.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

Thanks, Dave.

You guys targeted a few things I brought up last year. I'm going to report some things I brought up last year that didn't fit in for the 2K18 development cycle, to keep them under consideration:

MyLeague is Very Good, but Needs Improvement for Long Term Playability

Create A Player

The community has been clear in asking for greater face sculpting and improved player model customization. The standard has been set by 2K's WWE franchise, and we'd like to get as close to that as possible for player creation and editing.

Draft Classes

This is a huge area for league replayability, because as things now stand, generated draft classes do maybe a grade C job of creating players that approximate the living, breathing player types and variety of the NBA. Attributes, tendencies, hot zones, play types and badges still need better logic and alignment. Shooting tendencies scaled to offensive talent really need work because they highly affect player stats in the league through the sim engine. Default draft classes this year include WAY too many superstars as incoming rookies. There are also too many draftees at the top of the draft boards over 20 years old.

Dynamic Shot Tendencies

I'd like to see some adjustment by CPU teams/coaches in MyGM/MyLeague to assess and adjust player shot tendencies and maybe touches based on who their best offensive players are. Sometimes as years pass you see very good offensive players develop but their shot tendencies are low, because that's where they were when they were drafted. Maybe this can be partially addressed with better draft classes, but even so, CPU teams should not have more poorly rated or over the hill offensive threats taking more shots than younger, emerging offensive threats, just because of static shot tendencies.

So I'd like to see CPU rosters or coaches prioritize their top few offensive players by attributes and adjust overall shot tendencies and maybe touches to reflect offensive priorities, maybe based on head coach and assistant coach offensive ratings. That could mean adjusting some players overall shot tendency down and raising some others. Ideally, these CPU team adjustments could also adjust play types at some point, but that could take more years of development. I'm not even asking for shot tendency adjustments based on area of the court, just overall shot utilization stuff.

Contracts and Free Agency

Player contracts are a mess in 2K18. Leaving aside bugs in the implementation of the new CBA features added to this year's game, contracts are a mess because of overly high player ratings and static, inflexible player asking prices. Teams run out of cap room easily.

I brought this up last year, but my recommended solution for all of this involves building new logic and code for the free agent market. Right now, player asking prices are static based on some combination of player age + player OVR + player POT, modified by player contract preferences (play for winner, financial security, loyalty). They are also slightly modified by team staff ratings, like GM contracts rating, coach desirability ratings, etc. But they don't take account for the talent market beyond that.

Here are factors I'd like to see built into some free agent coding logic that determines player asking prices and what teams will offer:
  • Team need: is the player that last piece that can make the team a real contender? Is the player the cornerstone of what the team wants to build around? How much of the team's cap is already allocated to that player's position (see roster construction logic below)? How does a player fit with the team coach's preferred scheme?
  • Supply/Demand side market competition: are there many other comparable or good players at the same position also available on the market, and how many teams with cap space are bidding for them?
  • Note: this stuff can't be built without improved team roster construction logic, discussed below.

CPU Roster Construction and Trade Logic

This is an area, frankly, that still needs a lot of work. Every year, I basically take over total control of trades and start-of-year roster adjustments and free agent signings for all teams. Otherwise, you end up with teams too thin at some positions and too heavy in others. Team building logic should include rules like these:
  • At least 5 legitimate front court players whose primary positions are either PF or C.
  • At least 5 legitimate back court players whose primary positions are either PG or SG, AND at least 3 of those are rated playmaking B- or better.
  • All teams have at least 2 players at each position whose primary positional assignment is that position. In other words, all rosters have at least 2 each true PG/SG/SF/PF/C's.
  • No more than one third (or some other limiting proportion, I'm open on this) of total salary is allocated to a single position. Teams should not be maxing or near maxing out two players at one position.
  • No more than 4 players who share the same primary position.
  • Some of this logic maybe can be accomplished be redefining how the CPU assigns roles to players on the team (core, etc.) Guys who are core but not stars should not be getting max deals. Also, make these roles editable by the user as a way to influence CPU signing and trade behavior.
  • For players, they adjust their acceptable asking prices down as free agency progresses if they do not have offers that fit their desired contract target ranges.
Just putting some rules like that in place would improve off season free agent signing and trade logic.


Guys, not to pick a scab, but you really need a lot more testing QA before release to check and optimize your league balance and features before release. As of this writing, core features of the MyLeague/MyGM modes are bugged to the point that the game really can't be described as finished. It's beyond the usual level of bugs and needed fixes, and it's worse this year than last year. You can only get so far using algorithms - you need people to try to play the modes over multiple game years to simulate what users see and notice.

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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List

2k19 Myleague Wishlist

First things first, thank you davez and the entire NBA 2K developer crew for posting here reading and responding to our requests for your game. You guys donít have to but you do, and you guys care about the game as much as we do. I donít post much but I would like to take this time/post/wish-list thread to challenge Erick Boenisch, and everyone at 2K and Visual Concepts, using Erickís quote in one of the opening paragraphs of the 2K18 MyGM/ Myleague blog.

ďInnovation. Authenticity. Engagement. Those are the exact three words I lead off with last year in NBA 2K17ís MyGM/Myleague blog. We have used those three words to serve the NBA 2K community well for many, many years now. In a space where other developers continually shy away, the team here at Visual Concepts has once again delivered a robust and thoughtful list of franchise features that will keep you coming back for more.Ē -Erik Boenisch

You guys nailed innovation and authenticity, no doubt. The only category that I feel is lacking is engagement. I think this wish list is the foundation to keep 99% of all Myleague players satisfied for the foreseeable future. Not just my personal wish list, but something that I think all myleaguers would appreciate. Keep in mind my total time spent in 2K is in myleague or association mode back in the day, Iíve never got into mycareer or any online mode. Itís a bit long of a read but I believe well worth it, just as all of your blogs are. You guys take the time to post here and interact with us so I took my time to really think about what this mode could be in comparison to run the neighborhood mode, and gave viable options and reasoning with every or most myleaguers in mind. I want to pop this game in and never turn it off and play it for a lifetime. Yes, that kind of engagement. Not speaking on gameplay, of course.

Anyways lets get started.

1A) Year to year saves for Myleague. I know its probably a lengthy pain to code and program, but at this point itís starting to become a must. More and more people Iíve seen, read, and felt myself are experiencing a connection to the point where its a struggle or sacrifice getting the new game. Some of us gamers are getting older and have less time to devote to gaming and rebuilding a dynasty each time a game releases. Myleague has the ability to play out for 80 years, why does it go on for that long and whatís the point if we canít continue our progress from a previous iteration? Yes I could sim ahead and see what unfolded, but some people including myself actually play a lot, if not the majority of the games in the season, especially with this yearís gameplay. Thats why we buy and play the game it plays beautifully. But our history, our blood, sweat, and tears, grinding away all season gets discredited and wiped away each year with each release. Not to mention this is an opportunity to solidify yourselves for a few future markets. With NBA Live trying to make noise, yes there is clear competition for the create your player and play against/with other people online; mycareer/ mypark/ myteam/ street ball/ pro am/ drew league stuff which is fine, and I get it. And yes NBA Live struck first in the WNBA landscape, but which game gives us the option to carry our franchises/dynasties to the next game and continue to write our own history? In addition you can adapt that feature into your WNBA if/when you do decide to do bring in the WNBA and take that market away from Live. The neighborhood mode you have added seems amazingly fun and all, but this, and the rest of this list, would be just as huge if not bigger to the myleague community. I canít speak for everyone, but it wonít go unnoticed, nor under appreciated for the dedicated myleaguers out there.

Just please donít make it an exclusively online connected only mode/feature, that is what Myleague online is for. Speaking of whichÖ

1B) Merge offline and online myleague to be same thing, to an extent. Its a perfect 2 birds with one stone opportunity if done properly. Having year to year saves connected/online (Myleague Online) would be the same experience as offline with all features leaving no myleague player group behind. This would be the connected/online version of the offline year to year saves as I mentioned earlier. It would effect both groups (Online and offline) positively at the same time, again if done properly. Our myleague online counterparts will finally get what weíve had offline, as you can tell by the forum people are jumping ship because itís lack continuity and depth. The only thing that you would need to add to the online myleague would be a commissioner tool/window. I could go in depth but Iíll leave this link for a deeper discussion as I donít personally play Myleague Online:

MyLeague Online - A Sad History, A Bleak Future

2A) Complete roster flexibility. Allow us to export our myleague rosters and/or teams for use in a play now games. Allow us to generate random team rosters, for anyone that wants to create an entirely new league with new team rebrands and fresh faces not in the league. Allow us to export and copy individual players from any myleague or roster file and have them in our created player pool for us to use at our leisure. Increase our created player pool and add shareable/downloadable player DNAs like past 2Ks. Just think, even if itís a weird but appealing random generated rookie, let us save him and add him to another myleague or draft class. It feels like you guys are right on the cusps of adding this anyways, maybe even do a patch. You guys added a lot great legends and all time teams, with us being able to run a myleague with them, but there is one big issue for those that care about stats. When you use a legend in your myleague, their all time stats are duplicated and the currently activated legend stats are added on top of what they already have, taking up two spots. Could we finally get a reset league stats option, for those that want to start a new legends or NCAA myleague? Or disable legends stats? Something that wonít break the all time leader boards.

This could also be our backdoor to college basketball. Another 2 birds with one stone situation. We are 8 years removed since any kind of college basketball, with zero on this current generation of consoles and none for the foreseeable future, this is the ďbackdoorĒ feature that would satisfy that need once set up. If we could save our rebrands offline and have them all displayed correctly without being connected all the time, throw in a force retirement at the end of season option for any player (even a league option, force retire after 4 years) and bam, the closest thing to college basketball. *Side note I havenít tried it in 18 yet, but in 17 you had to be connected at all times for all of the jerseyís and courts you downloaded to be displayed correctly in myleague.

2B)Import our created draft classes from previous games. This ties into not recreating our myleague year after year. Some people still get that authentic college gameplay and presentation in CH2K8 or NCAA Basketball 10. Some people still have their draft classes and personal storylines and spend there first few days recreating their draft classes instead playing the actual game. Could we also get a draft recap screen from previous years under the history tab, so we can see rookies where they got drafted and compare how they progressed over the years. Unless you fully integrate points 1A and 2A, then this could be forgiven if ignored or passed over. Otherwise can we please get this feature to compensate.

But anyways now for the fun and dynamic stuff.

The system proficiency, a nice addition but slightly underwhelming. When you create or adjust your starting lineup the coach proficiency automatically places who ever it wants in the spot. Also there is no clear way to truly know itís benefits, but lets add even more depth to the coaches.

3A)Deeper coaching staff, and smarter coach signing logic. Self explanatory, add 2 or 3 assistant slots not necessarily tied to offense/defense or even a system, but 2 to 3 assistant slots, on top of keeping the current Trainer and Scout. For myleague if not replacing the CFO, GM positions with assistants coaches add another assistant coach slot. Make higher rated coaches way more likely to re-sign with their current team, especially if they are successful or make the playoffs. Make losing a coach of high stature drop team chemistry/moral a few notches and drop fan interest too. Have higher rated head coaches never go to a rebuilding franchise. Instead have them sit out a few years and still be available for an extended period of time looking for the ďjust rightĒ situation or contending teams, otherwise retire. Have coach profiles, wins and loss records, which teams previously coached etcÖ Have CPU head coaches evaluate their strengths, the teamís roster when reviewing job offers and hiring assistants. If their is a new head coach signing have him have an option of replacing the current coaching staff with his guys, or cherry pick and hire a few of his own loyal coaching staff. Make the head coach look at/for assistants that either add on top of his own strengths or fills a void that compliments his strengths.

3B)Create our own coaches, and make CPU coaches deeper and matter on all fronts. Add badges on top of the new system proficiency. Have them effect and influence players off the court and in late game situations. Have coaches impact progress and regression, some coaches favor progressing younger players while leaving veterans high and dry and of course an opposite. You could add a plethora of options, think player badges but for coaches. Some head coach specific, some team chemistry badges, and in game badges. Then developmental badges, influence/style badges for all coaches/assistants. Make them all useful in both Myleague and Mygm, editable of course in Myleague.

Scale Options:
Bronze= effects 70 and lower players, Silver= effects 80 and lower players, Gold= effect 90 and lower players (HOF) all players, or
Maybe Bronze 1%, Silver 3%, Gold 5%, and HOF 7% boost for all players, or
Maybe even a 3%, 5%, 7%, 10%, or
Even a 1,2,3,5% scale.

Every coach brings something to the table, it would add a lot of dynamics when creating our coaching staff and evaluating our team year to year in all aspects. Instead of just looking for an A+ coach/assistant or solely a specific system, this will make it interesting and develop our teams differently with each coaching staff adding something unique that will matter down the line. Coaches donít nearly get the love that the players do, understandable I see you guys making strides this year, but give a little more variation and personality in each one. Here are some example badges:

Trainer Only Badges: (Or use the current names)
Overseas Treatment- Increase injury chance but players coming off injuries boost attributes for 1 month
Smarter Not Harder- Reduce injury chances
Extra Workouts- All players get a boost in development, but increases risk of injury during games and practice
Gym Rats- Increase player endurance
Medical School Honors- Reduces injuries and increases endurance
Game Day- Stops/slows fatigue rate final 5 minutes of game

Scout Only Badges:
International-More accurate overseas scouting
Local Gyms- More accurate scouting for prospects from the current teamís city, county, state and/or region
Red Flag Hunter- Less accurate but spots a bust after scouting in less trips than normal
Gem Hunter- Less scouting trips but spots 80+ potential after scouting in less trips than normal
Online Researcher- Extra scouting trips but less accurate
Game Day- Significantly less scouting trips, but more accurate, also points out a matchup that you can take advantage of at pre-game tip and after substitutions

Developmental Badges (All Coaches):
Baby sitter-Increases rookie/younger players development, regress older players faster
No boys allowed- Older players regress at a slower/minimal rate, rookie/younger player develop at slower/minimal rate
The A Team- Only the starters get small development boost
The B Team- All non starters get a small development boost
Let it fly- All players, gets a small development boost in offensive skills
Lock it down- All players gets a small development boost in defensive skills
Physical Fundamentals- All players get a small boost (speed, strength, hustle, fatigue etcÖ)
Mental Fundamentals- All players get a small boost in IQ things (Shot IQ, O & D awareness etcÖ)
Grinder- All players gets a boost in development but an increase in injuries
Ex PG- All PGís gets a small development increase
Ex SG- All SGís gets a small development increase
Ex SF All SFís gets a small development increase
Ex PF- All PFís gets a small development increase
Ex C- All Cís gets a small development increase
Never played a game- All players gets a boost in awareness, a boost in everything IQ related and regress at a slower/minimal rate
All Time Great (Only unlocked by ex players inside the top 25 of any individual stat category)- Players at that position gains a boost in attribute related in said stat category. And increase development.

Influence/Style Badges (All Coaches):
Re-up -Increases re-signing chances of your free agents
Ex Point Guard- Increase PG interest in team
Ex Wingman -Increase SG/SF interest in team
Ex Big Man -Increase PF/C interest in team
Head Liner- Increases higher rated players interest in team that doesnít fit system, decrease interest in system players
Championship Pedigree- Increase interest for players who have a high championship desire (Unlock if you won a championship)
Proud Alumni- Increase interest in any player that attended the same college as coach
Old Coach- Increase interest in any player previously coached (Longer coached= higher interest)

Effects Coaching Staff
Loyalty to organization- Increases the chance of staying with the organization over anything else
Loyalty to the staff (Head Coach)- Increases the chance of keeping staff together, or chose 1 assistant to join you at new job
Loyalty to the staff (Assistant Coaches)- Increases chance of following the head coach if he leaves
*Having no loyalty badge coaches can get swayed easily to leave or stay for a higher price*
Building the system- Increases the effect of every coachís badge on the staff, *But canít have any other badges*

Team Chemistry Badges (Head Coach Only):
My Fault- No/minimal team chemistry & morale loss after a loss
Team Day - Boost team chemistry and morale on off days
Post game quotes- Boost or no loss of team chemistry and morale after a loss
Silent Treatment-Reduce team chemistry & morale but increase attributes for 1 game after a loss
Buying the system- Added increase in team chemistry and morale after a win, normal loss after a loss

In Game Badges (Head Coach Only) *All things regarding time assuming 12 minute quarters*:
Drawing up plays- Boost player offensive attributes for two possessions after timeouts in the last 2 minutes
Late game D- Boost player defensive attributes for two possessions after timeouts in the last 2 minutes
Fast Start- Team starts the 1st quarter with a 5 minute boost in attributes
Comeback Magic- If down 10+ at the beginning of the 4th quarter, your team gets a 5 minute boost in attributes, looses effect once tied, ahead, or time runs out
Halftime Adjustments-If down at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, your team gets a 5 minute boost in attributes
Comeback Kings- If down mid way through the 4th, your team increases attributes. Looses effect once tied or ahead
Foot on the gas- At the start of any quarter, and your team is ahead, increase attributes for 5 minutes
Closers- The last 5 minutes of all quarters except the 4th, when ahead your team gets a increase in attributes
Sell it- Increase foul calls for your opponent (Last two minutes)
Swallow the whistle- Decreases foul calls for your team (Last 2 minutes) Overrides sell it badge if higher, if the same negate both effects. *Higher meaning bronze, silver, gold, HOF*
Let them play- Decrease all foul calls (Last 2 minutes) Overrides both Swallow the whistle & sell it badge if badge is higher, if the same negate both/all effects *Higher meaning bronze, silver, gold, HOF*
Theyíre Calling Everything- Increase all foul calls (Last 2 minutes) Overrides Swallow the whistle, sell it, and let them play badges if higher. If same negate both/all effects *Higher meaning bronze, silver, gold, HOF*

4A) Smart/Dynamic game plans. I read the AI improvement Blog, really happy about that. I noticed you updated the Jordan Rule, but If I have a lockdown defender that I want to lockdown a scorer/star, there is no option in the game plan to match his match up minutes. Example: I have a lockdown defender that doesnít start, but his match up starts, he starts and guards his man. If said star/scorer subs out, then my guy subs out automatically with his match up. When said scorer/star comes back in, my defender comes in too. Have this override advance auto rotation stated in 4B, for this specific player.

4B)Advance auto rotation for foul trouble. Give us sliders based on what we think max fouls should be. For the first quarter 2,3,4 etc or none, sub out accordingly. If my first quarter max foul is at 3, let players stay in the game until his foul count is at 3 then sub out if it is still in the first quarter. Same for the second and third quarter, have a max foul limit so players can stay in the game until they reach their max number in any given quarter. Have an option that if x player fouls out then x player comes in. Or if ďxĒ position fouls out the next up according to our depth chart gets subbed in. Essentially make situational dynamic auto rotation lineups.

5)Lineup packages for manual substitutions. Starting lineup/Back up lineups/ Bigs lineups/ Shooters lineup/ Defensive lineup/ etcÖ editable line up names and packages options in the coach game plan not just before each game and have all lineups available in the substitution menu at the pause screen during a game.

6)Force CPU v CPU wins, easy enough right? Just keep re-simulating until the desired team wins. Sometimes your simulation engine can produce some off the wall wonky results, this could be a nice addition that can be a work around. On the daily schedule screen where we could highlight games to participate in, just simply add a force win either home or away option. Myleague is our sandbox, it should be possible to line up against our rivals in every conference finals or finals if we want to guarantee that to happen in our world of myleague. Or force a team to tank to increase their chances at the #1 pick. Donít limit our control of what happens within our league. You guys have given us free reign over a lot of things, this is just another thing that I know a lot of players will absolutely use and appreciate, not just to benefit our teams but the CPU teams as well.

7)Have different scoreboard options. The games are already marked and predetermined on the schedule as major TV games, why not make it actually feel and look like one. With a simple scoreboard change, you could. You donít even need an TNT, NBATV or whatever logo license, just use an older game scoreboard or create a few new ones. You guys have a lot of different ones already in house that are already different. Look back at 2K1, 2K2, 2K8, 2K9, 2K10, 2K14, and 2K15 scoreboards, obviously spruce up the older ones graphically, and on top of the grey in 2K8, have a white option, plus home court color option. Thatís more than 6 different options already that you donít need to make over again, and it adds variety. Just like the different reporters for different teams. Possibly have a different scoreboard for each division if it is not a major TV game. A different one for the playoffs, and of course the finals. Then you wonít have to recreate any more if you donít want to. Or you could just give us the option to pick one before the game loads.

8)Have the ability to play our Myleague games in any arena, whether any current team court design, an older different era court design, or our own created courts. The courts are there on the game, why limit them to play now and specific teams. I want to re-create, if I wanted to, the Bulls at Utah with that old school white and purple jersey in the classic Delta Center with the mountain logo in the middle, but within my Myleague when the game is on the schedule. Before the game loads where we select our jerseys, maybe just have an option press L2, and R2, to filter era specific home team arena. Then press anything lets say triangle, to change home court arena team, and same thing just cycle through specific era arenas. Could this ever be a possibility? It will give us the ability to use and experience all of the courts.

9)Scores around the league halftime segment. If my memory serves me right, they were in there before. Why did you take them out? It was a nice immersion thing that gave the season a breath of life. Add a ticker at the bottom of the screen during the game, when a timeout is called and/or during the halftime show. Or a really engaging and deep immersion thing would be during a timeout or stoppage in play, stop our game and jump to a game winning basket in another game, or a triple double that just happened, a monster blow out, or a major injury around the league. Of course make sure that the games and updates come from games that are played before or started at the same time as our game, no future predictions from later games that havenít started yet, Obviously reflect those scores from the force sim feature from earlier, and have the same score/stats when you are done with the game. Then pick up where our timeout just started and continue or game, comment on the scenario/s. Seriously I would be totally cool with scrapping the current half time segment. Instead of showing highlights from the wrong team while they are discussing the pros and cons of the other team, always, just go straight to around the league. You donít even need highlights, a quick boxscore thing with highest performing player for each team, with a brief this team is up, or won for a like 10-15 seconds per game. We are playing our game we know what is going on. Preview future games later that night, or major games coming up around the league. Afterwards come back to the final screen that you have right now showing the team stats FG% etcÖ and start off like ďWell back here lets see if either of these teams can make adjustments because ofÖ etcĒ That would be absolutely lovely.

What else, I was thinking create our own plays, but itís not a necessity at this point. I canít really think of anything else that is a make or break for myleague. Or anything of real deep engagement. Deeper G-League rosters and playable G-League games I guess, but I would much rather have everything on this list first. Looking at the neighborhood mode, adding all of this list would be the equivalent for us myleaguers. Total control and continuity of our myleague worlds for both online and offline. Then anything else that you guys can think of, or already in the works, would just be the cherry on top. This game mode would be absolute golden if these came into fruition. Youíll unlocked your Hall of Fame Engagement badge so to speak. Again though thats just one manís opinion.

I didnít mean to write an essay over here filled with half rants, I just care deeply about basketball on so many levels, as I am sure you do as well not to mention my fellow OSíers. Even though our preferences and priorities differ, we all want the best out of 2K and all sports video games. Whether its playing video games, or in real life I choose basketball over anything else. With the inclusion of these items I can confidently say that I wonít need any other game beside NBA 2K(fill in the year). I almost did not purchase 2K18 this year, solely on the fact that I couldnít continue my myleague progress. My time is a resource that is growing sparse. I really wanted to wait for the 2K that will have the ability to continue with me, but the improvements in AI and the coach system proficiency snagged me in. I know coding/programing it will be a lengthy pain, but maybe in 2K19 our/my prayers will be answered and we can finally continue our previous myleagues. But honestly Iím about 90% sure I am done buying another 2K. If I canít continue my myleague. It makes me sad just thinking it. For some added context, I donít watch baseball at all. Baseball is 3rd far behind basketball and football yet I still purchase MLB The Show yearly only because they have year to year saves. Madden, I have stopped for numerous reasons since 16 and for NBA2K, I donít want 18 to be my last purchase. As Iím getting older, I donít have time to recreate dynasties year in and out. Iím still rocking with my team and created players since The Show 14, and never had to restart, nor worry about it. Now imagine how thrilled if NBA fans and gamers would be if we have that with 2K? A far more popular sport. Seriously salivating over the thought. I truly believe if you added this list, especially year to year saves, your fans and supporters of myleague will only grow and be here for life. As a 10-year strictly offline 2K veteran, I think that eventually more offline myleague players will shift to this same mind frame, unless they are converted to the neighborhood or Live. Maybe not, maybe Iím the delusional 1%, but I can live with that and just like everyone else, post his opinion. All in all 2K is an exceptional product and there are great improvements every year, but can we please get year to year saves?

Anyways thats my wish list. Sorry again for the long post if you made it this far, truly thanks. Thank you for reading this 2K, and thank you for 10 years of absolute fun and memorable moments. I will subscribe for a lifetime of yearly pre-order purchases if these are in next game, I will play year round with no worries.

Truly thank you 2K and any other developer from any company. Thank you for taking the time posting here reading, responding, and considering our requests and comments no matter how absurd, minuscule or annoying. Looking forward to the future.


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